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After the stinging remarks directed at the Vanarambaion government several days ago, the Europtimitian government has begun emergency legislation to enforce house arrest and gag order upon Chancellor Godfrey. With a vote of 233-17, this legislation passed in joint session, and went into immediate effect. Hearing this, the Chancellor heaved his desk chair at the wall, and began a rant that left some pure-blood Irish aides crossing themselves. After regaining his composure, he marched out of his office and down the hall to the joint session room. In front of the entire Parliament, he threw open the door to the House and bellowed: "IF YOU WANT VANARAMBAION STANDARDS THEN FINE! I DISSOLVE THIS PARLIAMENT!! DAMN YOU ALL, AND DAMN THE CONSTITUTION-"

The whole while, the two leaders of the houses had been banging their gavils on the desk. The Chancellor was at last silenced when the two simulataneously pulled Desert Eagles from their jacket pockets and opened fire on the Chancellor, emptying their clips. As the last shot echoed through the chambers, what was left of the Chancellor slumped to the floor. The chambers very quickly returned to order, and business was continued on whether or not to impose a tougher limit on horseshoe crab catches.


Meanwhile, the last Vanarambaion officer yet to be removed from the Europtimitian military, Major General Tinsman, nephew of Emporer Tinsman, was informed of the Chancellor's demise. Rather than step onto the Apache helicopter back to the motherland, he drove himself and 200 Vanarambaion nationals back to the capital. He stormed the Parliament and entered the balcony where he held the GA at gunpoint and assumed command of the country. In a later press conference he stated: "Our country has recently made poor decisions that have sent us in a direction of self-destruction. We would first like to offer our deepest apologies to the CPA, we meant no disrespect in not immediately accepting their offer to join. We also hope to withdraw our stinging comments towards Vanarambaion, and will immediately open a joint investigation into the assassination attempt upon the good Emporer's father, and my great uncle. I believe the source of both of the previously stated problems have been...neutralized? Yes. So please accept our wishes to join the Central Penninsula Alliance, if it is indeed the wishes of the members. This is a new chapter in our short history. Good day to all."


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TO: Emperor Tinsman of Europtima

FROM: President Hartman, Tamurin

RE: Unrest in Europtima


Emperor Tinsman,


I'm very disturbed by the violent unrest in your country. The recent events have created concerns among my people and its leadership about the future your country is heading towards.


I hope that you'll gain control of your country and that your nation will enter a peaceful path into the future.


It might be a good idea if we talked about joint efforts among our border to prevent radical elements of your nation to flee into Tamurin. If you're interested in this kind of cooperation, please let me know.


Your friend and neighbour,

President Hartman

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To: Emperor Tinsman of Europtima

From: Holy Emperor Commodus III of Tagmatium

Re: Assassination


Lets us send comisrations for the assassination of your Chancellor. We too have had the assassination of our leader, the previous Holy Emperor, Theodosius. In this case this started a Civil War, but we think there is no danger of it in this case. Good luck with the new country.

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First of all we would like to soothe the anxiety of our neighbors. To Tagmatium, we can assue you, there is no threat of Civil War, no additional government officials have been removed, and the government's approval rating has increased from 28% to 72%. To Tamurin, we would be interested in a joint border patrol force to deal with fleeing radicals. To Vanarmabaion, we are eternally grateful for your renewed support. We wish you all prosperity, and assure you that there is nothing forseeable to fear. Good day

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To: The leaders of Europtima and Tamurin

From: Lord Commander Kalderon Tarvo, chief of Amnalos's armed forces

Subject: Europtiman radicals


I congratulate both of your nations on your swift and effective action against the insurgents in Europtima. Deploying so many border guards to patrol what is a fairly long national boundary is not an easy task. You have my admiration.


Amnalos has one concern, however. We have received disturbing reports that the rebels are beginning to circumvent this defensive measure by sailing around Tamurin into Area 43, which used to be the nation of Abyssio. Since the collapse of the Abyssioan government, the Emperor and I have had concerns over this region. Factional warlords have arisen, and control the bulk of the Abyssioan military equipment. We fear that the influx of Europtiman rebels into this anarchic region cannot be good.


Most of Amnalos's Army, Navy and Air Force has now arrived at Meteorola to aid in the defense of the Cenapes but I can assemble a small Commission of some of my best soldiers to travel to Abyssio. They would use all their experience and resources to keep the unstable political situation there from becoming dangerous. Would we have your approval?


Yours sincerely,

Lord Commander Tarvo

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TO: Lord Commander Kalderon Tarvo, chief of Amnalos's armed forces

FROM: President Hartman

RE: Abyssio Task Force


You have may approval. Tamurin won't engage in former Abyssio. We have secured the border and keep everything outside. If the people of Abyssio want to move forward into a better future, they have to do it themselves.


But we will help you with logistical and technical aid. You may use airfields and harbours and we are willing to help you supply your troops.


Best wishes,


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