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Collapse of the Abyssioan Government

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To: His Imperial Majest, Emperor Kano IV of Amnalos, and Lord Commander Travo

From: Vice-Chancellor Philip Commenus

Re: Abyssioan Peacekeeping Force?


Amnalos has one concern, however. We have received disturbing reports that the rebels are beginning to circumvent this defensive measure by sailing around Tamurin into Area 43, which used to be the nation of Abyssio. Since the collapse of the Abyssioan government, the Emperor and I have had concerns over this region. Factional warlords have arisen, and control the bulk of the Abyssioan military equipment. We fear that the influx of Europtiman rebels into this anarchic region cannot be good.



The government of the Holy Empire of Abyssio ceased to exist early last month for reasons unknown, yet the international community did not act on this. The old-Abyssio has decended into a state of semi-anarchy, with rule despensed by the loaded gun. Tagmatium will glady send a task force to help stabilise the area, as Abyssio was an ally during our civil war, and there are Abyssioan soldiers stranded here after the collapse of their Holy Empire.

Therefore, we would like to propose an international peacekeeping force is sent to ex-Abyssio to help stabilise the region, pacify the warlords and return the rule of law to the country. Tagmatium will send a force of several battalions of the People's Guard, the 23rd, 45th, 101st, 73rd, 52nd, 90th, a battalion of the Imperial Guard, the 3rd Guard ('Lions of Tamurin') and several units from the Cataphract Amoured Regiment. This contigent will be led by General Constanine Wulfstan.

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The Orioni Government doesn't like the intended huge military presence of Tagmatium one bit: "several battalions of the People's Guard, the 23rd, 45th, 101st, 73rd, 52nd, 90th, a battalion of the Imperial Guard, the 3rd Guard ('Lions of Tamurin') and several units from the Cataphract Amoured Regiment", sounds like a LOT of soldiers if you're only going to do some peacekeeping. We fear that this may be yet another attempt to gain control over an area and stay there (cf. Cenape Islands).


We oppose this attempt and suggest that a joint coalition of Peninsular nations seize control over the area. I call Tamurin on specific to get a peacekeeping force started. Together with Sirius, we could form a strong and experienced peacekeeping force that would be the best solution for ex-Abyssian natives.


Since the Tagmatine mainland is very far away and should take quite large detour because of the situation around the Cenape Islands, I believe that a joint Peninsular peaceforce could be in place in notime.

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To: The Government of the Beautiful Empire of Orioni, and the Dominio of Haken Rider

From: Vice-Chancellor Commenus

Re: Peacekeepong force


700 men in a battalion, so it is about 5000, men probably nearer 6000, including the Captaphracts and support staff. No, I don't think this is excessive, considering the state, and size, of the country. As Tagmatium has just expanded, there was no need to seize any land. But, if you prefer it that we didn't do anything, so be it.

Your countries' militaries are akready over stretched with this possible engagement with the SSSS, and that the Abyssioans were our allies. Admittedly, it is a bit late for this, as the Government vacated the premises a while ago. If you wish we scaled back, we would do it gladly.

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To: Orioni, Tagmatium, Tamurin, Europtima, Vanarambaion, Haken, Argenland

From: Lord Commander Tarvo

Subject: Peacekeeping force in Abyssio


Last night during discussions betwen the Emperor, the Senate and myself, it was decided to send battalions 1,3 and 8 of the Reserve Guard into Abyssio, as well as a Commission of around 100 specialty troops picked by myself. An Amnalite battalion consists of 800 soldiers so our involvement would be roughly 2,500.


Orioni- This should not be a solely Peninsular operation. Abyssio is close enough to Amnalos to be an immediate danger should things turn bad. You can accept the aid of the Reserve Guard but, either way, they are going.



Lord Commander Tarvo




To: The Pact of Arms *private and coded*

From: The Emperor of Amnalos

Subject: The situation in Abyssio


Amnalos has committed 2,500 reserve troops to participate in peacekeeping operations in the former nation of Abyssio. I know that, under normal circumstances, I ought to inform the Pact of Arms if I intend military involvement in another nation. In this case I felt that I needed to take immediate action. Other nations had begun to organize a peacekeeping operation and I need to have a say in that. I hope that my actions do not damage my relationship with the PoA.



Emperor Kano IV


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*** Encoded Message ***


To: The Emperor of Amnalos

From: SPA


Honoured Friend and ally,


Fear not. We understand your position. Please be aware we will support you if necessary.



