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Funny little games in net

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Short version of rules:


Try to get angle near 45

Punch with maximum strength


You are able to punch again by selecting either down or upwardpunch in left side by mouseclick. 3 times upwards and unlimited times downwards. Downwards punch reloads over time when you are in medium altitude.


avoid males because they slow you down or alter your bouncing angle.


Darkhaired girl will attempt to block your next target if you land to her.


The girl with glasses will catch you and end your journey.


Other girls will punch you forward.


My record: 5063 meters (after hard trying)

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yeh, the guy was still going fast when he was stopped by the girl with glasses, i couldnt get that far again though, 'tis an adictive game...


when you hit some of the people though, a big thing comes up saying SPECIAL! do you have to press anything to get a special thing, or was it just a special person you hit?

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