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What is the Rinavan Journal?

The Rinavan Journal (RiJournal, RJ) website is the first and by now the most popular online news media in Rinava with a primary focus on providing foreign and domestic readers an overview of Rinavan affairs within the context of Argic and glubal events.

The non-profit RiJournal Press manages the www.rijournal.com.ri site, created in 2014 by a group of journalists led by Boris Štrgáč and Dávid Hůrka, who remain in charge of it. To give editors financial and journalistic independence from political, economic, or advertising interests, the Journal is financed primarily through subscribers. You can become one of them here!

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Rinava set to renew a trade deal with Garindina ahead of ATARA talks

Dávid Hůrka - Friday, 3 May 2024


The much-awaited renewal of the Garindinan-Rinavan Trade Deal is set to be signed by both nations by the end of the month with "all preliminary talks successfully concluded" as said by the Rinavan Prime Minister, Martin Sidor, after today's meeting with Garindinan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tatyana Kuzmina. Mr. Sidor stated that he will accompany Queen Jelena II to Garindina to sign the finalized agreement.

The original trade deal was signed in 2014 for the duration of 10 years. This signing took place towards the end of the Rinavan isolationist era and was approved thanks to the vital need for Garindinan resources and the ideological closeness of the two governments. The agreement allows the exchange of goods at significantly reduced tariffs, boosting Rinava's export of gold, timber, and luxury goods made from these resources while easing the import of petroleum and heavy industry products from Garindina. The deal also opens Rinavan markets to famous Garindinan buffalo products and alcohol, and at the same time brings Rinavan regional wines and beers to the people of the United Federation. In 2022, Rinava exported goods worth AD$572M and imported AD$7.55B from Garindina alone, making it the Kingdom's largest non-neighboring trading partner.

According to an official source, the renewed deal with Garindina is just a first step in the direction of broader economic cooperation with the rest of Argis. With Garindina being a member of the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association, there are talks about the United Federation acting as a sponsor state for Rinava's own ascension to the organization. This lines up with the government's foreign policy as announced by Minister Peter Dvoran, who promised that "Rinava will seek membership in ATARA and CDANA (Council of the Democratically-aligned nations of Argis), and will strive to present applications by the end of the year 2024" in his February press release.

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