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yeah, but Lisbon is in Portugal, which is on the Mediterannian plate boundery, UK is slap bang in the centre of a plate, so practicly no quakes, there are a few minor minor ones, about 1 on the Richter scale each year, but nothing to write home about.


The mediteranian boundery, which covers italy, greece and the south of spain, has some big volcanos, and hey also have some pretty big earthquakes too. The boundery near LA is also due for another big quake too i think, the San Andreas fault.


It is sad, another quake, but it was inevitable, there are always more quakes following such a big one like that, the stress builds up in the boundery creating more. I havn't heard of any mor tsunamis though, although all countris nearby have started evacuation as far as i know.

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biggrin.gif thanks for the concern from all of you laugh.gif

I am still fine...and on line ... rolleyes.gif


The quakes happened down in Sumatra (Indonesia), near the spot that created Tsunami in December. Hundreds of Indonesians died... sad.gif


For Thailand; Phuket, Songkla, and several southern provinces were a bit shaky... Several high buildings in the south were re-inspected. However, everything is still ok for Thailand.


Actually, there have been several after-shocks ever since December, but about 2-4 rictor (non so big ones). The one happened last night was a really big one, 8.7 rictor. Lucky, No Tsunami was created this time.


Again. many thanks for you concern. ilu.gif

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I live in Bangkok biggrin.gif

Although I have a unit of coastal condo, it's at Cha-Am, peaceful shoreline at the inner Thailand bay, where is pretty far from the plate line...No worry! biggrin.gif


..not the Log beach hotel, but this is just a clear map to show where Cha-Am is...


user posted image


user posted image

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Till now, over a thousand died in Indonesia....sight! sad.gif


For Thailand, no casualty.

In that night, many hundred tourists and locals in Hatyai, Songkla (southern province) had to get down from high buildings, .......a considerable shaky feeling in several other southern provinces, ..... no injury, no casualty, few buildings cracked, but later inspections assured their structure integrity the next day....


[had I stayed in Hatyai, HRH.Koku would have to climb down the stairs of tall building in his royal pajama...]

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By the way Koku, you are the only person in here that lives in an area that I am involved with monitoring. It is actually a result of December's Tsunami, however this has resulted in this webpage being created. It may be of some use to you. Who knows..


Americans, if you go there, yes everything is in degrees C not F and in millimeters, not inches. Tough.


Well not that you were going to SE Asia anytime soon or anything.

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Gee...thanks Meteorola...that's a useful weather forecasting site.


By the way, I just don't understand they said forecast on Tsunami ("INDIAN OCEAN TSUNAMI WEATHER SUPPORT") but no where telling about seismographic activity....!?! Have I overlooked sth? or, is there any site on seismo-activity?


My oh my... now you guys know how warm it is right here ninja.gif... look at the max temp 40c ...Luckily it's windy and we have some rain ...

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Americans, if you go there, yes everything is in degrees C not F and in millimeters, not inches. Tough.

bah, come on, its not that tough is it?... rolleyes.gif


anyway...max temp 40! wow, i think the max over the last week was about 20 over here...

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