1st Minister,

Akiiryan Baronic Council

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To: Nations concerned with ex-Abyssio

From: Vice-Chancellor Commenus

Re: Err...


Has this been given the green light? The Tagmatine 'Abyssioan Peackeeping Force' is waiting to embark on to the transport ships, but this depends on whether we are allowed to. There has been some hostility towards the involvment of Tagmatium in this venture, due to the recent Cenapes incident.We find this unfair. All the while the nations are stalling, the situation in ex-Abyssio is becoming worse. The central government has collapsed, rival warlord-factions are fighting for power and the humanitarian crisis deepens. One of the reasons for our large force was the fact that we doubt the warlords will like our arrival, and they have at their disposal modern weapons, such as tanks.

So.... are we allowed to embark our troops and sail for Abyssioan shores?

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The Dominion of Haken Rider


I'm not against Tagmatium Rules sending Blues, but it seems safest to involve several nations, otherwise it may seem that you want to take over the land by force. I'm not accusing you, it just seems more right.


And seeing this is a peacemaking mission, the more troops on the spot, the better.

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To: Vice-Chancellor Commenus

From: Kalderon Tarvo

Subject: Abyssioan Peacekeeping Force




My troops are already on their way. If you send yours, we will secure several key ports on the western coast which you will find good harbors to disembark. The other nations have not yet contacted me about whether they approve of Amnalos's involvement, and I choose to take their silence as assent.


My one concern is that we may end up with two rival peacekeeping forces in Abyssio, which would be confusing, dangerous and unpleasant for the inhabitants. I hope this does not happen, but either way it is necessary for Amnalos to have a say in what happens there. We would be glad of your help.



Lord Commander Tarvo

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To: Kalderon Tarvo

From: Vice-Chancellor Commenus

Re: Peacekeeping


Concerning your statement on rival peacekeepers, it would be better if we worked together. A sign similar to the UN Blue Helmets would be good to identify peacekeepers. Working together would spread the load of patching this country up. We would be happy to work under your command, as you are nearer and probably know the extent of the situation better than we do.

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Let's try and divide the area into different zones, as we have done before on the Cenape Islands.


Here is a list of the participating forces:

- Tagmatium (6.000 forces)

- Orioni (25.000 forces)

- Amnalos (2.500 forces)

(- Tamurin -- has not responded yet)


This is the geographical division into zones I wish to propose:

- Northwest: Tagmatium

- Southwest: Amnalos

- Southeast: Orioni

- Northeast: Tamurin


TO: Tagmatium

FROM: Orioni


Quote: "Your countries' militaries are akready over stretched with this possible engagement with the SSSS"


Answer: We are a nation of (almost) 2 billion. We have more then 1% in the military, but in theory 1% would give us 20 million soldiers. We can surely spare a peacekeepingforce of 25.000 troops.

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TO: Tagmatium, Orioni and Amnalos

FROM: President Hartman

RE: Peace-keeping force


Dear friends,


Tamurin will not participate in this with troops, however we will supply your forces and all our roads, harbours and airfields are open for your troops. We're also backing up your mission politically, but unless this isn't a PoA- or a CPA-matter we will not send any troops.


The reason is simple: My military advisors are in agreement, that a region as large as former-Abssio where so many warlords and terrorist groups are "doing their business" can't be re-shaped with just 30.000 - 40.000 men. It'd have to be at least 200.000, some estimated at least 400.000.


Your goal is noble but I'm afraid it might be useless. If the people of Abyssio want to rebuild their country, they'll have to do it themselves.


Also, the international situation with the S.S.S.S. is so dangerous that we can't split up our forces. We will support and supply you, but I can't send forces unless it is absolutely necessary.


However, we can send civil servants and engineers that could help to build up an administration and an infrastructure in the areas your forces secure.


Best wishes,


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TO: Tamurin

FROM: Orioni


We understand. Your assesment of the situation is also good. Will try and get around 70.000 to 100.000 peaceforces in Abyssio. If the other nations increase their forces as well, we might be more effective.

As stated above, we have more then enough soldiers. (OOC: If you really want to know the figures, check out the tread Pot posted about military stats.)


As requested, here is a map of the way the situation will be handled:


user posted image

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To: Orioni, Tagmatium

From: Lord Commander Tarvo

Subject: Division of Abyssio into zones


I approve of this scheme. Hopefully, despite the division into zones, all three peacekeeping forces can work closely together.



