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Map v1: Requests

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I have agreed to throw together a simple map that we do believe will enhance the

RPing experence. The map will be laid out with the borders already drawn up.

Each state will have a number in it, nations pick on a first come first serve basis. If

you have a nation inside of Europa then you automaticly have a spot, if you have

over a billion population you may have two spots and if you have over 2 billion in

population you can have three spots. Once you pick a spot you may be as detailed

as you want. If you want a river, lake, cities placed on the map, airports, military bases

or what ever you wish just keep size in mind.





here is the first draft of the Europa map. it is NOT made to resemble Europe or

any RL (Real Life) country/s it strictly a NS world concept. numbers will be added

so everyone can pick a spot. once you have picked a spot you can pick the color

(if any) of your nation as well as cities, airports, military bases or anything of your

choosing. Space will be limited. i am willing to work with anyone who wants

to have more detail in their nation. time will be the only factor but i update

regularly. i will also update the map in such cases as war, invasions or

international incidents. in major war or civil war the part of the map or

countrys invovled will be blown up to show even more detail such as troop

movement and so on.






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You drew a map of Europa very nicely!


Klopstokia is situated in the north.

A country on the sea border, with a river through it.

We have large harbors and airports.

In the east we have hills and some mountains.

The east also hast vast forests.

In the west we have vineyards and fruit farms.




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I can't see the map.. ??


Anyway, Brawandi is a tropical country, so it should be located somewhere more towards the south I presume. It's a fertile land and it has lots and lots of woods. There're some mountains located in the east. There's a huge and wild river flowing from those hills towards the ocean. And our magnificent capital is situated somewhere at the riverside.

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Well, if you find an empty map of europe that's big enough, why not.. But it may just as well be an imaginary map.


BTW, I have no troubles seeing this Alberta-map. I see all nations are the same colour, is it possible to give each nation a color, or would that be too much trouble? If not, it's OK.. I'm really glad you want to make the effort in the first place.

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Great job!


I think I'll take 7 and 6. But I really liked an little isle before my south-coast, if that wouldn't ask too much trouble.


My capital is called Centridge City, and is situated on that small peninsula in the southeast.

The city of Aldonville is located at my northcoast of 6.

Another city, Rutherford, is siutated in the centre of 6


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Number 23 please.


The Beautiful Empire of Orioni


Nation: Orion

Peoples: the Orioni

Capital: Orionopolis (located central, just under the '3')

Major ports: Nordhaven (at the northcape) and Zuidhaven (at the center of the southern coast)



-- channel connecting Nordhaven-Orionopolis-Zuidhaven.

-- modern railroads from Orionopolis to both havens and also to our neighbouring countries (21, 22, 23).

-- well-maintained roadsystem with many tunnels in the southeastern mountains.


Geography & nature:

-- Lush broad-leaved trees in the northern forest, where the pink fluffy dinosaur dwells. Most of the country is covered underneath these lush green giants.

-- vineyards on the southeastern mountainflanks, with nice climate.



[updates will follow]

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I would like spot No. 24, if thats ok, and my capital will be called Char, and it should be loacated on the coast (anywhere you choose!) and I will have two major cities. Roavia City shall be in the middle of the mainland, and Ovia Island shall be on one of the Islands (again, your choice!). I think I'll have sky blue (or just blue) lines across. Thanks!

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Can I have 33 and 31? If so, I'd like to have my capital (Santiago) somewhere on the coast of 31, the major city or Punta Ballena on the southern tip of 33, and the city of Villa Real north of Santiago in 31. Also, a red railroad to connect all three cities, and a river starting from Villa Real to coastline near Santiago... Thanks!

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The Colony of San Ba requests Parcel 36 and, if possible, the island that is halfway across to Orioni ??where it is hoped the Ju?qi?o Space Center may be located. The capital city of Xi?mi?n should be located on the largest island closest to the mainland of Parcel 36. A bridge system to Orioni should be shown in progress, at least as far as the island. The major roads on the mainland would be coastal byways.


Xi?xi?! As a cartography for a few other regions, I know how difficult and time-consuming this work can be.

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This is the latest update, check and make sure everything is right. Orion seems to be the heart of Europa. smile.gif


*as for San Ba, i have stopped short of completing your nation. i was curious about the bridge or coastal roadways you meantioned. i wasnt clear on if you wanted the mainland connected too. if you can give me some detail on where and how you want them to go. what all do you want connected. sorry for the delay.*




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Hi there -


i just noticed - you have west and east mixed up - easy mistake to make i do it all the time tongue.gif *double checked his compass*

user posted image


hmm would it be possible for 17 -


Berlin is north east quite near the boarder for 16 hehe (berlin is hte capital)


and Klon tongue.gif is south west

few rivers one near klon and others just random spots -


rail system running through the country linking citys and links to all surrounding countrys -



Der Deutsche Bund

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i was curious about the bridge or coastal roadways you meantioned. i wasnt clear on if you wanted the mainland connected too.

I would like the bridge to run from the space center to the mainland, via the capital. If Orioni wants a bridge to the space center, that would be up to Orioni.

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whoa blink.gif didnt see that at all! in my defense i had to copy and paste it from the bottom to the top and when i did that i had to make it smaller so i wound up just cutting it peice by peice. it was a long night.


user posted image




I love it! Thanks a lot!!!


One Question...are those three islands on the coast of 33/32 my territory?



Berlin is north east quite near the boarder for 16 hehe


462.gif funny

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