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I've come to this region because I want to be part of a region where I can become actively involved. I have come from europe however I disliked it's unwelcoming attitude and have left.


I hope that i can pursue an active role in the government or Military in this region. I am an active nation, is there anywhere I could help?

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The General here. If you want to be involved in the army, there's a place to enlist under the Department of Defense. If you're into RP, we currently have a war going on (thank God Pot's a warmonger or nothing would ever happen biggrin.gif ). You can get involved in regional government, or do almost whatever you want. This is the closest thing to an all-inclusive region that you'll find anywhere in NS, and I've seen my fair share of regions. Orioni is our delegate, and is always helpful with anything you could possibly want to know about...well, anything. So, welcome to Europa - ready? Go!

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