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19th EOS Summit


For peace, prosperity and friendship, the United Republic is delighted to host the 19th edition of the EOS Summit.


Chapter 1: The Proposed Agenda

The Delegation from the United Republic wires the following Agenda to the membership and observers of EOS and CAOS. We're open to hear suggestions of the agenda. The summit is proposed to be held from 22 June 2024, until 6 July 2024.

  • 22 June: Reception and opening ceremony
  • 23–26 June: Session 1
  • 27–30 June: Session 2
  • 1–4 July: Session 3
  • 5 July: Final text and press conference
  • 6 July: Closing ceremony

Session 1: Civil Administration of Oriental States

Session 2: Entente of Oriental States

  • Establishing an Exercise Exclusion Zone around/near territories of Aurelian States
  • State of the individual Armed Forces
  • State of the Entente
  • Conflict Preparedness Assessment
  • Next Generational Warfare & Future Threats
  • Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
  • Space & Cyber Capabilities

Session 3: Military Exercise

Components of Naval Exercise Suckerfish

  • Combined Warfare/Amphibious Assault (Operation Beach Party) — United Republic
    • To take and hold a beach head of a developed nation
    • To assess joint operational abilities
  • Carrier Ops (Operation Seagull) — Potentially @Konalani to United Republic
    • Force Projection
    • Escort and Defence Exercise
    • Naval Aerial Operations
    • Air Traffic Control
  • Submarine Warfare/Escort (Operation Bottom) — Oriental Ocean
    • Protect and defend international supply chains
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Chapter 2: Wayanor

Scene 1: A change of scenery — Saturday, 22 June 2024

Mr Tobiya Wayanor adjusted his tie as he stepped off the plane. The humid air of New Chester City enveloped him in a way that felt foreign and slightly uncomfortable. The dense atmosphere clung to his skin. It was his first time in the United Republic, a nation that seemed as distant in essence as it was geographically from his homeland of Orioni. The 19th EOS Summit was convening here, a notable departure from the traditional venue on Deseti Islands.

“Weird,” Wayanor mumbled under his breath. His gaze lingered on the lively scene around him. “Now that we finally remodelled and upgraded the old HQ, we end up not using it.”

He couldn’t help but feel a twinge of annoyance mixed with curiosity. This new setting of thin and tall skyscrapers stood in contrast to the green and spacious buildings back home. The urban jungle of glass and steel seemed to stretch endlessly into the hazy sky. It was a far cry from the balanced blend of nature and architecture he was used to. The familiar halls that now stood ready yet unused.

As he made his way through the airport past the throngs of other delegates and officials in a sea of suits and briefcases, Wayanor kept running into the same old faces he’d always seen, from the same Europan countries. They looked much more alive here than back on the Entente’s HQ island. Perhaps this change of scenery would do them good? Wayanor’s thoughts turned to the growth of the alliance’s membership. The multiple years now, the Entente was welcoming nations from all along the Oriental Ocean, including some from the underrepresented corners of Aurelia.

“Sure, there were some Orinese in New Vega,” he pondered, “but you didn’t hear much of them.”

He recalled the last national elections back home; most of the Orinese diaspora in the URA hadn’t even bothered to vote, despite being entitled to do so. It was an apathy that Wayanor found quite telling of the broader disconnection between the diaspora and their motherland.

Aurelia itself was somewhat of a mystery to Wayanor. He had rarely visited, and his few impressions didn’t particularly stand out. The continent of Aurelia was often brushed off as a backwater in diplomatic circuits. “And if you heard something about it, it usually wasn’t good now,” he reflected. He remembered the snippets of news that occasionally painted a grim picture of political instability and economic struggles.

Yet, as he stepped out of the airport and into the city, Wayanor felt a surge of resolve. With a deep breath, he straightened his shoulders. This summit could be a bridge to uncharted territories. And as the representative of Orioni, it was his duty to navigate these new waters.

Scene 2: The Civil Administration Agenda – Sanday, 23 June 2024

At the Wurld Forum Centre, seated among the distinguished delegates, Tobiya Wayanor scanned the proposed agenda for the civilian administration with a critical eye. His fingers traced the crisp edges of the document as his thoughts moved through the items, reflecting on his personal opinions, while also considering the official stance of Orioni.

