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Military Consignment Bureau of the Stedorian People's Republic

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This is the official portal for the Military Consignment Bureau of the Ministry of National Defence of the Stedorian People's Republic. All inquiries regarding the purchasing and procurement of military goods and equipment may be made here by the relevant interested consignees.

Chief Military Consigner: Fridrik Ostim

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(Unclassified Official Communication from Advocatian Ground Forces Command)

TO: Ministry of National Defence of the @Stedorian People's Republic — Military Consignment Bureau
FROM: The Ministry of Armed Forces — Advocatian Department of Ground Forces

Greetings and Salutations,

I write to you on behalf of the Advocatian Government and Advocatian Ground Forces in order to request the purchase of 220 units of Stedoria's LR-17 “Tep” Wheeled Self-Propelled Artillery. After Advocatius defeated Tengrolhan during the Shfakien War as a part of the wider Imperialist Anglian-OCA influenced conflicts that have struck the wurld, we seek to fill the gaps in our Ground Forces that led to the difficulties of defeating Tengrolhan, key in this is our fundamental lack of mobile artillery.

As Stedoria stands tall as a beacon of Socialism in Argis and a staunch ally of the Advocatian Socialist Federal Republic who had also faced the wretched might of Imperialism through the war in Dolchland. The LR-17 “Tep” would confidently succeed in the role of Advocatius' Self-Propelled Artillery that Stedoria could provide. We would like to offer payments of $110,000,000 (ADS) annually for six years for 220 units. Amounting to a price of roughly $3,000,000 (ADS) per unit and a total transaction price of $660,000,000 (ADS) paid in full by January 1st, 2030.

It is my hope that you will find this offer reasonable and that these units can be used in order to further a greater Advocatian-Stedorian alliance against the ever-antagonising threat of Imperialism that plagues this Eurth today.



Field Marshal of the Advocatian Ground Forces

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To: Field Marshal Zachary Monroe and the Department of Ground Forces of the Ministry of Armed Forces of @Advocatius

From: The Military Consignment Bureau of the Ministry of National Defence of the Stedorian People's Republic

Most esteemed greetings,

On behalf of the Military Consignment Bureau and the Government of the Stedorian People's Republic, I thank you for your kind message and request. I firstly must laud the performance of Advocatius' Armed Forces in the face of Anglian and OCA-sponsored imperialism. Your nation, and its people, have shown that when confronted with an existential threat, are more than capable of responding decisively and triumphantly. Our government would be more than honoured to assist the Advocatian Armed Forces in filling in any gaps and strategic/logistical concerns.

The requested number of 220 LR-17 “Tep” wheeled mobile artillery pieces, along with the offered price of approximately $3,000,000 ADS (Ḿ 11,442,283 STM) per unit for a total of $660,000,000 ADS (Ḿ 2,514,671,977 STM), to be paid in full by January 1st, 2030, is suitable. The logistics regarding the transportation of the material will be delegated to the Bureau's Logistics Department, which will remain in contact with the relevant departments of the Advocatian government and/or Armed Forces in order to ensure an orderly delivery.

It is our hope that this serves only as the beginning of heightened military co-operation between our two nations, and that this co-operation results in not only an even closer bond between our two nations, but also the perseverance and victory of socialism throughout our two continents. And the final destruction of imperialism and its ideologies.

May our co-operation continue further,

Fridrik Ostim
Chief Military Consigner of the Military Consignment Bureau

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