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EurthVision Song Contest 2024

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Chapter 1: A Night to Remember

As the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky in shades of orange and purple, the city of Zuidhaven buzzed with excitement. Tonight was no ordinary night. It was the night of the EurthVision Song Contest. The event was highly anticipated by all Orinese and even more viewers across the Eurth.

Zuidhaven, known locally as Ierakshini, stood tall in the Wenizi river delta, south of O'polis. The bustling megalopolis of about 13 million people was the country's economic centre. It was a city in a state of constant change, where energetic people from all over the empire came to achieve their dreams. With a skyline like no other, it was a centre of business and commerce. The city also boasted many universities and research institutions, making it a centre for education and innovation. The annual Zuidhaven Marathon emphasised its lively spirit, drawing thousands to its streets each year in September.

Near the mouth of the Wenizi river, along the shore of the Azure Sea, stood the Zuidmax Stadium. This marvel of modern architecture was known for its colossal dome and sweeping view of the sea. This stadium, also home to the Zuidhaven Tigers football team, was no stranger to large crowds and thrilling events. On a regular weekend, it could seat up to 75,000 people. Tonight, it was alive with lights and the thousands of music fans gathered there for the grand spectacle. Giant screens flashed images and welcoming messages in a dozen languages, as evidence of the diversity and openness that Zuidhaven prided itself on.


Backstage, the atmosphere was thick with nerves and excitement. Artists from different nations, each with their unique style and song, rehearsed their final lines, adjusted their costumes, and took deep breaths. The diversity in music ranged from the traditional folk melodies of distant lands to the cutting-edge pop beats that throbbed through the younger crowds.

Up in the control room, anticipation was high. Technicians and directors efficiently checked cameras and angles, ensuring everything met the high standards of Channel 4 of the Seawolf Entertainment Group. Monitors lit up with views from every part of the stage as the team coordinated their efforts smoothly. The director, experienced in handling live events, managed the workflow directly. “Camera, lights, action,” he instructed clearly into his headset, signalling the beginning of the broadcast. Technicians swiftly activated the switches, smoothly running the equipment as if it were a well-oiled machine, each concentrating on their duties to deliver a seamless show.

On stage, the hosts for this evening took their positions. First to appear on stage was Bron Urgundy of BS News.


He was joined by Feridonanidi Nehase Tiigisiti from Roiters News.


Bron, known for his deep, calming voice and overtly masculine behaviour, adjusted his tie one last time. Beside him, Feridonanidi, ever the enthusiast for flamboyant and extravagant performances, flashed his bright smile as the countdown began.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Bron began, “Welcome to the EurthVision 2024, coming to you live from Zuidhaven, Orioni!” His voice echoed through the packed stadium.

Feridonanidi's eyes sparkled with excitement as he continued, “Tonight, we celebrate the magic of music and the spirit that brings us all together. Get ready for an evening of breathtaking performances that promise to dazzle and inspire.”

As the crowd erupted into cheers, the giant screens around the stadium lit up, showcasing the flags of the participating countries: the Kingdom of @Neswetej Per Aten, the Socialist Federal Republic of @Advocatius, the Dominion of @Kori Chi, the Orioni Empire, the Federation of @Baltica, and the @United Republic of Aurelia. The camera panned across the excited faces in the audience, some of them painted with their national colours, others waving their flags, and outfits sparkling under the stadium lights.

“Let's meet our contestants,” Bron announced. The camera swept backstage, capturing the participants one by one as they prepared for their performances, waving and blowing kisses to the crowd.

With the introductions complete, Feridonanidi beamed as he declared, “The stage is set, the world is watching, and history waits to be written. Let the EurthVision 2024 begin!”

And with that, the first contestant stepped into the spotlight.

OOC. Whichever participants responds first may open this musical show. There's really no order that's set in stone.

Everyone who signed-up is hereby granted permission to describe the actions of the both hosts: Bron will be the conservative voice like you know him from BS News, while Feridonanidi Nehase Tiigisiti is an outspoken lover of all things glitzy and camp.

The ultimate deadline for responding with your act is Sunday, 5 May 2024. More details in the OOC topic.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Chapter 2: Charlotte Mont-Yard

(OOC. Song and lyrics.)

The stage was quite dark, only a small light allowed Charlotte’s face to compensate for the inherent obscurity taking the stage as home. She looked quite pale, in that sea of gloom, it even gave the thought of a star into the immensity of the void.

The music would start gently, the first verse transmitting despair, as if nothing could be done. The political, and assumed, tone of the music, against the occupation of this woman’s homeland, only could add to the drama.

As the first refrain hit, a small flame would appear before here, as her pale face gained a bit of colours, before fading away again, and the flame becoming smaller than it already was. Well accompanying the tone of the music, as the second verse would kick-in…

Before having the flame grow again, as it was dragged by her voice becoming stronger, letting her dark clothes seem to give a bit of fire on the edge, as the verse would ultimately start to slow down the rhythm and hope again, leading to the flame and clothes/face to follow through by being receding a bit… Before getting completely dark as the refrain’s echos would resonate throughout the large room… As if the hope was once again lost, and optimism was disavowed.

