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[ARP] Turmoil in the Illinoisan Confederacy I

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 Kanonhsésne, Inoka

Tsuen Tel could be found sitting in the Council of Kanonhsésne Chamber room, eavesdropping on a Nearby conversation.

"This is Outrageous!" Proclaimed Hosa Tel "140 years of Cooperation, down the drain! There is no way the DNR can manage to contain a conflict of THIS scale." He adds, staring out of the window, looking at the peaceful stream. Sitting at the Chamber room table were three prominent leaders of territories within the confederation. Amitola Hileni, coughs before she Speaks. "Yeah, if the DNR were to even attempt to raise Rangers to deal with this, you might as well just raise an army." Hosa snorts Apon hearing this. "Well, we are not out of the game yet. We still can deal with this... Hopefully..." He thinks for a long while, before saying "If we focus on stifling the Checagou Republic, with the forces we have available, we might be able to bring this conflict to a halt, at least. I believe once, IF, the Checagou Republic is unable to continue the conflict, they might stop funding for raiding Kanien'kehá:ka." He turns and looks to Amitola, before saying "This will then allow us to help in the defense of Mt. Carmel." She looks away and sighs, clearly understanding this is all that can be done. She, and the other prominent Sachems stand, and exit the room.


When they are finished shuffling out of the Chamber room, Hosa looks to his son, Tsuen. Who was no longer just sitting, bored, but is now coming towards his father, getting ready to ask his daily allotted, million questions. Hosa chuckles as he anticipates the, becoming, daily ritual.

 "Dad! Why do they make you come here so often?" The son asks.

"Well, because there are problems to deal with." He answers. 

"What are the problems?" The son asks. 

"Well, there are some people who want other people's things, but because their demands were already met, they might think, they can just start taking things when they want." He answers.

 "So.... Why can they do that?" The son asks.

The Father stands there for a while, not wanting to face the truth that essentially Illinois is a failed State. "Well.... This State is really not a State, it is more of a loose group of City States. When the "State" was formed there were more reasons for the unity. But... Partly because the cities couldn't really form a system to stop... THIS EXACT THING, that worked for all parties. Which wasn't a problem before, but now, the tribes are realizing they can keep their own power, while uniting the State in the way they want." He takes a deep breath "So, no one wants to make any sort of compromise, because really, the only thing that was capable of keeping the peace, the DNR, is no longer equipped to handle this." He answers. 

The son frowns as he takes in the information before he proclaims "You need to do something about this dad. There is something you can do, right?" 

He sighs, and nods, before saying "Let's go home." They shuffle out of the room and go home. 


Kanonhsésne, Inoka
Emergency, Council.
January 27th, 2008.

Hosa could be found standing in the Council Pulpit, shuffling through yesterday's paper, and his speech notes. The man as looking rough, like he hadn't slept in 37 hours. He takes a sip of his half drunken water bottle, coughs as some have went down the wrong tube. Once the room has settled, he looks at each delegate that has assembled. He starts, by saying "Ladies and gentlemen of the Confederacy, I'm sure you have all seen the Paper. Checagou has occupied parts of the Kanien'kehá:ka territory. Also, there are reports.... Caledonia has been sacked. and destroyed. This is the biggest tragedy we have faced in 55 years. I know the intervention efforts have been... Lack luster, on part of the DNR. Now, the..." He takes a long-strained breath before continuing "The Administration DNR, is proposing... a Radical solution." he briefly looks up from his cards, eyeing all the Provencal Governers in attendance. "With a 10% increase in contributions from all in attendance, the DNR, with our rangers, will engage the Checagou Republic, on an official capacity. We have also assigned our Elite Rangers, on a task to, if they have the chance. Take out the governor of Checagou." He lets this sit in, while looking up to the council, saying "Is this how the Confederacy falls?" He ends his speech, and he looks at all Governors, sweat beads forming on his brow. Hosa watches as, every single Governor, votes in favor of bestowing the DNR, extra-ordinary powers. He pursues his lips to the side, letting out a sigh of disappointment. He closes the Council with a weak "Then, this concludes the Council." He gestures for the Governors to leave and watches them as they shuffle out of the chambers, he sits, looking at his speech papers, and official DNR proposal, muttering to himself "So, the Confederacy will fall." Along while of him sitting in silence passes, before he also leaves the chambers.

Kanonhsésne, Inoka.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               October 15th, 2008.

Hosa was sitting among ALL Confederacy sachems, at the all too well-known council round table. He addresses the Council, saying "Before we get into the meat of this Council, I must give the official DNR's military Report. I will make this brief."

  • "DNR Rangers break the supply lines from Checagou to their camp, which was preparing to besiege Kanien'kehá:ka." 
  • "DNR Rangers with new access to the land, and new supply lines, manage to surround and capture the entirety of the Checagou siege camp." 
  • "DNR Rangers Engage main Checagou military forces, are overwhelmed and route. DNR Rangers retreat to the City of Kanien'kehá:ka and Prepare for defense of the city." 
  • "DNR Rangers Engage besieging Checagou Military forces. DNR and Kanien'kehá:ka forces are pushed back west, across the Kanien'kehá:ka bridges, across the river, and manage to keep Checagou forces across the river, inside east Kanien'kehá:ka."
  • "DNR Rangers and Kanien'kehá:ka military forces build temporary fortifications, building a wall stretching the river line."
  • "40% of DNR Rangers head west, out of the city, and along the forest line to the south, heading east, awaiting to ambush reinforcements, and surround the Eastern Kanien'kehá:ka besiegers."
  • "DNR Rangers manage to ambush and capture a Checagou convoy, with high-ranking Military personnel, and Checagou Governer. Then the DNR Rangers surround and engage Checagou forces inside Kanien'kehá:ka, from the east. Occupying forces surrender"
  • "Captured Governor of Checagou Republic officially surrenders."

