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The Matriarchy of Callistois (APPLICATION)

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Nation on Eurth: Matriarchy of Callistois

National Flag:

Capital Name: Mentha

Capital Location: somewhere near Kelija

Starter Stats:  

  • Population ( low | 0 pts) 
  • GDP per capita ( Above Average | 3pts) 
  • Land area ( Below Average | 1 pts) 

Culture: A mix of Russian and Cantonese

Climate & Geography: Temperate Steppe(atm)


1901, in the heart of Aephivell's darkness, where corruption festered and despair flourished, a sinister rumor cast a pall over the land. The king, Heward Baruau, in his greed and malice, fabricated tales of a witch in the east, demanding the sacrifice of young lives. With this deceitful guise, he orchestrated the abduction of orphans aged 12 to 18, falsely promising their safety from the witch's clutches. Yet, the truth behind this charade was far more harrowing. These innocent souls became prey in the king's twisted game, hunted for sport by his courtiers under the guise of the witch's supposed demand.

Amidst this turmoil, Arl Gaultier Granger, the younger sister of a gifted swordsman, a smart herbalist, and a humble and skilled hunter, found herself ensnared in the king's web of lies. Drawing upon the skills she had honed under her siblings' tutelage, Arl's escape from the king's game proved more successful than others'. Her prowess with a blade, knowledge of herbs, and keen survival instincts set her apart, allowing her to evade capture and seek refuge in the secluded cottage of Celeste Xavior, the very witch vilified by the king's deceit. It was here, amidst the ancient trees and whispered secrets, that Arl and Celeste's paths intertwined. With Arl's passion ignited by the injustice she had witnessed and Celeste's wisdom tempered by years of solitude, they forged an unbreakable bond—a union of hearts that would fuel the fires of revolution.

With the dawn of Arl's nineteenth year came a fervor that could not be quelled. Fueled by the discovery of truth and the burning desire for justice, she led the charge against the tyrannical regime of Aephivell. Guided by Celeste's magic and bolstered by the unwavering resolve of their people, they embarked on the Requiem of Shadows—a symphony of defiance against oppression. In the final crescendo, justice prevailed, and the corrupt monarchy crumbled before the united might of the oppressed. From the ashes of tyranny rose the Matriarchy of Callistois, a testament to the courage and resilience of its founders, 

Front Desk: 


Vision Statement:


Desired Location: at the cost between Espalia & Kelija

Other Critical Information: i want the sus sea pls XD (in future)

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Hello and congratulations on passing the academy! Now let's get you on the map.

Regarding your mix of cultures, I would expect you to be somewhere in northern Alharu (as you have already guessed for your desired location). A temperate steppe climate is certainly possible, especially deeper into the continent. However the only issue is explaining how Russians from Garindina and Ahrana ended up all the way down at the Alharun Great Lakes. That is something you'd need to explain (possible early slave trade?) and discuss with @Ahrana / @Fulgistan / @Garindina.

For the first 2 proposals I'll assume you have a solution to this as your desired location already works for 90% of what you've written. If this can't be reconsiled, you'll have to pick between the other alternative location proposals your country could go that would better explain the mixture. In either case, with 1 point in land area your country can be between 50,000km^2 and 250,000km^2 in size.

1. Desired Location
With a land area of approximately 192,100km^2 your country would actually be around three quarters temperate broadleaf forests with your south-western border on the fringes of a temperate steppe. You'd be somewhat isolated, with no direct borders with any members, but you won't be alone as you're next to Kacheru and within the same water body system is Baltica and Kacheru's Kelija.

2. Desired Location + Landlocked bonus
Countries that are landlocked can request something called a 'landlocked bonus' where they can have an extra point added to their land area (meaning 5 points in total). This extra point can't be used for other things like economy or population though. With the additional landlocked bonus your land area would be around 330,600km^2. Your country would be split 50/50 between broadleaf forests to the north-east and temperate steppe to your south-west.

3. Keelpijp Colony
If the issue of Russians somehow being in the interior of Alharu isn't or can't be explained, there is the possibility that Callistois could have been an ex-colony of Garindina or Alharu (or Dniester, as they were bigger historically), found along the Keelpijp like Variota. Still a significantly sized country (~235,700km^2) though with no access to the landlocked bonus.  Your country would be about half Mediterranean (in the east) and half broadleaf forests (in the west) all very dry and prone to forest fires.

4. Qingming Colony
Funny colonial borders! With a land area of ~239,400km^2 you'd still have to be an ex-colony of one of our !Russian nations though now with borders only explainable by colonial management. Here your country is almost entirely broadleaf forests though along your border with Fulgistan the climate would be wetter similar to central China. Likewise the land north of the river near Variota would be drier like the Mediterranean. Your country's borders would be primarily defined by climate more then topography.

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i'd like to change the location into at the cost between Espalia & Kelija then i will later expand the land to fit the history with historical expansions later on

wiki for history ref https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Callistois

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I can do something like this (with an area of ~230,900km^2):

@Espalia + @Baltica + @Kacheru's permission would be needed for location. (Note due to Espalia's inactivity, if everyone else consents and Espalia does not respond, consent will be implied).
You said you poked @Garindina for lore stuff, so his permission would also be needed.

They will have until the 1st of June to respond with consent/consent with conditions/denial otherwise consent will be assumed.

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I would like to also be included on any pulls from the slavic culture as garindina borrows from me in that regard in some ways.

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Slavic influences are interesting. It means there will maybe have to be some investigation about what the landscape of NW Alharu looks like. I'm sure we can work on it collaboratively. If you have intentions to expand greatly to the Southeast of your borders, please notify me well in advance so we can discuss. Otherwise, I appreciate having a new neighbor! Looks good to me.

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