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A friendly challenge

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To: Tagmatium, Kant, Phil IV

From: ACO (Amnalite Cricket Organization)

Subject: Possibility for Cricket matches


To whom it may concern,


We would like to discuss the possibility of organizing Cricket matches between our nations. Our cricketers are skilful and enthusiastic, and our domestic competitions are stronger than ever.


Please let us know if an exhibition match might be arranged.


Yours sincerely,



(OOC: I have a cricket simulation program on my computer. You'd have to give me a list of player names, and trust me not to rig the comp smile.gif)

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From: NCC (Niederoestereichian Cricket Council)

Subject: Cricket Matches


Niederoestereich would like to discuss the terms of matches to be played. We have been only reduced to exhibitions and county level at the momment, and would like to compete, on national level once more. Once everything is finalised, a team will be selected and put forwarded for possible match up.


Ken Robinson


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Wehey! Cricket season opens for business!


Phil IV would be more than happy to participate!


Well, Cricket, played only by England and ex British Colonies! (and for some reason Holland huh.gif ). 11 players on each team. Each team has an 'innings', i.e. one team goes in to 'bat', the 'fielding' team tries to get them out


go here for a good page on how to play, and the exact details of the game, if a bit exact, it may be a little complicated...

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Nations interested so far:


Amnalos (team entered)

Tagmatium (team enetered)

Akiiryu (team entered)

Niederoestereich (team entered)

Phil IV (team entered)

Meteorola (team entered)


What I'ma gonna do:


PM me a list of 12 names of people from your country and I'll generate teams for each nation. To begin with I'll make the stats for each team identical in the interests of fairness. We can RP changes to player stats after the first set of games.


Do you want to play tests or one dayers? My preference is for tests.

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Hey Now! I said I would join!


1)Hugo Carolina

2)Andrew Florida

3)Camile Mississippi

4)Gilbert Texas

5)Mitch Honduras

6)Diane York

7)Donna Thomas

8)Hilda Louisiana

9)Georges Puerto-Rico

10)Gloria Jersey

11)David Hispanola

12)Betsey Orleans


(The first names are all Atlantic hurricanes, and the last names are the places where they did damage... locations aren't perfect, and in the case of York and Orleans a 'New' was omitted.) wink.gif

Edited by Meteorola (see edit history)
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1. Mark Babic (RH Batsman)

2. Andrew Hughes (RH Batsman)

3. Matthew Kirby (LH Bat/Bowler)

4. Peter Harold (RH Batsman)

5. Nicholas Wall (RH Batsman)

6. John Griffiths (LH Bat/bowler)

7. Adam Crawford (RH Bat/Keeper)

8. Luke Belcher (Medium Pace)

9. John Curtain (Spin)

10. Rex Meehan (Pace Bowler)

11. Steve Newman (Pace Bowler)

12. Frank Johnson (RH Batsman)


Tests are good.

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Quick overview of the game


There are a lot of technical rules that I will omit, and just give a basic overview.


Cricket teams consist of 11 players each (plus one "reserve player" called the 12th man)


user posted image


The two sticks at either end of the pitch are the stumps. It's the bowler's job to knock 'em over and the batsman's job to defend them.


The guys with bats in their hands are the batsmen. There are always two on the field, one at each set of stumps. The guy in the black pants is the umpire. The guy with his leg sticking out backwards is the bowler. He has just bowled at the batsman on the left. The other four people are on the bowling team (I know, it's confusing that everyone wears white).


How the game works


The bowler bowls at the batsman six times, called an over. When his over is finished, another bowler takes up from the other end. The aim for the bowler is to get the batsman out, and the batsman's aim is to a) not get out and cool.gif score runs.


How to score


If the batsman strikes the ball, he can start running towards the other stumps. His partner runs the other way. If they reach the other end, a run is credited to the batsman that struck the ball. If they want to run again, they can as often as they like. So if it's a good shot, and Batsman A and Batsman B complete 3 runs the team's score is increased by 3 and Batsman B faces the bowler because he's at the striker's end now.


If the ball hits the fence, it's worth four runs. If it is hit over the fence on the full, it's worth six.


How to get people out


If you are dismissed, you leave the field and are replaced by another batsman. If there are no more batsmen to come, your team is out and the other team's innings begins. That means ten wickets down.


Bowled- this is when the ball strikes the stumps.


Caught- If you hit the ball and a fielding player catches it without it hitting the ground, you are out


LBW- Leg before wicket. This is a tricky and techincal one, but it's basically if the ball hits your leg and the umpire thinks it would have hit the stumps.


Run Out- If you set out for a run and the stumps are hit by a fielder's throw before you get there, you are out.


Stumped- Similar to a run out. If you leave your crease (a line in front of the stumps behind which you are safe from runouts and stumpings) to hit the ball, the wicketkeeper can grab the ball and knock over the stumps before you can get back. You're a goner.


Hit Wicket- If you accidentally knock your stumps over you are out.


There's also other, uncommon, ways of getting out, but they're not worth worrying about.


How long does a game go?


A Test Match lasts for five days of around 90 overs each. Both sides get two Innings. If you accumulate a large score and would like a chance to bowl the other mob out, you can declare your innings to be over. If you make a large score and the other team gets bowled out for less than that score minus 200, you can force them to follow on, which means they have to start their second innings immediately.


A One Day game lasts for a few hours. Each team gets one innings of 50 overs. Obviously there are no declarations or follow ons.


A 20/20 game is the newest and fastest variant of the sport. 20 overs each. I don't like it one bit because it's just a slogfest for the batsmen and the bowlers are fairly irrelevant.

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My team


1) Vislor Sedesso (batsman)

2) Strader Otyros (batsman)

3) Niall Kilpatrick (batsman)

4) Davelon Corra (batsman/keeper)

5) Arek Kosten (batsman)

6) Myro Otyros (batsman)

7) Corad Sedesso (all-rounder)

8) Kiro Kull (bowler)

9) John Stavian (bowler)

10) Barionen Rendor (bowler)

11) Evan Muir (bowler)

12) Armend Keille (all-rounder, 12th man)


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Ok, the Tagmatine team. It's hard trying to think of names which are both Roman and English. unsure.gif


1. Nicephorus Miller (See? Already off to a good start. Coff. Sarcasm)

2. Tiberius Jones

3. Severus Wolaston

4. Alerisus Peterson

5. Marcus Pertinax

6. John Numerian

7. Michael Palaeologus

8. Benjamin Caracalla

9. Basil Aemilian

10. Richard Gallus

11. Joseph Sicinius

12. Constantine Bowyer


Yes I know they sound ridiculous. wacko.gif Put them in any old positions.


EDIT: I can't count.

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Tagmantium basicly described the rules, (wow, a 40 minuite cricket game! that'll be the day!) scores are usully around 300-all out for a good score. Yes there is only one innings per team (two for a test match) but an innings can take a long time until everyone gets out


well, philian team:

1. James Godwin (Batsman)

2. Jonathan Humphries (Batsman)

3. Franz Heidenburg (Bowler) german cricketer my arse...

4. Frederick Baker (Batsman)

5. Phil Gallrat (Wicket Keeper)

6. Alex Sideman (Batsman)

7. Harry Badgersmith (Bowler)

8. Gerald Harvisson (Batsman)

9. Andrew Locksson (Bowler)

10. Gedder Laden (Bowler)

11. Rupert Rush (Batsman)

12. Earnest Extrampt (12th man and Batsman)

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