Kalderon Tarvo

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To: Orioni and Amnalos

From: Vice-Chancellor Commenus

Re: Plans


The Tagmatine forces have been expanded to include the 12th Light Lancers, a Scimitar tank regiment, and a battalion from the 9th Horse Archers, a mechanised infantry regiment. Both of these are veterans of the Cenape Campaign. The overall plan for the Tagmatine forces is to land, secure ports to use as a beach head. Once thishas been done, the forces will split up and move against individaul towns. Once an area has been pacified, with the government of Tamurin's permission, of corse, aid supplies and agencies, like the Red Cross and the UN, will be let in. The transport ships containing the Tagmatine Abyssioan Peacekeeping Force (TAPF) has set sail for Abyssioan shores.

There are large numbers of warlord factions in ex-Abyssio. These, with their access to the equipment of the old Abyssioan legions, they will prove a problem. But some, of course, may even wish to join us in our attempt to bring peace and security to this once noble nation. These must not be turned away.

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To: Tagmatium, Orioni

From: Lord Commander Tarvo

Subject: Peacekeeping


As you are no doubt aware, the former Abyssioan capital of Rex Abyssio is in the zone allocated to Amnalos. The city has deteriorated badly since the collapse of the government.


A gang of hoodlums took control of the power station, obviously hoping to control the city by controlling the electricity. Unfortunately, they switched all the power to the city off and couldn't work out how to turn it back on. As a result, the population has had to live without power for the past month. Half the people have fled.


The aim will be to take the power station and restore electricity to Rex Abyssio. With any luck, this will get the inhabitants behind our peacekeeping efforts.


The station itself will be difficult to take. Emergency power within the structure itself is still running, powering the station's defensive weapons. A bit paranoid, were the old Government. The gang has been holed up in there since they wrecked the power and will be hard to dislodge, especially since we don't want to damage the power station.


The troops are not far from Rex Abyssio harbour now, and should land within a few hours.



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To: Lord Commander Tarvo

From: Haken Rider

Subject: Goodwill



The Dominion of Haken Rider is improving his navel force. Ofcourse all this fancy material is useless without the right training and experience. We would like to support your zone by sending in medics, materials, engineers, technicians and a limited amount of soldiers for their protection. This should be a good excercise for The Navy. The pleasure would be all mine.




De Leider Haken Junior

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To: Lord Commander Tarvo

From: Vice-Chancellor Commenus

Re: WTF?


My lord Tarvo, as you are on the way to taking the old capital of Rex Abyssio, we have a request to make of you when you arrive. Could you find out how, or why, the old Government fell? And could you find out what has become of the Emperor, Theosidious I? We don't imagine it is anything pleasant, because by all accounts he was quiet a dictatorial and facistic ruler, but he was also one of Tagmatium's first allies. It is sad that we neglected the goings-on in ex-Abyssio for that happenings in the former-Baltirow-Woud, but what is done is done.

We suggest you start by investigating the old governmental and ministrial buildings, and try to tract down any government officals that might be still residing in the shattered capital.

The TAPF will arrive at Abyssio mid-way through Monday, by our time.

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To: Vice-Chancellor Commenus

From: Lord Commander Tarvo

Subject: The Abyssioan government


Lord Vice-Chancellor,


I understand your desire to find out what happened to the Abyssioans, and it is on my list of tasks to find out. Unfortunately there are conflicting rumours, as was to be expected. What I can say for certain is that there was a coup. The Theosidious Government was deposed by a union of disgruntled army officers, who then fell to bickering among themselves and fragmented the nation. There is no sign of the former Emperor. Rumours abound, of course, some say he is hiding in the city, some think he fled east (if so, he's Orioni's problem) but my gut feeling is he's dead.


I have made contact with a group calling themselves the Government in Exile. These people seem to consist of various palace officials and administrators, and have actually managed to do some good in the southern sections of Rex Abyssio. They've kept the war bands out, and they have some electricity because they've got a few diesel powered generators. They are relieved that aid has finally come and are probably happier about our technicians than our soldiers. A few have requested repatriation, either in Amnalos or Tagmatium, but most wish to try to rebuild Abyssio. There is no member of the ruling family among them, and they don't quite know who did or did not survive.


We are close to mounting an attack on the power station and I am confident we can take it.


Yours sincerely,



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