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What comes After (Anatea Expansion IC Part 2)

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The Azurian War ended, but still today Anatea has to face challenges to not only restore the region left in ruins, but also maintain the fragile post-war peace between itself and Azuria.

Reconstruction and change will be paramount to achieve stability, but it will not come with ease...


OOC: This is a RP centered around the Anatean annexation of Azuria in Aurelia, set after the Anatea-Azuro War. If you are interested to join the RP, I invite other nations to RP with me by contacting me (Discord: dark_star_28) to join the RP and to plan things. Of course, before posting, I recommend talking to me about what you want to post, so we can keep a canon and well done RP.

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October 18, 2023

The war was over, and with it hundreds of thousands of lives went with it. As the cities in Azuria and the ones in Anatea near the border were husks of their former selves, reconstruction had begun, with an effort between the Anatean government and the ones of Aurelia. Coming together to cover the scars left from a meaningless war.
On the news, people were talking about Azuria becoming part of Anatea, but the surviving politicians of the conquered republic were against this idea, unless a way was implemented to give freedom and decisions to Azuria inside Anatea.
At Solisea Lucas Fisher, Prime Minister of Anatea, was consulting his delegation on the Azurian matter.

GENERAL RIVI: Sir, despite the war has ended, my men are still being killed by the remnant Azurian army. We need to do something to get our boys back home... and not in a body bag!

ANALIST: And not only that, the Republic of Lyria, or well, what was known as Southern Azuria, wants independence too inside Anatea. They want to be represented...

OLGA LOMBARDI (Minister of Foreign Affairs): We can’t let them represent themselves, this means we have to change our entire political system!

Lucas Fisher was listening and pondering the possibilities, as the various politicians and analysts of his delegation were squabbling on their opinions and what was best for Anatea. As the volume of their voices were rising, Lucas immediately shouted “Enough!”.
The entire room went quiet

LUCAS FISHER: I know the situation is pretty grim, we have waves of war refugees to handle and cities reduced to rubbles, plus some Azurian soldiers not willing to surrender. We are at risk to lose what we worked and fought for for months..

ANALIST: So... what are we gonna do, sir?

LUCAS FISHER: We need to appease them. We need to change this entire system or else we’ll never be able to integrate everything we gained.

OLGA LOMBARDI: Appease them?! Why should we change our entire political system for some bratty-

LUCAS FISHER: It's not for them, it’s for us! Gentlemen, we came out from a war victoriously and still today i want to remind the people in this room that we are still at war with Anglia. How can we defend our country efficiently if we are barely able to hold on what we gained? Plus we need to realize that this conflict has raised the reputation of Anatea wurldwide. We are slowly becoming a regional superpower, and as such we need to take advantage of this situation to strengthen our position on the continent.

The people in the room were silent.

LUCAS FISHER: Finally, after centuries, it has been given to us the possibility to become something better than the isolationist nation that we once were. If we’ll be able to constitute a working union with these nations, we’ll be able to finally find peace within our borders and not become another prey of who-gods-knows. We need this, and as such we need to change, for the better... for us.

Some of the people in the room were confused, others began to nod in acceptance of what was said.

ANALIST: So... what are you suggesting?

LUCAS FISHER: Opening the government. We need to implement a multi-party government with different parties and coalitions. And most importantly, we need to become a Federation.

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𝙏 𝙃 𝙀   𝙈 𝘼 𝙎 𝙏 𝙀 𝙍   𝙋 𝙇 𝘼 𝙉


⌾         ⌾         ⌾

When the war with Azuria ended and Anatea began the occupation of the country, some units of the Azurian Army decided to flee and find shelter in the mountainous regions, with the intent of starting an attrition war with the occupation forces. As such, the Azurian Liberation Legion was formed, and with the little resources they had, they continued striking at Anatean convoys transporting humanitarian aids or weapons for the peacekeeping forces.

The situation was worsening day after day, since the quick attacks from the Azurian rebels were devastating on the underpowered Anatean Army. While the government was spending millions to reconstruct the destroyed infrastructures, tens of Anatean soldiers were getting wounded or killed in the Azurian ambushes, since the government wanted to spend the bare minimum on the army to help recover the economy quickly.

With the situation becoming grim, the Anatean government opted to take in consideration the mobilization of the Pojacki Special Operation Forces offered by President Andrej Petrović. The reasons were many, but the two most important ones were not showing to the wurld that Anatea needed military support, since the mobilization of a small foreign tactical group would be barely noticeable and so good for propaganda reasons, but most importantly it would sacrifice foreign pawns rather than their own.

