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Republic of Mamofump

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Hello Europa,


The Republic of Mamofump thanks you most sincerely for taking us to your collective bosom.


We've been experiencing nasty weather out in the pacific, and decided a change was as good as a rest.


Our country is a verdant land, where the Mamofurps run wild and free, famed for it's crystal clear lakes and rivers, filled with a plethora of marine life, surrounded on three sides by the impassable Narglesac Mountain range (imagine a saw blade, but with really, really sharp teeth, so sharp people swear the Narglesac slices sunlight and shadows, not to mention mountaineers and snowboarders).


We are an open country, and welcome citizens from all countries (excluding mime artists who, we feel, ought to get a proper job), provided you purchase a visa (currently 250 golems).


Rise, the world is a great big fish!





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Your population keeps growing with 5 million daily, later this will change with around 20 million daily. Issues effect your nations economy, civil rights and political freedom. It will also change your nations description. Some issues will increase your taxes, that can become 100%. population, however, can not be manipulated. Their is an issue that wants to limit your population growth, but even this will have no direct effect.


*Being nice to the newbie* angel-smiley-008.gif

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