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Ide Jiman Troops Move in on areas 102 and 46

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General Lao - Xan of the Third Ide Jiman Republican army stood by the great river. This was the waterway which drained most of region 102, and now he and a small part of the 3rd army were there. Initially 1000 men of the 3rd had landed, along with marines from the boats that had ferried them here. 102 was a mountainous region with tropical lowlands. There were some natives in this land he did not know if they were hostile or not.


Behind him 4 men were struggling to unpack a howitzer and further ahead a group of very untidy looking scouts emerged from the rainforest, after an inconclusive mission. So far he did not know of any foreign armies opposing Ide Jiman occupation of 102 or 46. Radios buzzed and troops shouted, it would take some time before an airfield was established and more troops could move in.




Further North in territory 46 troops had established an airfield and things were running more smoothly. Colonel xian qin was pleased with the progress the army had made in 46. He had a perimeter and a helipad, and troops were arriving by helicopter.


Out of the forest though one man from the 13 strong patrol that had left two hours earlier came staggering out aparrently injured he had news that the patrol was ambushed and all killed except him, he was injured with bullet wounds to the arm and torso. The Colonel knew that defence against marauding tribes was neccesary. He knew that the lives of every ide jiman troop in the 2 new bases would be in danger if drastic action were not taken...


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The tiny third army base at the tip of area 102 was beginning to take shape. Guarding the perimeter were artillery positions and the construction of a runway was well underway. In the command area of the encampment plans were being drawn up for the construction of the new capital Serekan, built around the mouth of the mighty river that drained nearly all of area 102. More and more helicopters were ferrying troops to the base and occasionally marines arrived by boat.


About 20 miles north of the base a smaller one was established, on a bend in the river. Settlers were beginning to arrive here and despite being manned with some of the most up to date equipment a citadel has been made using only mud bricks.

The commander of the garrison of 94 men here is named Lieutenant Lehuan. The new town is named Cteisephon (Sty ? se ? fon). Natives in the forest however are becoming increasingly hostile and have killed 4 settlers.


In the North in area 46 things are worse 123 troops have died in a full scale war going on with jungle natives. It is not known how many have been killed in reprisals but SU ? 25 aircraft have completely wiped out several villages it is thought over 4000 have died in the guerilla war in the Jungles of 46. And the Ide Jiman army and Naval Air wing are planning their biggest operation yet?


The Northern settlement had recently completed it?s airfield. One rainy morning a group of 8 Airtech CN. 235 aircraft taxi out on to the runway. In the distance is the ominous thud of bombs as Ide Jiman navy IJ ? 32 aircraft pound settlements of natives concealed deep in the jungle. The turboprops on the CN.235 buzz into action, onboard each aircraft is 78 paratroops. The aircraft take off heading towards the flashes of bombs in the distance. The Ide Jiman troops were vengeful after a native ambush that killed 71 settlers. The Green light switches on, the paratroops jump?


Commander: ?Get the third platoon over here, We?re under heavy fire from natives!?


Soldier: ?Yessir third platoon here?


Commander: ?There is the village, all units fix bayonets, CHARGE?


The village they are charging is no longer a village in the true sense of the word. The air bombardment has left it a smouldering heap of rubble some buildins still stand. In the streets natives armed with a variety of weapons attempt to stem the charge of Ide Jiman troops.


The Ide Jimans are led by Xian ? Kai a ruthless soldier with experience in previous conflict. The ide jimans enter the village. One troop is instantly sent backwards in a spray of blood whilst another is hit by a bullet from a rampart gun sending blood everywhere.


Commander: ?Units FIRE?


The native superiority is short lived in an instant automatic fire fills the village as Ide Jiman troops mow down all resistance. They prepare to storm a barricade in the middle of the settlement. An Ide Jiman lieutenant is shot dead by a native with a musket and now the forces concentrate automatic fire on the makeshift barricade.


Radioman: Sir, get everyone out of the village, there are 5 IJ ? 32s coming?


Commander: What? There aren?t any hostile forces left just women, children elderly and a few injured enemies.


Radioman: Its too late for them to turn round all units must be withdrawn.


Commander: Everyone get out!


Radioman: Christ, here they come?


5 IJ ? 32s blast overhead each releasing a laser-guided bomb; the village is engulfed in flame. Ide Jiman and native alike are killed. Of the 628 soldiers to enter the village only 234 survive until daybreak of the next day. Amongst the dead is commander Xian Kai. In the battle 1760 natives died. Of those 800 were firing at the Ide Jimans.