⌾         ⌾         ⌾

『  𝙽𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚖𝚋𝚎𝚛 𝟷𝟶, 𝟸𝟶𝟸𝟹 - 𝟷𝟶:𝟷𝟾 𝚊𝚖
                                  𝙷𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚠𝚊𝚢 𝙰-𝟷𝟹, 𝙻𝚢𝚛𝚒𝚊𝚗 𝚜𝚒𝚍𝚎 (𝙴𝚡-𝙰𝚣𝚞𝚛𝚒𝚊)  』

As the snow was covering the ground of the mountainous area, an Anatean convoy transporting ammunition for a nearby outpost was passing on the highway between the mountains. Highway A-13 was just a normal highway connecting Anatea to Azuria in the past, but during the war it became the theater of one of the wildest battles on the frontline. Still to that day, craters were visible on the road, and sometimes carcasses of destroyed tanks were decorating the snowy plains next to the long road.

The Anatean convoy was moving with four Bojownik BVPs, three AV-3 Oltrestrada and eight trucks transporting the much-needed ammunition. The gunners of the vehicles were looking at their sides constantly, fearing for an ambush from the rebel forces. Many Anatean soldiers fell in the last month for such attacks, and word of a rebel Azurian force inflicting casualties on them immediately spread between the grunts.

Of course, the worst had to happen.

The shriek of a missile launched pierced the silence, hitting the first Bojownik BVP at the beginning of the column, while a second missile hit the last Bojownik at the end. With so little space to maneuver, the vehicles were trapped by the incoming small arms fire.

spacer.pngANATEAN GROUND UNIT: Goddamnit, they are attacking from the forest! Command, command, this is Rosso 1-1, we have been ambushed. We need support on the highway next to… Heria, over.

spacer.pngANATEAN GHQ
<< Roger Rosso 1-1, QRF coming in 8 minutes, hang in there. >>


As the Anatean soldiers were dismounting from their vehicles or firing with their machine guns, the Azurians were well covered in the forest, numbering around 20 men. The scenery was a spectacle of bullets flying from each side, most of them hitting some Anatean soldiers, taken in the middle of the ambush.

The column not only had Anatean soldiers in there, but @Pojacki soldiers of the Special Operations Forces that, in the middle of the firefight, began to engage the Azurian rebels in support of the Anatean infantry.

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Friday, 10 November 2023 | 10:20 hrs [UTC-4]

FOB Mace was a bit of a sprawling base that had been established well into the shattered remains of Azuria by the Anatean military to serve as the main headquarters for all operations.  It was from FOB Mace that the ill-fated convoy had departed from and it was where the 157-man Task Force SPECTRE had been deployed.  SPECTRE consisted of elements from three, Tier One units within the Pojački Special Operations Force.  They'd deployed at the authority of the President as that was where executive authority for Tier One units laid rather than with the Chancellor, like the rest of the Pojački National Forces (PNF).  There to support the Anateans in this quest to rebuild Azuria, they'd hit the ground running, so to speak.  

          At first, single, four-man squads from GPO went with the convoys, riding in their own AV-3s and then that was doubled to two, four-man squads because the convoys were getting hit so often.  To provided rapid support, they went on to form a fourteen-man QRF that included the remaining four-man assault squad, a six-man reconnaissance squad, a two-man sniper team, and a two-man pararescue team who would tend to any wounded.  The QRF became something of a morale boost to the ground troops who were almost guaranteed to get into a firefight with the enemy.  This morning would be no exception.

          In the tactical operations center (TOC), the voice of Rosso 1-1 echoed painfully throughout the room.  Here we go again, passed through everyone's mind as the Anatean liaison could do nothing more than signal the QRF to jump into action, which was already on stand-by by the helicopter pads.  Rotors were turning moments later as the QRF hoofed up the rear ramp of the Morski Pas helicopter.  In another part of the base, trucks that had been otherwise quiet sprang to life with the same radio call.  By the time the QRF's helicopter was lifting off of the ground, a UAV had been launched and immediately put onto a course to head to the target area.  Whereas the QRF would arrive in eight minutes, the UAV would arrive in eleven.  

              The drone, a IR-21A Vilin Konjic, climbed up to 3,000 meters while the helicopter kept low, skirting over the terrain at high speed, presenting a quick and inopportune target for enemy missile teams, of which one was sure to be hiding with the ambushing forces.