§1 Strategic outlook

The State of the Glube noted how countries on most continents were still licking their wounds from the @Great Anglian War. While the Entente’s security umbrella had largely spared its members, Wayanor certainly could acknowledge the slow recovery elsewhere. His also thought about the geopolitical shifts that had since reshaped alliances and rivalries, notably with the Occidental-Azanian Pact and the ever-suspicious Volscians and Tagmatines (@Tagmatium Rules).

The report on the State of the Civil Administration stated blandly how the organisation was ‘Chugging along’. Wayanor smirked and mumbled: “That’s such an understatement.” The bureaucratic machine trudged forward, but its gears yearned for oil. While the administration was functional, it needed invigoration and direction, something he hoped this summit would address.

§2 Diplomatic outlook

The mention of Potential Friction with Other Organisations made Wayanor slightly tense. A knot formed in his stomach as he recalled how recent unilateral actions by Orioni in Velaheria had sown seeds of distrust among some allies. This was a delicate matter, requiring careful diplomacy to navigate the troubled waters without escalating tensions.

Though the Velaherian Situation was delicate, most countries at the Assembled Nations General Assembly had approved the Orinese actions. And with the Peace Legion about to deploy, Wayanor was convinced that removing the old Velaherian regime had been the right thing to do.

§3 Membership

When it came to the Potential New Members, his gaze lingered on the list of observers, some of which might be eager to step up as full members. “Are there any observers present who’d like to exchange their observer status for the benefits and obligations that come with a full membership?” he pondered aloud. Wayanor was aware of the challenges and strategic implications each new member would bring to the table. For example when @Pecario joined.

Details regarding the Integration of the @United Republic were to be explained later by the host country. Wayanor was keen on seeing how this new integration would unfold, given the strategic importance of the United Republic in regional politics.

Regarding former members, the Expulsion of @Neswetej Per Aten was clear. This point drew a firm nod from Wayanor. “Taking away this country’s observer status was the right call. They were a horrible country which actively undermined everything the alliance stood for.” It was a harsh assessment, but one Wayanor stood by without hesitation.

The Furthering of Democracy within CAOS remained a noble goal, indeed. However, Wayanor wondered about the practical steps. “Good idea, but how?” he scribbled in the margins of his agenda copy. The path to democracy seemed shrouded in fog. There wasn’t really a roadmap for processing politically bankrupt states. The Orinese certainly had tried this in Velaheria, but with mixed responses and some mixed pushback at the Assembled Nations. The concept of spreading democracy was always enthusiastically received. But the implementation was perennially challenging. Perhaps their organisation might take the lead in establishing a framework to do this? A case could certainly be made for testing such a future doctrine in the backwards backwater of Per-Aten.

§4 Programmes

Wayanor noted the recent relaunch of the CAOS Space Program. It marked a new era in space exploration, something Orioni was particularly proud of. The announcement by Director Tim Caray detailed ambitious plans and technological advancements that promised to reclaim a pioneering role in space exploration for CAOS.

The Antargic Progress, marked by the successful deployment of three icebreakers, was a highlight. These vessels were not only resupplying the ISTC organisation but also engaging in explorative missions, despite some encountering issues with the Volsci in the north.

Regarding Health & Disease, the successful activation of Crisis Action & Relief Efforts (CARE) following the earthquake in Mahana earlier this year was proof of the responsiveness of the administration. Wayanor's pen hovered over the page as he contemplated how this point deserved more recognition and support.

§5 Various

The agenda also left room for ad hoc agenda points or suggestions. A selection of the older Europan allies were looking to further integrate and cooperate even more closely. Wayanor was eager to explain these developments, knowing they could significantly influence Orioni’s foreign policy and strategic alignments.

OOC. Scene 2 contains the private thoughts of Tobiya Wayanor on the proposed paper document of the agenda. Meaning we can still have an RP discussion on each agenda item. Would you like to explore all items that are on the agenda, or just a select few?