The Ide Jiman navy has set up several more towns on the west coast of the new country and settlers are beginning to arrive.


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Our colonists in Meda have never had any contact with the natives of area 102. There have been some reports of fishermen being seen near the coast but no actual interaction has ever taken place.


The people of area 46 we hardly ever noticed. We are surprised to hear they are this agressive. Actually, the killing of those women and children concernes us greatly. We hope you do take human rights into account during you colonisation!

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The Akiiryan Government wishes to express concern at the conduct of Ide Jiman forces in sections 46 and 102. Your revenge attacks on the native peoples of these regions are excessive and may even border on genocide.


Please explain your actions.

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The Naval Air wing assault was poorly timed. Ide Jiman troops were killed by the bombs as well as natives. An error on this scale shall not happen again. However we treat the use of the genocide when describing this incident as an insult. We do not wish to eradicate the indigenous peoples of these areas. What happened was an error.


Ide Jima has assumed full control over 102. In 46 fierce fighting remains especially in the highland areas where armoured divisions are preparing to move. The New captital Serekan has been constructed around the mouth of the southern river.


Overlooking the straits with endless summer anti shipping batteries are to be built. We realise the wealth that flows in these waterways and are quick to make sure we have full control over them.


We object to any UN intervention.

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TO: Ide Jima

FROM: The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu


You will note we did not say your forces were committing genocide, only that your acts in 46 and 102 may border on it. Nor were we refering to one incident, as your own report states:


SU ? 25 aircraft have completely wiped out several villages it is thought over 4000 have died in the guerilla war in the Jungles of 46.



Based on this comment and other incidents you seem to be using unnessary force against defenseless women and children as well as underarmed resistance fighters (muskets vs. military aircraft). Your refusal to allow UN inspectors into the area further speaks of trouble in the area. Actions speak louder than words.


Your building of anti shipping batteries overlooking the straits with endless summer are in direct opposition to the fears expressed by Microglup, which you tacitly acknowledged.


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To: The Government of Ide Jima

From: Vice-Chancellor Commenus

Re: Help?


The Holy Empire of Tagmatium would like to know if the Government of Ide Jima is prepared to accept any help in its plans for plot 46. We have units of soldiers that are skilled in combat in highland areas. Also, due to the fact that you have expressed plans to seize control of the strait between yourselves and Endless Summer, we expect you to come in for some critiscm. We offer a helping hand and political support.

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Overlooking the straits with endless summer anti shipping batteries are to be built. We realise the wealth that flows in these waterways and are quick to make sure we have full control over them.

This waterway is very important to the Empire of Orioni. We use it daily for the trade between Meda and Zuidhaven. We see the construction of these anti shipping batteries as a dirct threat against the maritime trade with our colony.


We will also discuss this issues in the appropriate thread: http://s7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.php?showtopic=795

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12 Ide Jiman variants of the SU ? 25 taxied onto the runway. The engines roared into life and the aircraft blasted off down the sun baked runway into the Ide Jiman summer. To one side of the airfield lay the rusty remains of a Harbin H ? 5 no longer in service in Ide Jima. In the airfield control room the SU ? 25s opened radio contact.


Squadron Leader: Sir we are advancing to coordinates 341465 North of Serekan. Reported native stronghold.


Ground Control: High command has given you the go ahead, apparently this is the last native stronghold to be destroyed. Do this and Ide Jiman power is fully consolidated. With the fall of this all native guerilla resistance will collapse. 1 million ide Jiman troops will be freed up.


Squadron Leader: Village is in sight we are experiencing some shrapnel from the AA guns they stole but that wont last too long.



The First SU ? 25 roared over the village, taking photos of the fort before it was destroyed. The next aircraft let its cannon rip on the settlement, ripping the villagers huts to shreds and watching some get mown down by the fire. The next three dropped bombs on the ramparts, leaving the village undefended for the massacre that the advancing Ide Jiman armies (renowned for ruthlessness) would inflict upon its population. Then came the remainder of the squadron, strafing and diving at the village, the final aircraft carried an experimental new Ide Jiman weapon. The pilots watched in Awe as the Massive aerial blast bomb turned the center of the large settlement into an inferno, and flattened the rest of it, leaving those survivors to feel the wrath of the Ide Jiman ninth army closing fast on the position.


Now Ide Jima has consolidated full control over ares 47 and 102, the government today declared the official formation of the new league of Ide Jiman republics. RP closed.


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