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How was it Phil?

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ahhh, you noticed....wub.gif


Well, i went to paris for a few days with family, i've been before, so already seen most of the sights, but it was good just to have a few days away from it all, Paris is a lovly city, if they have some of the worst driving i have ever seen (seriously, i could spend all day standing on top of the Arc De Triomphe watching the drivers around the roundabout below (the Arc sits on one of the largenst roundabouts I know of, 12 exits!) and marvaling at how they manage to not hit each other!)


I also got ever so slightly brainwashed into the Paris 2012 bid...soooo many advertisments, everywhere! although i suppose London will be exactly the same only with London adverts (Whoo! go london 2012 bid! )

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Its a nice city, and no i havn't been to Boenous Ares yet... but France does have the worst drivers in Europe though, by quite a long margin! laugh.gif


yeh you can go up the Arc, i can't remeber how much it was, but it's a really good view of Paris, you can see right down the champs Ellesiys (stupid french spelling rolleyes.gif ) and right across Paris. I have been upthe Eiffel Tower too, but that was a few years ago, but it was a good view too!

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