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Castles in Europa & elsewhere

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Grrrrrrrrrrrrr...., Koku. Many good 'uns in England


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Farleigh Hungerford Castle, many a times have I been there

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Carlisle Castle, been there

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Crofe Castle, been there as well

Admittedly they are mainly ruins, but thats what happens when you stand up to the Parliamentary armies in the English Civil War (1642-48)

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Well, there are a lot of great castles in Germany, but I'll show you just these. Not so spectacular, but I have my reasons:


This is a rather small one and it's not in its best shape. But it's in my home town and I can look at it every day and go to it whenever I want.


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"Wachtenburg" or "Geiersburg" in Wachenheim an der Weinstrasse, south-west Germany


This is a bigger castle, but more ruins than castle. It's one town in the north.


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The ruins of the "Hardenburg" in Bad Duerkheim-Hardenburg, south-west Germany


This is a really big castle where I once visited a medieval market. Very cool (something for D&D-players).


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The "Ronneburg", central Germany

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this one is near Neuchwanstien, think it's dad's (King Ludwig's father)... nice too..


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this one should be very strong... undestructable!!...Portugal..


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Elegant...and romantic....hmm.. tranquility....


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How about great one in Kent...England.... hmm.. think of all the battles...


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Another huge japanese castle...


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Then, Burmese style.... too bad! tropical climate ruin lots of good historical sites around here...


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my favorite one...cosy and well design... been there wink.gif Chateau de Chillon, Swiss.


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Scotland has many cool castles too... I believe while Lord of the ring were pictured at Newzealand....Harry Potters were made here, in Scotland..


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There is no castle here... but I would trade any castle (if have one) for a small house in this place....how nice...


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... so much for the castles..... salute.gif




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The Grand Palace, Thailand... wha.. I tried to fix the 1st big pic by putting "th" after "Grand_Palace2.th.jpg" but couldn't show pic... sorry for biggy.. sad.gif


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user posted imageuser posted image

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This is the pic I have been looking for. I need it for a project.

wink.gif Good to be of some help tongue.gif

Must be real busy.. dry.gif

Find time...people here miss you. pinkelephant23.gif

PS. I watched news on Cannes Film festival and the Belgian MC is cool!

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