Hosa then gestures to the Governer of the Checagou Republic, who then gives his brief speech. 

The Chicago Governor stands and starts with "All captured Checagou military, and political forces hereby surrender, in exchange for amnesty for the conflict. The Republic of Checagou is hereby dissolved, and the Republic's territory divided among the many districts within the Checagouland area, all of whom contribute 10% of every new district's GDP, until all costs of war are repaid." he dips his head before sitting.

Hosa then resumes by ending with "With the conclusion of this conflict, the DNR is hereby ending its period of extra-ordinary powers, and will now resume its original intended role, managing the region, and its conflicts, economically and peacefully. With that, the Council is dismissed." says this, with a sigh of relief, noticeably happier now that the DNR has returned to its intended duties. 

As all the Governors shuffle out of the Governor of Mt. Carmel, Amitola Hileni, briefly says to Hosa, "Thank you, for taking the risk, and doing what needed to be done to save the Confederacy." before she leaves the room. 



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[ARP] Turmoil in Inoka II

Kanonhsésne, Inoka.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              2023
Hosa and his son, Tsuen could be found sitting among the Other Haudenosaunee Tribes, Mummering around table would be interrupted as Hosa introduces the Sachems of the Onoñda’gegá, Cayuga, and Onyota'a:ka. The two Sachems of the Onoñda’gegá, speak saying

"I am Deganawida, and she is Jikonhsaseh. These are not our personal names, though as the Sachems of the Onoñda’gegá, we are not called our personal names, but the names of our founders."

They both nod, as Tsuen bows his head and looks at the Cayuga Sachem.

"Hello, my name is Hurrit." he speaks briefly, not even looking at the boy.

Hosa gestures to the Onyota'a'ka Sachem. He speaks broken Lysian saying

"Name, is.... Tse! of an Oneida." He nods, smiling at Tsuen.

Hosa then says to the Onoñda’gegá Sachems

"We will wait until the Illini Confederate envoys arrive to start."

They nod in response. A few minutes' pass the scheduled start time, everyone is making idle talk, then the Envoys from the Inoka Confederacy make it. Sachems from Kahokiaki, and Peouaroua arrive. The sit on the end of the round table, both sachems greeting everyone as they pass. They sit and introduce themselves to Tsuen. The Kahokiaki Sachem introduces herself, saying

"I'm Amitola, but you knew that."

She dips her head and looks to the Peouroua Sachem, who says

"Hello" In Algonquin, with a gruff, irritated voice.

Amitola scowls at the Sachem saying in Algonquin

"You need to speak Lysian. These people don't know much Algonquin, and that's how we all agreed to handle issues."

The  Peourouan Sachem scowls and says, "If you insist, I speak to these 'Iroquois,' I will. But I should not be forced to use the 'Snake-peoples' language."

Amitola just shakes her head in annoyance, and he relents.

speaking in Lysian, he says "Hi."

The group decided that it would have to do.

Hosa asks Amitola "Where is the rest of the Confederations Sachems?"

but before she can speak, the Peourouan Sachem speaks up, loudly in Lysian. "He did not want to speak with Iroquois. He knows it is a waste of time. I listen in, and relay decisions." 

Deganawida frowns as he says "Okay, the meeting can get started. The Major tribes of Kanosoni, Kaskaskia, and Sennecaas are all out of attendance. Kanosoni, and Sennecaas absences was to be expected. This is why we are here. These two tribes have broken against the Haudenosaunee Kanonhsésne, decision. They have decided they will Occupied parts of Checagou. They have decided the longhouse does not know what's best. Checagou can hold in small groups, but because they are forbidden of uniting, they will not stand against both! There must be something we all can agree to do."

The group mulls this information over before anyone says anything. Some of the sachems looked down, some looked at each other. 

Amitola speaks up and says "Of course, as usual we can all make a 5% increase in donations, and the DNR, can take care of this." She looks around, noticing Hosa wince at the Idea. 

The Peourouan Sachem scoffs at the idea to contribute to the "Iroquois" and he says in lysian "I will let them know what the Iroquois decision is." He says before standing up and leaving the room. He waits just outside. 

Hosa says, "Also, now might not be the best time, but no time is ever good these days. I will be stepping down from chairman of the DNR. The DNR has picked my successor. My son, will take my place, and during this time, I will provide a temporary advisory role, I will guide the DNR into the next era, and slowly get out of politics."

Although the timing may seem terrible, no one was surprised nor offended, everyone knew this was coming, new management during conflicts should have no impact on a conflict like this.

Hosa says, "For now, that concludes the meeting, DNR back out once we have news on how our support is going." 

The Sachems say their goodbyes, However, Amitola stays, and speaks with the duo.

"So, what happens now. I can get the Inokan Confederacy to pay, but this will need to be over quickly. They know they can't threaten me, but I also will not intervene militarily. My people are not interested in a war."

Hosa says, "I can end this, with at least 5% more contribution per tribe. Although, you know it is almost time for me to retire. So, its best you get used to consulting my son." he bumps Tsuen's shoulder.

Tsuen looks up and looks at Amitola, who asks him "Well, what do you think?"

Tsuen gives a strong answer. "I would use those contributions to raise an army of Rangers and crush the fighters. Immediately."

Amitola and Hosa, stand there and stare at him. Amitola, after a few minutes, she says "Yes, but you'd have go through Kanonhsésne. But yes, that is a good answer." 

Hosa shakes his head but decides to let it go.





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