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[Map Application] The Federal Republic of Ashanga

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Nation in Eurth: The Federal Republic of Ashanga


Capital name: Nechi
Capital location: Coastal (see map)

Stats Chosen:

  • Population: 0
  • Economy: 0
  • Land Area: 5

iiWiki Page

Vision Statement: (updates to Ashanga have been catalogued in the iiWiki page)

Desired Location:

On the 5 Points in Land Area:
I know that having 5 points in one category requires a vision for how to use that extra point to its full effect. Considering that the south of Ashanga is practically desert, the low population, ancient ties to the Pearl Road and history of political and economic instability and poverty, the main interest I could draw from this was quite simple: Ashanga has been a hotbed for piracy in the Saeida Strait. The Saeida Strait leads directly into the richer parts of Europa and I imagine much trades goes through this tiny strait. Similar to Somalia, Ashanga has seen an explosion of piracy activity at the turn of the 21st century, despite rapid economic growth, little of it found its way into the hands of poorer citizens and so they took to the high seas in hopes of a chance to support themselves. The Ashangi government also has a lot of coast line to patrol and spending a lot of money on coastal patrols is seen favorably by the international community, the citizens only see a diversion from poverty reduction programs. While I am still in the process of learning more about this from IRL, I do imagine the problem is still present, if not at a lower rate/intensity, than previously and so it's an idea I think could be interesting.

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@Ashanga Because you want to sink 5 points into land area, I checked with our cartographer-on-leave @Xio on how to deal with this exceptional request.

We'd like to propose the following: the land area is granted, on the conditions that this is somehow compensated:

  1. The population is reduced from 14,359,915 (on IIWiki) to <10 million.
  2. The GDPPC is reduced from 7,875 AD$ (on IIWiki) to <5,000.
  3. The northern island in Rivdon Bay is excluded.
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Seems reasonable, I see no trouble with those conditions. I'll figure out some specific numbers for the iiWiki and exclude the island from now on

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Seems like you're both in agreement.

I measured your desired location without the northern island, and it came at just above 1,000,000km^2, which exceeds the 5 point limit. Below I was able to make version that is approximately 882,500km^2 in size. If you want to make any tweaks or border corrections please ask! Also if you'd like more cities, just request on the forum either here or in its own thread.


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