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The Pope


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  1. 1. When?

    • Today (april 1st)
    • Tomorrow (april 2nd)
    • Sunday (april 3rd)
    • Next week (april 4-10)
    • The week after that (april 11-17)
    • Later
    • He's already dead

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You all know it had to happen, but it's getting rather close this time. Last night Carol Wojtyla (a.k.a. JP2) received the last sacraments from his personal secretary. It looks like the end is near. Any guesses when?


(My apologies if you are a Roman Catholic.)

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I would say ether this weekend or next week. His pretty crook and in a weakened state, i doubt if he would make a recovery, at least a full one.

He has had the last rights before, so its not really saying he will definally die.

Im a Roman Catholic. Its sad he may die i guess, but with out sounding evil, it may do the church some good, his aides do most the work now anyway.

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Vatican is dening he is in a coma... the Pope's living will says throw him onto any machine to keep him alive.


Its funny, one could always argue that if G-d wanted him to continue living that the Pope surely wouldn't need a machine- so are the Pope's requests in direct conflict with G-d?


Wow... that made even me get a little dizzy.

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I don't get the position "turning off machines that are keeping people alive is euthanasia" line. I thought euthanasia was the premature ending of life due to suffering. If a machine is all that keeps you going then I would say it is an extension of life - thats is it has been artificial extended so it is the opposite of premature. I think it is a private and personal thing whether one chooses to accept artificial extension or to let it end "naturally".


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Hmm, seeing the title of the thread was a little disturbing.... ''pope will die''


I agress he probobly will die within the week, but i don't like the poll option at all, it almost feels like we're taking bets on when he's going to go... it just doesnt feel right. I'm not a religious person, and even if i were i would be part of the Anglican Church rather than the Catholic, it was just what i was born into, but taking a poll on his death just isn't ethical, and frankly i find it very uncomfortable.

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So what if everyone will eventuly die, it is still not right to have a competition to guess when he will! angry.gif


yes millions of people are suffering from the catholic churches view on condoms (i am assuming SOA means the same as STI does in Britain, Sexually Transmitted Diseases) but it doen't mean he doesnt deserve a dignified death like the rest of us.

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I agree with Phil. This poll is just weird...


Besides: Condemming condoms is a very small thing when you live in a world like ours, especially when living in the Western "Protected Zone of Civilization", while in areas like Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia is permanent war...


Compared to the many small- and medium-class Hitlers and Stalins the Pope is indeed a very holy person who did a lot for peace and the people. Also, condemming condoms is not the only thing the Catholic Church does in these kinds of countries. An uncle of mine works as a missionary in paraguay in south america. The church is more or less the only one helping the average people there and priests are under constant threat of being killed....


Just a few unstructured thoughts here...

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