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Akiiryu offers Vanarambaion Canal Deal

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To: Vanarambaion

From: SPA


Honoured Friends,


The Prince has expressed interest in Akiiryu becoming involved in building the canal you proposed for plot 47. We will supply our own engineers and equipment and only ask in return that Akiiryan shipping get full rights to use the canal without any fees in return for our commitment to helping with canal upkeep. We would also like to be involved in the administration and defence of the canal's northern locks, if you so wish.


We hope that our involvement in this matter will lead to closer relations between our two countries.




1st Minister,

Akiiryan baronic Council.

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To: Akiiryu

From: Vanarambaion

Re: Canal


We propose a split in the costs of personnel and machinery evenly between our two countries. We would then have full rights to use the canal for free, meanwhile paying for our venture by collecting a small fee for use of the canal by other nations. Administration of the canal would also be split evenly, and any changes in that would be further negotiated, as is usual in international agreements. We look forward to greater cooperation between our two nations.



Head Ambassador


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TO: Vanarambaion + Akirryu

FROM: Orioni


Dear friends,


As nation that is very active on the commercial field, we from Orioni would like to offer our assistance for the construction of this canal. To show you we are quite capable at constructing canals, we would like to divert your attention to our "Great Canal" which connects the Orionoco and the Nordfjord. (Link)


Building a canal between those two locations seems very interesting to us, since it would allow us to directly transport goods from our agricultural colony Meda to our developing northern colony Corona Borealis. We feel that this would also be beneficial for both your nations since:

  1. We would pass via Vanarambaion's area 47 and could ship to and from Nordhaven, promoting our northern haven, which is extremely close to the Vanarambaion mainland.
  2. We already pass the eastern shores of Akiiryu but the use of this canal would also permit us to engage trade contacts in the north of your your nation.

Please let us know how you feel.



The Councillor of Commerce

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TO: Vanarambaion and Orioni



Honoured Friends,


I have no objection to Orioni's proposal. Although we would request that Orioni allow Akiiryan shipping (civilian and military) preferential treatment within her ports in times of need - we will offer the same to both Vanarambaion's and Orioni's shipping (OOC: We might want to consider a three way canal agency or something). This, of course, is open to discussion. That said the final decision rests with you Vanarambaion, the canal does, after all, run through your territory.



1st Minister,

Akiiryan Baronic Council

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