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Schennmünder Zeitung - Schennland's News, since 1920

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The Schennmünder Zeitung is Schennland's largest new outlet, founded in 1920; it was one of the few private news outlets to survive the dictatorships of the twentieth century. It takes its name from the Schennmünde district of Harburg, where it was founded. It offers reporting on domestic topics as well as international interests.

Falling on harder times since the dawn of the internet and the decline of physical newspaper sales, the publication — once a bastion of conservatism — has become infamous in recent years for increasing salacious reporting and muckraking. Rumors abound that, in the run-up to this year's presidential election, there is an ongoing investigation into underhanded dealings by State-President Gustav Hannemann. The damage such a report would do to Hannemann and the NKP's electoral chances remains to be seen.

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Schennmünder Zeitung. Schennlands Nachrichten, seit 1920.

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