• • • • ‡ ‡ • • • •

Friday, 10 November 2023 | 10:26 hrs [UTC-4]
Azuria, Heria | Highway A-13

On the ground, things had gotten spicy fast.  The ambushers took out two vehicles and caused a significant number of casualties between them, forcing soldiers to tend to the wounded behind the cover of the remaining vehicles.  Stalled on the road, the convoy had ground to a halt and moved into more defensive positions to allow the trucks to be used for cover.  The BVPs had dislodged their men from the moment that the two missiles struck and now were pounding away with their chain guns against the enemy positions, splitting their fire between the far away missile team and the close-in ambushers who'd set up a classic ambush except they had the benefit of having the higher ground, which protected them against the larger rounds of the BVPs and the heavy machine guns.  

          Returning tremendous fire, the Anateans and Pojački commandos were largely aiming to suppress the enemy.  Given their disadvantageous position, they could do little to advance on them without exposing themselves and they had good cover behind their vehicles, which were getting raked with machine gun and RPG fire though none of the RPGs had yet to land home, such was the intense and rapidity of the ground units' fire.  The moment someone popped up to launch an RPG, they were almost immediately suppressed.  

          Radio comms flew over the net as men on the ground called out updates.  With the QRF inbound, they just had to hold out a little while longer though they knew for sure that the QRF's arrival would not be an instant victory.  The QRF would certainly land away from the battle, where they could not be easily picked off by small arms fire and then the troops would have to advance on the area, no simple task when the enemy was firing at you and your helicopter.  Luckily though, they too would have the benefit of terrain as the enemy had set up on only one side of the mountain pass.

          When the beating of the helicopter's rotors finally echoed over the area it came with a sense of relief for the men on the ground but little did they know that the helicopter would be soon ambushed itself.  Coming into the area, the Morski Pas made a quick pass over the landing area and dropped its ramp before coming in for another approach.  Gunners at the ready, the helicopter began its rapid decent when, all of the sudden it broke off, spewing flares from its twin dispensers, banking hard over and zooming out of the area.  The same ground team that had engaged the column had brought a surprise for the helicopter in the form of an anti-aircraft, man-portable missile and the helicopter's warning system had not only picked up its launch but immediately deployed flares while the pilots were free to pour on the power and abort the insertion.  The missile tracked the flare, detonating harmlessly away from the helicopter but, unsure if the enemy had another one, the helicopter quickly spun around and put itself on the other side of the mountain pass where the terrain shielded it from the missile crew.

          Insertion was successful, putting the fourteen men onto the ground in mere seconds while the helicopter peeled off, took up some altitude, and then far off orbit to avoid the missile crew.  The UAV would be directed to identify its location for artillery fires from the nearest FOB but, until then, it was all a matter of staying high, far, and fast.  The QRF would advance on the enemy, aiming to break the ambush and end the firefight.  Time wasn't on anyone's side, especially with the enemy's dug-in, elevated position but that's always how it was.


  • Task Force Spectre (157 men)
    • Eskadrila Specijalnog Zrakoplovstva (ESZ) (62 men)
      • Command Element (6 men)
      • Maintenance Element (24 men)
      • Medium Aviation Company "C" (32 men) [4 × VH-20G Morski Lav]
    • Grupa za Posebne Odgovore (GPO) (90 men)
      • Command Element (21 men)
      • Assault Platoon "F" (16 men)
      • Reconnaissance Platoon "H" (29 men)
      • UAV Platoon (24 men) [10 × IR-21A Vilin Konjic]
    • Grupa za Posebne Zračne Misije (GPZM) (5 men)
      • Pararescue Team "D" (5 men)

• • • † • • •

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⌾         ⌾         ⌾

『  𝙽𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚖𝚋𝚎𝚛 𝟷𝟶, 𝟸𝟶𝟸𝟹 - 𝟷𝟶:𝟸𝟿 𝚊𝚖
                              𝙷𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚠𝚊𝚢 𝙰-𝟷𝟹, 𝙻𝚢𝚛𝚒𝚊𝚗 𝚜𝚒𝚍𝚎 (𝙴𝚡-𝙰𝚣𝚞𝚛𝚒𝚊)  』

As the firefight became too intense, the Anateans and Pojački units on the ground couldn’t do much but take cover behind the vehicles and return fire as much as they could.
Luckily for them, the QRF force they called in was able to land after the Azurian resistance gave them some troubles with what appeared to be the launch of a MANPAD missile.

spacer.pngAnatean Ground Unit: “Alright, reinforcements have arrived! Keep on the pressure!

