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[Map Application] The People's Republic of Lantrobo

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Nation on Eurth: Lantrobo (ပြည်သူ့ သမ္မတ လန်ထရိုဘို နိုင်ငံတော်) (Republic of Lantrobo)

National Flag: https://imgur.com/a/ZvtnYC0

Capital Name: Travela (ထရာဘလာ)

Capital Location: Coast of Jasmine Sea

Starter Stats:

Pop: 2 (34,449,825)

GDP: 0 ($4,870)

Land: 2 (442,823 km^2)


Based on the Shan People of South East Asian Region. Chinese, Thai, Myanmar mixed together.

The Lantroboans follow a branch of Gaism similar to Theravada Buddhism. They believe in concepts such as impermanence, non-self, karma, rebirth, and the samsara. 

The largely agrarian society is ok with the growth and export of opium, meth, and other drugs since they believe that such things bring "relief and ease". Their belief in karma funnels their mind into thinking that sale of substances will in turn bring them the same effects that those drugs gave to it's users. 

Climate & Geography:

A hot and humid climate almost all year round in the Northern and Southern parts while the central mountains experience constant cold. It experiences cold and dry winters ranging from 10 to 20 °C during its coldest month, and typically 28 to 30°C in the summers for the coastal regions. Winters are often rainy and mild to chilly, depending on proximity to the coast. Snow is uncommon, even during the coldest month of the year except for on top of the mountains. 


See Vision Statement 

Front Desk:


Vision Statement:

Desired Location:

Relocated to "Orient" as per map god Xio's suggestion


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I'd like to interject - I don't think it'd make sense for a South East Asian country of Thai and Myanmar heritage to be north of me (as much as I'd like to have a fellow drug-enjoying religious group in western Aurelia :P). Somewhere in the Orient, Europa, would probably make more sense. Just my two cents.

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Hello @Lantrobo and congratulations on graduating from the RP Academy.

We at Eurth Real Estate ™ are absolutely thrilled you chose to work with us, and we're eager to show you the available properties in our portfolio.

From your enquiry, we've gathered that you're looking for a nice big area in an Oriental neighbourhood. And you already mentioned some familiarity with the Jasmine Sea area.

That's great. Plenty of previous purchasers also went for the Jasmine Sea neighbourhood to plant the roots of their SE Asian-inspired cultures.

So let's not wait any longer, and visit our first location. Are you ready?

* * *

Location 1: Northeast Jasmine Sea

A pleasant little peninsula of your own, with plenty of access to the sea. Coastal delta. Highlands for terraced farming. Approx 460,000 km2, with potential to expand upstream. Excellent schools. Very quiet neighbourhood. No genocides since at least 1992.

Downside: climate is temperate instead of tropical. Pretty much like the rest of that area. But hey, you can save some money on having a lower AC energy bill.


* * *

Location 2: Southwest Jasmine Sea

Same neighbourhood. Similar size at 450,000 km2. The climate is slightly warmer, thanks to the backyard's southeast orientation. Another river delta with lakes, so opportunity to install a swimming pool. Neighbours are of the !Indian persuasion. No active wars since at least 2009. Plenty of room to expand the property.

Downside: beware the occasional flooding.


* * *

Location 3: Surprise!

Last, but not least. And now for something completely different. A much warmer, very pleasant !Mediterranean climate. Very diverse neighbourhood with !Indian, !Italian, Orinese families of varying ages. The property comes with its own river, albeit the water features are a bit smaller when compared to the other locations.

Downside: Byzantine Sea is just not the same as the Jasmine Sea.


* * *

So there you have it. These are the candidate properties where we think you'll thrive the best. They're all of similar size with plenty of opportunities for expansion. Each brings their own unique flavour to the table. Each of these is a real gem. Any owner would be lucky to live there.

Of course, don't feel pressured to decide right now. Take home a brochure and consider your options. As an aside, I just wanted to add that these are some very hot properties, with a lot of interest. So be sure to confirm your interest, before someone else takes them off our hands.

Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you!

* * *

OOC. Please excuse the shtick. Felt like doing a realtor thing. Probably because we've been visiting so many houses to buy ourselves.

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Hmm... I feel like overall, Location 2 seems like a vibrant and dynamic setting that aligns well with my preferences for an Oriental neighborhood. I think I'm ready to proceed. Can I get your assistance dear sire @Orioni in taking the next steps towards securing this property? 

OOC-uhhh idk how to realtor rp excuse my lack of professionalism

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