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Ide Jima releases the IJ - 32SS 'Thunderbolt'

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The IJ ? 32SS ?Thunderbolt? intermediate range nuclear bomber.


This aircraft is the spearhead of Ide Jima?s new nuclear deterrent scheme. The second in a line of 3 planned upgrades of the SU ? 30 this slightly larger variant is designed to carry 1-megaton laser guided nuclear bombs. This is in effect a bomber variant of the SU ? 30. This aircraft is costly and as yet only nuclear armament has been confirmed. Possible further weapons include AA 5G ?fire and forget? folding fin missiles to provide hi ? tech defense against any interceptor aircraft. Air to surface missiles are under development especially for this plane. .Countermeasures are equipped as standard.


Speed is not the main quality of this plane, it can scrape the edge of space with it?s impressive altitude characteristics. The ceiling of the IJ ? 32SS is around 90,000 feet, well above the altitude of many other aircraft. unlike the ?Shipwrecker? this aircraft is powered by twin Poseidon X ? 90 turbofans to cope with the weight of the plane. Unfortunately due to the increase in the size of the plane the maximum speed has been greatly reduced.


Currently 45 of these aircraft equip the Ide Jiman army, whilst another 10 shore based aircraft equip the navy and 3 (non nuclear) equip the specialized Ide Jiman COIN militia. This aircraft costs ?300 Million for 1 unit.


This aircraft is constructed from aluminium and carries a crew of four to operate the advanced weapons systems on board. The aircraft carries a large airbrake in a dorsal position to help stop the aircraft when it develops large amounts of momentum after landing. We recommend this aircraft is not operated off of carriers, it is difficult to operate off a short runway. The most radical difference between this aircraft and the original SU ? 30 is that a delta wing configuration has been adapted. At air tests this proved that the airframe had a far greater amount of stability like this. Original plans included a forward swept version however at maximum speed there was such a large amount of force acting on the wings the plain lost speed and control over mechanisms held in the wings. It was concluded that the delta configuration struck a better balance between speed, maneuverability and safety. In terms of safety all four crew members have ejector seats.




SPECIFICATION: IJ industries IJ ? 32 SS ?Thunderbolt? variants h through to p.


ORIGIN: Ide Jima/ Eston ? i ? a


TYPE: Intermediate range nuclear bomber

ARMAMENT: 1x ?Crimson Sky? Laser guided 1Mgt Nuclear Bomb (Ide Jima only, other nuclear weapons can be equipped with this type)

2x 5G ?Fire and Forget? AA missiles.

(Proposed (under development still, release on the 10th may (rl)) ) 2x Specialised AS 2000 scramjet ?Typhon? Missiles


POWERPLANT: 2x Poseidon X 90 turbofans



Speed Mach 2.3

Range 1500 miles

Ceiling 92000 feet



57,000 KG



Wingspan 54 Feet

Length 85 Feet

Height 24 Feet


PRICE: ?300 Million (no nukes included) (the only weapon supplied with the plane are the AA missiles)

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The Holy Empire of Tagmatium calls for the halt of any sales of the Thunderbolt. It is encouraging the use of nuclear weapons, an act which can only be looked down upon. Surely the use of conventional weapons is bad enough sometimes, but we detest this. According to the now defunct MATA pact, nuclear weapons were banned. The use of such weapons can only be looked down upon.


We'll take 5. Can they be out-fitted with other weapons, to take advantage of the space where the nuke would sit? We are interested in 'Typhon' missiles, but are dismayed (haha!) to find out their release is in May.

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The IJ ? 32SS ?Thunderbolt? intermediate range nuclear bomber.

Orioni would not like to buy nuclear bombers, although we are interested to know what you are planning to do with them..


If you read my post it says that they are part of an Ide Jiman Defense initiative.


Tagmatium And Tagmatium, they can be fitted with other weapons, Ide Jima just likes to put nukes in the bomb bay wink.gif

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If you read my post it says that they are part of an Ide Jiman Defense initiative.

So? Every former 'Ministry of War' IRL is now called 'Ministry of Defence'. If you are going to use these airplanes for the defence of your counrty only, then why are the capable of carrying nucleair weapons? Are you planning to use it to stop foreign militaries that invade your nation? I think not. In my opinion this is an offensive weapon, not one for defence.

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Oh contrare, O, I believe the nuclear weapon is one of the greatest defensive weapon of all time. Look at the latter part of the 20th Century. There has not been a major power war since the advent of nuclear weapons. Coincidence? I think not.

It is my opinion that money could be better spent.

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This item is no longer for sale. The Ide Jiman government has placed sanctions upon any further exports of the aircraft.



Watch Out for the Third and Final SU - 30 upgrade! A high speed interceptor...

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