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The Principality of Mozgravia

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"This nation was built on the bones of our forefathers. Well, not our actually forefathers or their literal bones. Okay then, this nation was built on the metaphorical bones of our generic ancestor figures."

Justin I of Mozgravia, opening speech to the Mozgravian Assembly, 1945.


Fellow nations,

After my peoples' nation of Mozgravia was taken over by the corrupt so-called *democratic assembly* in 1955, we, the post-neo-marxist 'Fathers of Mozgravia' have sought to return control to the rightful heir. Me. And now we have. The revolution was short and bloodless, as whilst the assembly was on a seaside daytrip we simply broke into their headquarters and changed the locks. There was only one fatality - a lone peasant who was the victim of a rather overzealous revolutionary who had never actaully driven a tank before. A regrettable loss, but a neccessary one.


Anyway, now that I am in charge, just like old grandpappy, Mozgravia is going to see some major changes. The economy needs kick starting and modernization programmes form the core of my policies. I am going to drag this country kicking and screaming into the twentieth century. Wait! The twenty-first century - that's what I meant. Yes. 21st. Exactly.


Yours truly,

Justin III of the principality of Mozgravia

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