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Ide Jima Releases IJ - 32 'Shipwrecker'

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A Description


The first of a series of SU - 30 upgrades from the main Ide Jiman defence contractor IJ Industries. This remarkable aircraft will remain central to Ide Jimas naval air wing for years to come. So far 4080 IJ 32 aircraft are serving in the defence of Ide Jiman shores. This weapon is perfect for anyone looking to create a scourge for any country that dare threaten their sovereignty.


This aircraft may be expensive at $500 million a piece but it is equipped with up to date Ide Jiman radar, Weapons and sophisticated ECM systems. Furthermore, despite being built around the SU - 30 airframe the powerful Poseidon X- 89 turbojets give the aircraft the ability to fly at speeds in excess of mach 3.5 enabling it to escape before any carrier borne aircraft can retaliate.




Specification: IJ - 32


Type: Specialist Anti Shipping and Maritime interdictor


Origin: Ide Jima




2x IJ AS - 16 'Kraken' Anti Shipping Missiles

6x IJ AA - 2000 Missiles

1x IJ 'Destrier' MLGB (Massive laser guided bomb)

2x IJ 72 Missile Pods

1x 30mm 'Maelstrom' Cannon in nose mounting




2 Poseidon X - 89 Turbofans each rated at 96.3 Kn




Max speed: Mach 3.74

Ceiling 60 000 feet

Range 2,200 miles




Empty 20 000 Kg

Max. Take off 45 000 kg



Wingspan 48 ft 2.5 inches

Length 76 feet 5 inches

Height 21 feet 4 inches




PRICE: $250 Million


For Europans only! I would be grateful for any feedback too...

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Well, we can surely use more protection for our shoars, seeing many of our more important cities are located near or at the sea and our navy isn't large, but we haven't the budget for such weaponry (our economy has his ups and downs at the moment). Maybe there can be an arrangement for a more modest price?

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The Holy Empire of Tagmatium is wishes to purchase 10 IJ-32 at the full price of $250,000,000. This will come to the price of $2,500,000,000. This, if possible, will be payed in installments a pair of years. This is so there is no impact on Tagmatium's economy.


Tacitus Smith, Minister for Trade

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