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[Map Application] Schennland

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Nation on Eurth: Schennland

National Flag: spacer.png

Capital Name: Harburg

Capital Location: East bank of the mouth of the river

Starter Stats:
Land: 176,608 km2 (1pt)
Pop: 15.78 million (1pt)
GDP: 19,493 (2pt)

Culture: Schennish Dolchic (!NorthGerman mixed with !Rioplatense is the idea)

Climate & Geography: Mediterranean + Continental Forest

History: Check Vision Statement

Front Desk: N/A, quitting Tarua and creating a new nation

Vision Statement:

Desired Location: See map. Southwestern border with unclaimed land will follow along the river, per agreement with Ionio.

Other Critical Information: I got permission in Discord DMs from both Anatea and Ionio for this location


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2 minutes ago, Orioni said:

@Xio and mentor @Advocatius: should the Dolchic people be in Aurelia, or are they confined to East Argis?

It should be completely fine! Rhodellia is a former Dolch colony as well so there is already a precedent in Aurelia, really the only reason we don't see many former Dolch colonial holdings is because people just tend to prefer Anglia and Lysia.

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1 hour ago, Orioni said:

@Tarua would you mind sharing the link to the Discord message where @Anatea and @Ionio confirm this?

Here i am, sorry for being late but lately i was a little busy!
Anyway ye, i confirm the fact that i'm ok with Tarua being next to Anatea, since i don't have plans to expand further in that area :)

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