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Chapter 3: Ceremony & Opening




Not often does a mass of politicians and their entourage flock to a single place, and not often has the United Republic had so much to lose, and yet, so much to gain. But President Palmer did it, he made the Republic just a bit more relevant again, would this be the beginning of a new era in the Republic's history? Or will the next in line extinguish all the hard work Palmer has done so far? In the end, today he had to show to the Entente that the United Republic is here to stay and to influence. As the helicopter landed on the pier, he could see his motorcade waiting, ready to drive to the other side of the island to where the wurld Forum was.

As he deboarded the helicopter, he thanked the pilots saluted the marine guard, and slowly walked towards the limousine, he was greeted by the Republic's representatives to the entente, Colonel Grill and Mrs. Williams. He was also greeted by the Chief of the NCPD and Mayor, who beamed but must be feeling terrified at all the possible things that could go wrong when a bunch of foreign dignitaries and the President flock onto your city. The president shook every hand, and then entered his limousine, a heavy-duty state car on the platform of a truck, an executive office on wheels. He grabbed a bunch of papers from his bag, it included the agendas for the summit, a guide to today's opening ceremony, meticulously designed to both sell the Republic's martial prowess and cultural richness, and his opening speech.

Palmer knew that holding the summit in the United Republic may have stepped on some toes over in Deseti, but he felt that the Entente could use a change of scenery - and perspective. Philosophies of how government should work may greatly differ from the Europans, but bringing the Entente closer to its member states is never wrong - and who wouldn't pass up on an opportunity to try and bolster up some tourism with some good old-fashioned public diplomacy? Palmer's special agent in charge entered the limousine and gave the all-clear, within a manner of minutes, Palmer must deliver as the motorcade jolted into action and moved towards the wurld Forum Center.

Immediately out of the gates of the pier, reserved for the Federal Government, a bunch of protesters gathered, holding up signs against Palmers' move to join a military defense alliance, he could hear the well-known phrases of 'Peace, not war' and 'Make love, don't fight' galm within the limousine. Palmer glanced over the agendas he and the representatives to the entente made and went over the notes he had

