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The Rogue Nation of Noitan Eugor

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Hey I'm new to Europa, I have been on NS for much longer than it looks. My nations have been deactivated a few times because of inactivity and as you may know, nations don't grow when they are inactive. I started playing NS again just the other day, I have numerous nations that I have gotten reactivated. Most of my nations were deactivated almost 2 years ago, if I had not stopped playing this nation would be upwards of 4billion in population.



It's actually been more like 1 1/4 years.

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Well, I was sitting around in Tech-Ed where we do nothing but surf the internet on the school computers. I was more than capable of getting around the county's internet blocker, so I decided to take advantage of the school's broadband connection (WHICH I DO NOT HAVE! I DON'T HAVE BROADBAND!), for one reason or other, NS popped into my head and I decided to check it out. This hasn't been the first time I stopped playing NS and came back to it, but this has been by far the biggest time lapse.
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Orioni asked me to change the width of my signature, but I was unable to do so without ruining the picture, so...


Check out the sweet new one I made!

Yeah, I asked that because you were deforming the width of the forum, which could cause problems for several members. (I know Tagmatium uses an older model.)


What program did you use for your new signature?

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