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Koku - Vanarambaion relations

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To : The Leader of Vanarambaion

From : Koku, Koku Kingdom.

Greeting the leader of Vanarambaion, and your people.

According to our long tradition of ?self sufficiency?, Koku kingdom have long been a closed country. Therefore, we have never attempted a contact with other nation before. However, as we expand, it is inevitable that we exchange goods and knowledge with other friend nations.


We have looked into the national description and wonder what other goods do your nation produce, other than arms, beef products, and uranium.


Besides electronics, pizza, and automobiles, our nation produce art crafts, house decoratives, jewelry, and silk cloths. Please feel free to discuss for trade between our two nations. We will be glad to discuss further on both trade and military agenda with you.


I am certain that we shall very much benefit from our closer cooperation.

I look forward to your reply.

With high regards,

Koku, King of Koku Kingdom.

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To: Koku

From: Vanarambaion

Re: Relations


Vanarambaion has a vast potential that is without equal in much of the known world. While our focus is on manufacturing, especially military equipment, it is because we don't need to spend much time paying attention to our strong agriculural section.


We are very interested in relations with Koku, and would be willing to look at any agreement they would like to draw up for our consideration. While we favor protective tariffs, we have a favored nation status that we bestow on our allies pending their agreements. We await your suggestions.

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To : The Leader of Vanarambaion

From : Koku, Koku Kingdom.

I thank you very much for your reply.

While Koku kingdom is seeking for trade and military cooperation with other nations, we aim at building strong relations among friend nations in Europa for the joint prosperity and stability.


As our first gesture, we would like to propose a trade agreement between our two nations. I have attached a draft which is similar to what we have signed with Amnalos, and now being propose to other nations aswell.

Please feel free to review and comment.


In the mean time, we would like your comment on any of our available good which you may have interest to purchase (as previously entioned).


Lastly, we would like to propose setting up embassy between our two nations. Our representatives will bridge our relations, and seek for future collaborations.

We look forward to your reply.

With regards,


Trade agreement between Koku and Vanarambaion


I. All articles herein shall apply in all matters of trade between the undersigned nations.


II. The spirit of this document is to foster good will between the nations of Koku and Vanarambaion. This ideal is to be held in good faith.


III. The government of both nations shall facilitate the warehouses and transport facilities for the use of the other nation's industry and merchantry, to manage the storage and movement of goods through the nation. Trading agreements will be bound by the law of the land where it is made or signed. Criminal and justice matter will be handled by the law of the land where incidence takes place. This article also states the cooperation of the criminal transfer between the two nations.


IV. Both nations shall provide safety and safe passage of the other nation's merchants as they do to the locals.


V. A tariff of no more than 5% over the local selling price shall be imposed on goods sold, and no transport tariff of more than 3% of transport costs shall be imposed on goods moving through the country. However, both nations may have a list of their local products which are sensitive industry, and the products will be treated differently in terms of tax and tariff. The list may be reviewed or amend periodically with concent from both nations.



The Kingdom of Koku [X]

The Nation of Vanarambaion [ ]



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