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[Map Application] United Kingdom of Emyleryn

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Nation on Eurth: Emyleryn

National Flag:

Capital Name: Loudon

Capital Location: Either on a large river if I’m landlocked, on the coast if I’m not 

Anglo-Dutch, Baltic

Population: 0 (7,334,558)
GDP: 1 (12,585)
Land Area:  3 (423,835)

Green Rolling Hills and Fields, small mountains (dfb?)

In Vision Statement

Vision Statement:

Front Desk:

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Hello and congratulations on passing the academy! Now let's get you on the map.

Your population and GDP stats look good, although your desired land area falls below the 3 point threshold. When coming up with proposed borders I'll keep your land area on the lower half of 3 points (450,000-550,000km^2). For a climate that is 'rolling hills and fields' I think Dfb (Humid Continental) is about right.

Your culture is particularly interesting. On Eurth the Anglos originally come from western Europa, however they have established several colonies throughout southern Argis (such as Seylos and Girkmand). The Baltic cultures on Eurth are also predominantely found in south-central Argis. The Dutch on the other hand are native to eastern Argis, however have experimented with colonialism around their homeland (ie Variota in north-eastern Alharu). To make things easier I've colour-coded the groups (blue = Anglo, orange = Dutch, green = Baltic).


In your vision statement I see that you've only outlined your history from the 1900s onwards, which does give you a lot of wiggle room for your past as either colonists from Anglia and Iwenland settling in traditionally Baltic territory, or that Emyleryn is a mix of ex-colonies from Iwenland/Anglia/Baltica.

Below I have selected 5 locations which I believe would suit your country best, with each location I will also include any necessary compromises. Once you have selected a location, any countries near the proposal will be pinged and given 5 days to respond.

1. Southern Argis (Kezanoi Sea)
Kyznetsia has recently left, which means their land is up for grabs once more. If your country was to be placed here you would have a land area of around 474,100km^2. Your country would most likely be a Baltic homeland, with the Anglian refugees settling the area from around 1550-1700 and the Dutch from Iwenland approximately a century later. Your borders are a bit awkward (filling in the gaps between existing countries) but you'd have quite a few active neighbours in the form of Poja, Baltica, Stedoria, Ahrana, etcetera. Your climater, however, would be mostly Mediterranean (as that isthmus that Kyznetsia occupies is almost entirely a Mediterranean climate).

2. Southern Argis (Keelpijp)
With an area of approximately 509,600km^2 your history would be pretty similar to the first proposal. Climatically you'd be pretty much entirely humid continental with some rainshadow in the north of that bulbous peninsula and a Mediterranean coastline in your southern most regions. Mountains form a spine along your country, splitting it in a south-westerdly/north-easterdly. Dutch and Anglo settlers would most likely be less common, so this proposal would put more emphasis on the 'Baltic' part of your desired cultures as opposed to your desired Anglo-Dutch colonists.

3. North-East Alharu
Considering the emphasis on English names and your demographics from your vision statement, I'm not entirely convinced you need Baltic as your indigenous group, so the next few proposals will be of other places on Eurth that could house Anglo-Dutch colonists.

Colonists from Anglia (or Seylos) and Iwenland could rather easily take root in north-east Alharu like Variota. Therefore I offer you these absolutely god-awful colonial borders that stretch out from the coast and into the interior of Alharu. Your climate would be humid continental although you'd be in the transition zone between the more subtropical Fulgistan and Mediterranean Variota, your country would be home to tens of microclimates and small/endangered endemic ecosyetems. Your most western regions around Kacheru would be a more temperate steppe climate. You'd have some lowlands around the coasts and lakes, although your interior would be highlands and mountains. Your indigenous groups would be Sino-Tibetan (Chinese/Tibetan/Burmese/etcetera) in your east and Mongolian in your west. Due to your location, you wouldn't be able to handwave the large indigeous groups away with just "disease", so you'll need to get your hands bloody... very bloody... whilst still having those same or similar indigenous groups on your borders. All I can say is goodluck.

(Your land area would be ~517,000km^2).

4. Eastern Marenesia Major
With an area of around 470,200km^2 your country will be a mix of Dfb and Dfa. Your indigenous groups would be the Marenai (Maori). It'd be difficult for Iwenland to settle the region, as this is part of Anglia's historic sphere of influence and colonialism (Gallambria and New Marenesia also part of Marenesia Major).

5. Eastern Argis
Although this proposal falls outside of your desired land range (approx. ~348,100km^2) is does fit all the other criteria. It's in a prime location for colonisation by Anglia and Iwenland and has a mix of Dfb and Dfa humid continental climates as well as both lowlands and mountains. Your indigenous group would be some form of Low/High German and possibly Celts on the coast/lowlands.

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Posted (edited)
On 7/4/2024 at 11:01 AM, Emyleryn said:

I’ll go with Eastern Argis (5)

Welcome to the map.  Poja & Emyleryn should have relations because historically you have an evil neighbor there that Poja very much hated.

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