  • Membership and Organizational Relations
    • Potential new members
      • Palmer felt that it may be time to talk about turning some observers into full-fledged members to bolster the entente, perhaps without stepping on the toes of others.
    • Potential friction with other organizations
      • Palmer noted that other organizations may see the recent expansion of the Entente as a threat, lord knows that the Aurelian League especially feels like this was an act of aggression, ironic because if they didn't ghost the President, we'd have a different discussion, perhaps a different summit. Still in the back of his mind, he hoped to grow some closer cooperation with the other Aurelian nations regardless.
    • Integration of the United Republic
      • Well, we're now a member of the Entente and the Civil Administration, now it's time to see where laws need to be harmonized, how our forces need to be integrated with the command structure, and any other tidbit that Palmer hasn't thought off just yet
    • The Expulsion of Neswetej Per Aten
      • Palmer found that the behavior from the Per Aten was at best diplomatically childish, at worst disruptive. The very fact that a problematic state was an observer to the Entente is however something that worried Palmer. Values mean nothing if those who use human rights as a paperweight continue to associate with the Entente. Future expulsions like these need to be prevented, and we need to establish a common set of values to which a member-state should adhere, or so Palmer thought.
  • Governance and Administration
    • State of the Civil Administration
      • Palmer thought that adding this point to the agenda may open up member states to talk about how they feel about CAOS, where they think it should head, how to get there, and if that vision aligns with other members, and in general, is where CAOS is at now satisfactory in the first place? Palmer also feels like changing things up - like holding a summit somewhere other than deseti island, and having heads of state or governments be more present and visible, maybe prune to bring the Entente and Civil Administration closer to the people.
    • Furthering Democracy within CAOS
      • Palmer feels that CAOS lacks certain elements that should be present in an organization that influences its member states. Palmer hopes to start talks about furthering democracy and establishing democratic instruments within the organization, for example, electing a president, and ensuring that there's some oversight or final say by the elected leadership of the various nations in some sort of council. it's a lot of fragmented ideas, but Palmer hopes that those present at the summit may have ideas of their own, but it's possible that they interpreted this agenda point differently.
  • Science, Health, and Space
    • Space Program Agenda
      • While he wasn't able to revitalize the Republic's space program just yet, Palmer hopes to have the United Republic play a major role within the Space Program of CAOS. The amount of economic opportunities just waiting to be exploited should drive the Entente to invest a bit more, even if that's under the guise of solely scientific progress.
    • Health/Disease
      • Perhaps Palmer should've added food and drug safety standards as well. Now that the Entente covers multiple continents, one mishap could lead to disaster, and warding off potential pandemics is a vital goal. Is the Civil Administration capable of ensuring clear cooperation between the various health agencies and departments of its member states? What about vaccine development and distribution? What about food safety, and so many more questions?
    • The Antargic Progress
      • As the closest nation to the Antargic, and as a nation eyeballing some territorial ambitions in this region, it may not be the worst thing to understand the Entente's business in the Antargic, and perhaps a role is laid out for the United Republic too.
    • Other Civil & Scientific agencies or programs
      • Perhaps other members have ideas on establishing other agencies to CAOS, or programs, to better enhance the cooperation of everyone involved, or to aid in harmonization and integration, or to further advance goals of the entente. This is an open agenda point, Palmer thought, anything could come from it.
  • Geopolitical & Crisis Management
    • The Velaherian Situation
      • Palmer was conflicted on this trick the Orinese pulled, on the one hand, dismantling a horrible regime that caused so many problems isn't the worst thing that could be done, but was it solely the responsibility of the Orioni Empire to do so? Couldn't they have pushed Argic nations to act instead? The action by the Orioni Empire reflected to the Entente, giving pariahs like Per Aten ample of ammunition to use against the Entente while leaving a bitter taste in the mouth of those who may have been apathetic or even neutral to the Entente first. Palmer thought that the Entente should condemn the actions of the Orioni Empire, even if it would be on the grounds of the Orinese lacking the decency to inform it's allies within the Entente, which if they did, may have prevented the situation in the first place from even happening.
    • Crisis Action & Relief Efforts
      • A simple point, what is the state of this within the Entente, and what can be improved.
  • General points
    • State of the glube
      • The wurld has seen much violence and instability, the actions in Velaheria didn't improve that, and there may be other actors rearing to play on the glubal stage. The state of the wurld is something that the Entente should be prepared for, whether that's economically, socially, or militarily. It's worth to have a discussion, it's a moment to share information behind closed doors too.
    • Ad hoc agenda points or suggestions
      • Palmer found that having others add to the agenda during his cabinet meetings were pivotal in good governance, why not apply that to the summit? surely, other delegations may have needs that they have to discuss at the summit aswell?


As Palmer finished looking over his notes, the motorcade stopped. Police escort is a nice bonus to have as president, normally it'd take half an hour to cross the city on a good day, now it took him half that time. outside of the wurld Forum Center, he saw the Army's Herald Trumpets, who sprung into action and played the presidential procession. As Palmer stepped out of his limousine, he heard the crowd's applause, he waved and walked the carpet, surrounded by protection. Colonel Grill and Mrs. Williams joined him, as they entered the hall of the wurld Forum Center. Here he began to mingle with the foreign dignitaries for a small reception before everyone headed towards the meeting hall, which was large and set up for the main summit, a central back wall showed an intricate design depicting the map of the entire wurld, the galleries were littered with the assembled glubal press, and busy attendants were making some final finishing touches, like testing the audio equipment and the interpreter system, somewhere in the building was a battery of interpreters translating the summit in real-time to the various delegations. It was a masterful display of organized chaos and months of planning falling into place. Palmer made his way to the lectern, where he'd soon hold his speech to the entire entente, setting the tone for the rest of the summit, as well as positioning the United Republic as either a productive, stable, and more importantly, soon-to-be keystone member, or a complete outsider. Palmer took his seat, as slowly the lights dimmed for the opening ceremony of the summit, a mixture of "Sell the United Republic to potential trade partners" and "Welcome our guests with honor"