As the battle kept going, the intensity of fire coming from the enemy side was beginning to subside. Some Anateans were relieved by the approaching end of the battle, but on the other hand the Pojački Special Forces, boasting more experience than the average grunt, knew that the aggressors were leaving the scene.
Warning the Anateans that the enemy was getting away, the Pojački commandos began to throw smoke grenades on the battlefield, to cover their immediate flanking maneuver.

spacer.pngAnatean Ground Unit: “Hold your fire! We are passing through!

The Anatean crews manning the vehicle's MGs immediately stopped firing, as the enemy had stopped to fire from some time too. Passing on the opposite side of the Pojački commandos, the Anateans continued to advance, reaching the snowy forest without too many problems. The enemy had left the scene, but some traces of their rushed retreat were still visible.
It didn’t pass long that somebody from the forest began to fire on the Anatean squad.
In response to the aggression, the soldiers returned fire, trying to suppress the enemy and find cover between the trees, while the Pojački commandos were moving nearby.

spacer.pngAnatean Ground Unit: “Look out, it could just be one of them left as rearguard.

explained the Anatean soldier to the Pojački. Covering the commandos, these ones began to flank the lone shooter between the trees, until other bursts of fire were heard next to the shooter. Then silence.

One of the Pojački commandos immediately came into sight, waving the Anateans and telling them to reach him. The lone shooter was indeed an Azurian rebel, more precisely an ex-soldier, given the fact that the corpse still had the uniform of the now dismissed Azurian Army.

spacer.pngAnatean Ground Unit: “Mphf, probably he either got lost from his unit or he wanted to be brave enough to cover his buddies. At least it’s one ‘zure less to think about.

spacer.pngAnatean Ground Unit: “We should hurry, if we keep going we can catch the others!

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Friday, 10 November 2023 | 10:35 hrs [UTC-4]
Azuria, Heria | Highway A-13

“We should hurry, if we keep going, we can catch the others!”  Was all that Zastavnik Gišić needed to hear.  He stood alone with several of the Anateans who'd moved on the Azurians as they beat their retreat.  

          “No good,” he said, shaking his head.  “No telling if they got another ambush set up there protecting their rear, could just be a ruse.  Overwatch lost them in the trees, that's our cue to get out of here.”  Gišić knew as well as the rest of the men that the Azurians were quite crafty, and they maintained a fair bit of military discipline.  The unit that had been engaging the convoy was, in his estimation, just one of two units, with the other waiting for the Anateans to give chase.  It was likely they had a class L-shaped ambush a few hundred meters ahead, just far enough that they could isolate whoever went chasing after the main group, but close enough that they wouldn't get much ground on them.  It was foolish to proceed, that was for sure.  Now, if the Azurians had captured someone and were making off with them, that would have been a much different story, but there was no reason to risk lives chasing the Azurians.  Instead, he motioned with his hand as he began to walk back to the convoy.  “Have your men conduct SSE around here, you've got five minutes, then we're shoving off, Lazarević, Bojanić, help them out,” the two men nodded.

          What Gišić was saying was simple, search the bodies and look for intel, then hurry it back to the convoy because they were going to leave.  Back at the convoy, the QRF had linked up, though there were still four men on overwatch in an elevated and advantageous position.  Medics were tending to the wounded while the Pojački commandos took stock of the vehicles' conditions.  Those that had been hit at the start of the ambush were gone, nothing more than burning husks of what had once been vehicles.  A fair few of the Anateans had been killed in them and extracting their bodies wasn't going to be an easy task, but that was up to the salvage units, not the men there.  They skimmed them over for anyone who might be alive, but there was no one.  

          Gišić shook his head at the situation.  They needed to get smarted with the ambushes.  He'd once again put in a recommendation that the QRF escort the convoys, that there be persistent ISR, that air support be available, that the convoys would be protected by heavier armored vehicles like tanks.  The Anateans were losing men unnecessarily to these ambush attacks and while the Azurians were almost always outmatched, they still dealt plenty of damage.  

          Minutes later, with the wounded loaded into the vehicles and the more critical casualties loaded into the QRF's chopper, the convoy would be moving out again towards its objective.  For added security, the QRF remained with the convoy, boosting its numbers for the final leg of its journey.  The orbiting UAV would also remain with them until it needed to return to FOB MACE because it was low on fuel.  Unfortunately, the drone only had an endurance of four hours, which was enough for most firefights and ambushes but not ideal for following the convoy for the entire length of its journey.

• • • † • • •
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