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Top 25: Technological breakthroughs

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Top 25: Technological breakthroughs

(CNN) -- Advances that transformed how the world communicates are among the top 25 technological breakthroughs of the past quarter century, according to a panel of experts assembled by CNN.



2) Defense technology

3) Alternative fuel vehicles

4) Biotechnology

5) Computers

6) Lasers

7) Genomics

8) Global finance

9) Processors

10) Digital storage

11) Space

12) Fiber optics

13) Satellite TV & radio

14) DNA testing

15) Video games

16) Biometrics

17) Energy and water savers

18) Scanning tunneling microscopes

19) Batteries

20) E-baggage

21) Remote controls

22) Animal cloning

23) Manufacturing technology

24) The big picture

25) Weather technology

details in..



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What the bloody hell is 24. The Big Picture?

"....The hunger for bigger and better screens with which to watch the tailored programs or new video games is being met with technological improvements. Advancements made to our television and movie screens -- such as plasma TV, HDTV and IMAX -- made the list at No. 24. ..."

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