Opening Ceremony

The lights further dimmed, and so did the sound, some whispers could still be heard here and there, from a distance the stomping feet of a marching band were heard

Act 1


The central door opened, and men and women in red coats and Anglian-style hats from revolutionary times, were marching on the beat of the Anglee Doodle, a well-known marching tune from the Revolutionary wars. One of the members of the corps held an old, tattered flag of the United Republic, the marching band was flanked by musketeers, and followed by two men pulling old revolutionary war cannons. the band massed in front of the lectern and stood at attention, as the leader yelled some commands. on some screens, the words Entente Summit 2024, and Welcome to the United Republic, were shown, with a slow-waving United Republic flag shown on other screens. then the text changed to read "Our Armed Forces presents: Through the Ages". at the sides of the hall, large double doors opened, at the same time another band joined the already existing band on the stage and began to play the Hymn, during that time, Soldiers from different regiments, and some small equipment, passed through the hall, while on screen, both the river and skies were shown, showcasing the military of the United Republic and her growing might.

First marching were soldiers wearing revolutionary war attire, some were on a horse, some holding muskets, and some carrying a bright yellow flag depicting an eagle attacking a lion and the text "for liberty, against tyranny", on a screen, an old sailing ship sailed on by, with sailors in white saluting to the camera on its deck, while a few cannons were shot. On the stage, a man begins to speak "Before you, you will see our military history and pride, albeit condensed. Here behind me plays the Army Field Band and Fifes and Drums Corps. Now marching in, are units depicting the Revolutionary Army, who had not much but the equipment their tyrants did not use. Our earliest marines managed to hijack the pride of the Anglian navy in this part of the wurld during the time, the USS Liberty, may she sail for another hundred years. Our ragtag revolutionaries defined and set the standards of the Army, Marines, the Navy, and in the far future, the Air Force. Our Republic is uniquely in debt to its soldiers, the bond between the President and its military is also unique, for its first commander-in-chief was also our first duly elected president, Mbamba Grant. The Armed Forces handle, like today, besides the defense of this great republic, many civil and ceremonial duties. Next up we will see our military as it was during the Second Aurelian War, where soldiers stormed the beaches of Kitaia, the Mitonese Empire, to repel and defeat another tyrant, triumphantly. In front, a humvee carries our surviving veterans of that war, we are forever honored. Right outside, old propellor planes, bombers, and transport planes shall wave, while some ships, like the USS New Chester, our oldest surviving battleship, now a museum and ceremonial piece that's still seaworthy, also came out to say hello." The battleship too fired its canons as a salute. Inside, the humvee in front carried some flags, followed by small light tanks, and soldiers wearing the battle dress of the 1940s. "Next up, our forces as it is today, behold our modern planes, fast and dangerous, from our gunships that support our soldiers on the ground, to our pride of the skies, a supersonic jet. Not only that, our logistical capability makes us unique, we can transport anything anywhere, land, sea, and air, behold our largest transport plane, the C-42 Centauri. Out in the river, we see some of our newest naval destroyers, a helicopter carrier, and some other ships" The parade of soldiers through the meeting hall was closing to an end "We hope that you've got a good glimpse at our military pride. We welcome you with open arms in our great republic and this great city, and hope that you will have a good time" the narrator concluded. The fife and drum band from earlier got ready to leave the chamber, the leader of the band yelled FREEDOM, SLOW MARCH, and began to play the Battle Cry. The stage was prepped for some other musical performances, as guitars, keyboards, and a drum set were moved in place, and other service members joined the stage. 

