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Footy's back!

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After a long break over summer, the 2005 AFL footy season started over the weekend. That Aussie Rules for those of you unfortunate enough not to follow the greatest sport on Earth.


My team, the mighty Geelong Cats, beat Richmond by ten goals (that's a thrashing). We don't usually have a good start to the season, so it's nice to get a win first up. Round 2 can't come quick enough.


Man have I missed footy.


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yay! we beat...the Northern Irish.... well, its some sort of victory i suppose...


did anyone see the Poland Azerbyjahn result, 8-0! and we play them next wednesday too! biggrin.gif


and aussie rules is not football! , neither is Ameican Rules! thay are football variations, which are just very similer to Rugby Football, the game the rest of the world plays instead..., although the Aussies still play both for some reason...


anyway, mindless rant over, go football!

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lol, i feel for you Tag, it was a pretty decent game actully, all the goals came in the 16 minsa after the second half though, so you didnt miss much in the first half apart from a few missed England chances, i think NI had 1 shot on target the entire game... Paul Robinson touched the ball about 4 times in the match....

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laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif And your group says Diplomat!!!! laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

Sssssh! Don't mention that!


Have to say given a choice between aussie rules and american, aussie wins hands down. But then I like rugby league too.


As for our game against NI, I thought we played very well - given it was a small team - we we're still very impressive. Don't rmemeber a more composed and patient perfomance from an England team.

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I do think we have a very good team at the moment, Beckam, Roony, John Terry, Lampard, all very good players, but as a team i think we are joining the ''Under Achievers Club'' of Europe, along with Holland and possibly Spain. its an elite group of great teams who just don't achieve what they should

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well, Rugby is the real 'ard mans game, no pads, no helmets, just alot of men in shorts with a ball getting taken out. Yes NFL is more violent, but they also play in masses of armour...


but Real football is the origional game, it was origionaly the most populer sport in the US until some of them saw a rugby game and decided to make their own version. aussie rules, i'm not sure where that came from, cos they play rugby too, (although we still beat them in the world cup....Nergh nergh! tongue.gif )

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How long is the aussie rules season? How many teams in the top division?


The season runs for 26 weeks- 22 home and away rounds and four weeks of finals. There is only one division, with sixteen teams.


(although we still beat them in the world cup....Nergh nergh! tongue.gif )

That's a gift. You can have that seeing as we beat you at everything else. Nergh nergh! wink.gif

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heh, yeh, Jonny Wilkinson has played about 2 games since the world cup, he keeps bloody injuring himself. Half our team from the world cup has also changed, so there is little chance of us winning very much in the near future...

That's a gift. You can have that seeing as we beat you at everything else. Nergh nergh! 

and if your talking about the Cricket.... unsure.gif well....erm...just nergh... rolleyes.gif

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