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Koku - Paranoid schizos

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To : The Leader of Paranoid schizos

From : Koku, Koku Kingdom.


Greeting the leader of Paranoid schizos.

According to our long tradition of ?self sufficiency?, we have been a closed country. Therefore, we have never attempted a contact with other nation before. However, as we expand, it is inevitable that we exchange goods and knowledge with other friend nations.


We have looked into the national description and we couldn?t know what goods are for imports/exports to your empire, probably because all are readily provided by the government.


Therefore, If you may need any particular goods ie. tropical fruits such as banana, mango, durian, oranges, or other items like electronics, silk cloths, handi-crafts. Please feel free to discuss for trade between our two nations.


I am certain that we shall very much benefit from our closer cooperation.

I look forward to your reply.

With high regards,

Koku, King of Koku Kingdom.

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