Act 2


A woman appeared on stage and began to talk "Ladies and Gentlemen, In this second act, I want to share with you the values and cultural tapestry of our Republic, in the hopes that you may better understand us. The United Republic has a rich tapestry of culture, being a nation of immigrants and many cultures since before the revolution, our musical history is grand, today we, the bands of the United Republic Armed Forces, hope to showcase some of our music today, perhaps some songs sound familiar to you. Now it is my honour to introduce to you the Sea Quartet, an assembly of the United Republic Navy Band, today they will perform for you a medley of Lotown hits from the 60s, dominated by descendants of the Wajokan colonists of Taborra, the music defined the era, and united the republic through a common love and admiration for the musical arts, on screen, you shall also see fighters for a better future, those who wrote and implemented updated civil rights for every citizen of the United Republic, regardless of their creed, sex, or the color of their skin." As the Sea Quartet began their medley, on-screen images of civil rights marches, their leaders, and so on, were shown. The first image was that of a woman's march, followed by a march of Immigrant Aurelians, and finally, a march for LGBTQ+ Rights

"And now, a tribute to the King of Lotown Leon Santana" The Sea Quartet sang the iconic Santana song and the announcer returned afterward "The United Republic is the birthplace of Rock, and we're proud to have delivered such an instrumental piece to the glubal musical heritage, here's the Army's very own rock band, the Bulls, playing their rendition of two of Santana's greatest hits, and some other songs" The Sea Quartet left the stage, and a rockband wearing battle dress uniforms joined the stage, after a count they started to play Take it Slow, "One of our darkest days in history was in the 80s, when Anglian white nationalists attacked the United Republic, in the hopes of bringing it down to it's knees. From attacks in this very own city to the capital. Despite their efforts, they failed, and in danger and terror, heroes in the flesh rise to the occasion. Our first responders are just as important to the fabric of our society as our armed forces, the city coined the following song as its unofficial revenge anthem, in honor of our first responders, and our anger at those who shed blood on our streets, I present to you, The Chesters and their song: Who?" A group of older men joined the stage, and the lighting changed to that more of a concert, the delegation of the United Republic visibly began the make some rhythmic movements to the beat of the song that the men were performing.

As the final notes played, the woman appeared back on the stage "Family is the single most important thing to any individual, some may say that we as an organization may be a family of our own as well. Our men and women, wherever they may serve, take great risks to defend the homefront, and the liberties they so hold dear, their families live with the reality that there's a chance that this one tour of duty could be the last one. The next song is in honor of our loved ones, those alive and those we lost." The army band was back and begun to play Under the Sun, and on the screens, portraits were shown of those who had fallen, as well as family pictures.

"While we may have reached the end of this section of the program, I would like to leave you all with a patriotic song about the natural beauty of the United Republic, performed by the United Republic Marine Band". As quick as the announcer was done, the marine band appartitioned on stage, and began to play Aurelia, the Beautiful. as the song played, beautiful images and videos from some of the Republics natural wonders showed, including the Red Canyon, Blue Island and it's little blue penguins, the Angles of Amarillo, Mount President, the Hallowed Forests, Joseland Park, Halelujah Tree Park, and the National Mall.

Act 3

As the stage was now clear, except for a single man who also narrated during the first part, at the back of the hall (as seen from the lectern) all the doors opened, and a new marching band marched in, playing a military patriotic tune "Ladies and Gentlemen, the flags of the Union Flags of the States of the United Republic, followed by the national flags and military standards of every member state, followed by the flag and military standards of the United Republic. If you see your flag, be it of your nation or your military service, in honor of those, stand."

One by one, the flags of the various states of the United Republic entered the hall, 25. One by one on the upper public gallery, a flag of each state unfurled, then the marching band played another song, as flags of the member states of the Entente, and each of it's military branches, entered the hall, ordered by the time they joined the Entente, one by one flags of the member states also unfurled on the galleries, and as national flags showed, delegations of the member states stood up, as they recognized that those carrying their flags were not soldiers of the United Republic, but from the member states themselves, showing that this summit is one of unity of the entente. As the marching of the national flags began to reach its end, the national flags were inserted in flag holders lining the border between the lectern and the greater floor of the hall. The band once more changed the song, and as the first note hit, the delegation of the United Republic stood up, including the President. United Republic Soldiers who were standing guard then assumed a salute position, as the first notes indicated the playing of the National Anthem of the United Republic. The Flag of the United Republic, and the flags of its service branches, now entered the hall again, and over the gallery, the flag of the United Republic was also unfurled. In the middle of the lectern was an empty stand, two flags of the United Republic and the flags of its service branches were inserted, indicating the act of the United Republic joining the Entente. The soldiers saluted the flag and saluted the president. then, every soldier in the hall faced the rest of the room and saluted once more, before the marching band began to play the last song,  and led the flag bearers outside.


