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Tapatepetli Observatory Complex ◈ Request for International Partners and Funding

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TO: All Diplomatic Contacts
FROM: Kalan Canche, Minister of Foreign Affairs

IN ACCORDANCE with the wishes of K’inich Itzamna IX, the Kingdom of Itza, as part of its shared commitment to furthering human understanding of the cosmos, and in partnership with the National University of Itza Institute for Space Studies, is issuing an open call for international partners to help fund the construction of a major space observatory complex in the remote eastern region of the country.

At 2600 meters above sea level on the Kayochtal Plateau, the proposed location of the Tapatepetli Observatory Complex (TOC) is uniquely suited for astronomical observation due to the altitude, proximity to the equator, remote location, dry climate, and clear skies for most of the year. The plan calls for the construction of the Extreme Deep Space Telescope (EDST) which when completed would be the wurld’s largest optical/near-infrared extremely large telescope. Also planned are the construction of four Deep Space Telescopes (DST), with space allocated for future expansion in the complex.

The Tapatepetli Observatory Complex is expected to cost $1.9 billion over seven years of construction. While all research will be mandated to be published in open access journals, international funding partners will have guaranteed observing time and priority access to the observatory’s facilities and discoveries.

Benefits of a partnership include but are not limited to:

  • Advancing humanity’s understanding of the cosmos
  • Promoting cross-border cooperation in science and technology
  • Creating educational opportunities for students and researchers
  • Inspiring future generations with our shared quest for knowledge

Our planning committee can provide additional details on the project specifications and partnership opportunities.

Yours In His Service,

Kalan Canche
Minister of Foreign Affairs / Ah Meyajil Xanamatok'
Kingdom of Itza / Kaan Itza


Initial Concept/Rendering of the Project


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To: Kalan Canche, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Itza

From: Aleksandra Tomarová, Minister of Education and Science, Kingdom of Rinava


Esteemed Minister Kalan Canche,

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Kingdom of Rinava, as well as members of the Rinavan scientific community, wish to commend K’inich Itzamna IX and the National University of Itza Institute for Space Studies on the undertaking of such a project as is the founding of the Tapatepetli Observatory Complex. We are pleased by your commitment to fostering positive cooperation among the glubal scientific community and furthering humanity’s knowledge of the cosmos.

Astronomy has a long tradition in the Kingdom of Rinava dating back to the 16th century and the founding of the University of Kalava. The University’s Kelemen’s Astronomical Institute is very active in many fields of this science, such as solar and stellar physics, and the study of planetary systems and exoplanets.

In accordance with our shared commitment to the advancement of the fields of astronomy and astrophysics, the Kelemen’s Astronomical Institute in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science would like to contribute to the funding of the Tapatepetli Observatory Complex with up to 5% of the total budget (AD$ 95 000 000). Furthermore, the Institute would like to donate several back-end components including the optical-digital transmission system. The Kelemen’s Astronomical Institute would also like to propose further collaboration and student and researcher exchange programs with the Institute for Space Studies of the National University of Itza.

We hope that this agreement will be the beginning of a fruitful cooperation between our nations and scientific institutes.

Best regards,


Aleksandra Tomarová,

Minister of Education and Science of the Kingdom of Rinava

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To: Kalan Canche, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of @Itza

From: the Holy Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of the Aromans


Your excellency,

It is rare that the nations of Eurth make such a selfless call for cooperation, especially on an endeavour that can only bring us forward as a species. Often, international projects are more limited in scope to eurthly projects and they rarely look towards the stars. That his majesty, Itzamna IX, has the foresight and wisdom shows that his majesty has a high regard for learning. This is doubly proved by the fact that the knowledge gained from this venture will be provided free for all mankind. Other nations and peoples with much less learned goals might have been keen to keep any such knowledge gained for themselves, or at least made it available for a fee.

Aromania, as well as the civilisations in the Occident that preceded our holy nation, have a long history of the observation of the stars. Admittedly, in the past, this was often more linked with astrology than astronomy, but as euman knowledge has advanced, Aromania has always kept its place at the forefront. It is helped by the fact that the Greater Holy Empire has numerous wurld-renowned academic institutions within its borders. Many of these, such as the Patriarchal School – one of the wurld leaders in astronomy, mathematics and computer science – requested that the Holy Imperial Government approached the Kingdom of Itza when your excellency outlined the Tapatepetli Observatory Complex (TOC) and the aims of the project.

To help make this observatory a reality, to help bring the knowledge of the stars to all eumans, I have been requested by his Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, Holy Emperor of the Aromans to offer the following:

  • A contribution of A$285,000,000 towards the construction of the TOC – 15% of the construction cost of the project.
  • A contribution towards the operating costs and upkeep of the project for as long it runs. This will be 20% of the annual costs of maintaining and operating the TOC, including staff salaries.
  • Any expertise that might be provided by the Holy Imperial Government or Aroman academic institutions during the construction of the TOC will be paid for by the Aroman government.

As well as the above, it is proposed that student exchange programmes might be set up between any universities within the Kingdom of Itza and those within Aromania. This will help the spread of knowledge and information across the wurld and may go some way towards lessening the divisions that exist between continents, nations and peoples.

The completion of the TOC will be a bold step towards the future of eumanity. The Aroman people will be proud that they have helped all peoples and nations towards this future, especially one that is so willingly shared.

Made God grant us success in this shared journey to improving our knowledge of His universe.

Manouel Aristarkhos,

Grand Minister

of the

Ministry for Education

of the

Greater Holy Empire of the Aromans

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