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[ADV] Economic Intengrolation

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BZlusWT.pngThe Economic Integration and Reconstruction of the Former Imperial State of Tengrolhan

These series of documents will regard a various set of Post-Shfakien War economic projects, regarding the integration of the Former Imperial State of Tengrolhan and the realisation of the regions economic potential, the repair of the industrial and mining sectors of the Autonomous Socialist Tengrol Republic in the primary south of the country that had seen the vast share of fighting, and the allocation of Armed Forces units in the newly annexed regions for strategic uses or suppression resistance efforts.

This first document will regard the reconstruction of the Autonomous Socialist Tengrol Republic; because this region had seen the bulk of the fighting during the conflict within the Advocatian theatre, it resulted in the primary export of the Autonomous Republic, that being Aluminium, no longer being exported on mass and instead many Bauxite mines were closed, destroyed, captured, or reserved for domestic and military uses. As well as the industrial sector of the Republic.



The Autonomous Socialist Tengrol Republic (ASTR) is an autonomous subdivision within the Socialist Federal Republic of Advocatius; it is structured differently compared to the upper 8 Socialist Republics through a series of colonial decisions through the regions governance. Prior to the Shfakien War, the ASTR was the only subdivision of the country that was predominantly Tengrol in population, with a total population of 3.4 million people, over 80% of which are Tengrol and 1.4 million live in the largest city and capital of the region, Hovd. The ASTR, significantly, was the primary theatre of conflict during the invasion of Advocatius, which has directly damaged local infrastructure and many economic projects underway; this document will detail the actions that the Socialist Federal Republic government in coordination with the Presidential office of the Autonomous Socialist Tengrol Republic will take in order to restore the regions economic potential.

The ASTR has by far the least developed infrastructure out of pre-war Advocatian subdivisions, most major infrastructure links such as rail and highways lead to Hovd's metropolitan area, or some of the sparsely distributed major cities; primarily located near bauxite mines. This was already an issue as many large towns unlike the north are mostly reliant on minor or unpaved roads, whereas the infrastructure links in the north are more easily able to lead through even smaller settlements. The ASTR is a highly mountainous region with a major chain leading through Hovd into the North, with the eastern tip of the Shfakien mountains, the highest in all, other chains leading in from the newly integrated territories of formerly Tengrolhan, and the regions general hilly and mountainous nature. Temporary infrastructure was put in place for military operations within the south which can be used for the local populations; over $100 million Adapton Soldidus' worth of Valorum has been allocated specifically for better road links in the ASTR, which further investment dedicated to transforming the region into the link between Tengrolhan and the North, which gives more reason for infrastructure improvements which should improve quality of life in the ASTR.

Hovd is the largest city and capital of the ASTR, with a population as discussed previously 1.4 million, making it one of the largest cities in Advocatius, sitting on the same river as western Victoires closer to it's source in the Briguul Mountains. The city was historically secondary to the city Ezekhantsaz on the other side of the river further south which was the capital of the Tengrol Empire; after the Empire's collapse it remained under the protection of the Imperial Guard Gravusaa in order to 'preserve the Khaganate'. Ezekhantsaz was closed off and as a result was slow to grow which lead to the settlement further north, Hovd gaining more prominence and growing to a larger settlement. Hovd primarily serves as the economic hub of the ASTR sitting close to a major bauxite mine and a deposit; though Hovd primarily specialises in the manufacturing sector serving as the primary source of most mechanical equipment used in the ASTR as well as New Worthing, it also has the Hovd Design Bureau of the Advocatian Armaments Group which aids in the military industry and especially during the war. The cities value lead to Tengrolhan air units and artillery not directly attacking the city, and because all risks in the region are over the city is able to resume normal activity.

Advocatius is one of the wurlds largest Aluminium exporters and second largest in Aurelia only to the Empire of Great Xio (which is the largest in the wurld), with numerous Bauxite mines almost all concentrated within the ASTR; which makes up  the regions primary economic output in the mining sector, with other ventures such as silver, gold, iron, and copper, but none larger than bauxite. Unfortunately, due to the destruction of the war, two bauxite mines, including the one nearby to Hovd were destroyed, with another that was closed and occupied which thankfully has resumed operational capacity. Fortunately on the other hand, Great Xio's bauxite mines were destroyed during the ongoing Sefesian invasion, and has lead to a glubal aluminium crisis, with two bauxite mines now resuming operational capacity and aluminium reserves being available and not under military control, mass export has occurred which gives the profit necessary to not only rebuild the destroyed/significantly damaged bauxite mines, but also fund other ventures in the integration of Tengrolhan; including exploring further aluminium based ventures.



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