Opening Speech

As the sound of the marching band slowly left the hall, and the final mass of flag bearers exited, the hall's normal lighting turned back on. President Palmer took a breath as attendants readied the lectern for his speech to the Entente. Members of his Delegation also joined the 'pit' and sat opposing the lectern. A stenographer also took her seat. Palmer stood up and moved to the lectern, all eyes on him. he took one last breath

"First of all, that was a good performance, wasn't it?" Palmer jokingly said "I'd like to thank the directors of the marine, navy, and army bands, Lieutenant Pedesta, Captain Smiths, and Colonel Deloise respectively for putting together a show for us all, and in general I'm very thankful for the men and women that serve this nation, and your nations, for being here today" Palmer continued. "Anyway, your excellencies, to all the delegations present here, I'd like to welcome you with a warm heart to the United Republic, I hope your flight has been good, and that the change of scenery inspires you." he said "It must've been a bit odd, for a new member to the entente to plan a summit, and to even say 'dare, we'll host it too'. I know, I know, there's a perfectly fine building on Deseti Island, but, we here in the United Republic do like to do things differently, see, when I see a summit, I see an opportunity to bring politicians, stakeholders, and more importantly, the people, together. See, an organization is only as legitimate as much as it, proverbially, shows its face to the people who elect those who decide to stick around. and to keep major decisions away from the eyes of scrutiny alienates us from our people. Not only that, it gives us a chance to connect, to showcase who we are, and what would be at stake if we don't work together, basically, we're putting a face to the member state and its people. I can only hope that the next summit will continue this tradition, to bring us all closer together, to drench ourselves in each other's cultures, and to be closer to our constituents. Then, deseti island can remain the main place where we do day-to-day business. It's also my hope that in the future, perhaps, those of us who are elected by our nations, show up and talk, while I have faith in our representatives to this organization, a summit is a high-level gathering, to that end, and when we come to it, we do have some proposals to somewhat steer this entente into a new, revigorated direction that I am sure will benefit everyone." Palmer enthusiastically said.

"The need of the Entente will forever be needed, though. Over the past years, our wurld has seen the horrors of war once again, and entire continents have been destabilized you're on one of those continents right now, and back in Europa, the people hold their breaths as the final battle is about to be waged against the Anglians. One can only hope that those in charge are wise, and know when to surrender before even more blood is shed. It's a terrible reality of our human nature, but I choose to believe that humanity can do better, and that diplomacy is the ultimate tool at our disposal to achieve that. While some nations may bark at us, and show some teeth, our combined strength is a deterrence for many to refrain themselves from taking action that can't be reversed. It is perhaps that what has ultimately shielded us from the reality of the wurld the most. But, we can not look away, we must not look away, and where we can, we should help, to alleviate the burdens of the people who just wish to live, to find love, and raise a family, or to create something awe-inspiring or beneficial to all of humanity, or as we say, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, values that the Republic I represent and serve is built on, the values that we all align with in this Entente." Palmer took a sip of water before continuing

"See, throughout our history, we have fought tyranny. From our revolution against a tyrant king who sought to oppress many people who settled these lands or already called it their home, to those from Mito that wished to do the same, to even recently, white supremacy and misplaced irridentism from Anglian oligarchs. The United Republic has faced these threats head-on. But the cost of heading these threats is that innocent souls were lost, abroad and here at home. On my way, pacifists once again reminded me that the ultimate goal is peace, I hope, that at some point, we as humanity can see the light, and live in peace so that we can pursue dreams of space and a post-scarcity society." Palmer passionately told

"I hope that we can make strides towards that today, for those who will live tomorrow." he ended.

There was some applause as Palmer finished his speech. "Thank you, thank you. And with that, I declare the summit to have officially been opened and begun, tomorrow we shall tackle the first items on our agenda for the Civil Administration, titled: Membership and Organizational Relations. For now, there's a banquet upstairs. Thank you, and once again, welcome to the United Republic"



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