As the third verse would begin, all would turn on back to where it was, the intensity, specially of the flame growing, climaxing at ultimately the last refrain, turning her clothes into a fire, burning passion as to illustrate that this time, the hope was right, not in vain and could ultimately, with persistance, result in a success…

With the last burst, the fire would slowly extinguish itself, turning into hard carbone, and letting the entire come back as a dark void.

This is well the illustration of hope, that comes and go, as your homeland is occupied by foreign forces, brutally repressing anyone that may stand against their goal of annihilation of a culture, annihilation of a nation, through and oppressive and tortuous rule, eventually leading to an immense fire, that is embraced by everysingle individual, and consume itself, as to light up the future’s hopes and lives” commented an analyst on the meaning of the staging.

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Chapter 3: Fred Berrymore & Charlie Reign

Scene 1: Hosts

The final note of Charlotte Mont-Yard's opening song lingered in the air as the audience erupted into applause. The performance by the singer from @Kori Chi had been a dazzling display of vocal talent and emotional depth. Charlotte set a high bar for the evening. As the cheers rolled through the Zuidmax Stadium, the camera swung back to the presenters, to capture a moment of stark contrast between them.

Feridonanidi Nehase Tiigisiti was visibly moved. His eyes sparkled with admiration. “Wow! What a breathtaking performance from Charlotte,” he gushed while clapping enthusiastically. “A shining tribute to the artistic spirit of the Lysian diaspora. We love you, Charlotte! And we all stand with your country in its quest for liberation from Great Anglia. Pour une Lysia libre.”

Bron Urgundy, however, was less enthused. His face was stone-cold, and his brow furrowed in disapproval. “Let's not jump to conclusions,” he snapped sharply. “@Great Anglia has been unjustly accused of many things, but there's another side to every story. They're being unfairly framed.”

Feridonanidi's mouth fell open in shock. The look in his eyes turned cold as he stared at Bron. “How can you be so blind!?” he responded. The tension between splashed off the screen, captured by at least half a dozen cameras aimed at the hosts.

Up in the control room, the director winced. Next to him, the producer was shaking her head at the unfolding drama. “Cut away, now!” the director barked to the technical team. Quickly, the feed switched to panoramic views of Orioni’s sparkling coastline, its morning markets, and serene landscapes. A smooth transition away from the heated disagreement.

Scene 2: Fred & Charlie

As the promotional clip faded, the anticipation in the stadium built again. The audience was ready for another escape, this time into the world of Fred Berrymore and Charlie Reign, Orioni's own golden boys. The stage quickly transformed into a lively party scene, bathed in a kaleidoscope of colours. Flashing neon lights in electric blues and hot pinks illuminated the area, while disco balls scattered shimmering patterns across the cheering crowd.

Giant screens flanking the stage came alive with animations of pulsating waves and exploding fireworks. These further enhanced the electrifying atmosphere. As Fred and Charlie made their entrance, the main lights dimmed, plunging the stage into a dramatic semi-darkness. The darkness was pierced only by the glow of spotlights and the occasional flare of pyrotechnics that sent plumes of smoke into the air.

Then Fred and Charlie burst onto the stage with infectious energy. With a loud scream and bass riff, their energetic presence instantly won over the crowd.


Fred wore a shimmering silver jacket that glittered spectacularly under the stage lights, paired with tight black leather pants that added a sleek edge to his look. On his feet, high-top silver sneakers sparkled with every step he took.

Charlie, on the other hand, was dressed in a multicoloured sequinned shirt that caught and reflected every light. His white flared pants were a nod to the classic disco style. And on his wrists, chunky, colourful bracelets clinked melodiously as he moved.

Together, they were the personification of a party, perfectly in sync with the euphoric vibe of their hit song.

Fred took centre stage as he began the first verse of I Like To Party. His rich and soulful voice filled the arena with a warm, resonant tone.

(Verse 1 by Fred Berrymore)

Every night when the lights go low,
Empty streets where we used to go.
But when the music starts, it's time to go out,
Let's paint the town, and let the rhythm shout.

Charlie seamlessly picked up the momentum and jumped into the pre-chorus with a powerful harmony. His powerful vocal delivery brought the lyrics to life.

(Pre-chorus by Charlie Reign)

Underneath the neon lights,
We find our way, we hit new heights.
Laughter of friends fills the air,
Tonight we live, tonight we dare.

The duo danced across the stage, their choreography as lively as their music. The energy was infectious. The song was an anthem of joy and carefree spirit. A dramatic contrast to the serious tone set by the previous act.

(Chorus by both Fred Berrymore & Charlie Reign)

I like to party, dance 'til tomorrow,
Follow the beats, don't need no sorrow.
Dance through the night, light up the dark,
Come join the party, and let the music spark.

Charlie began the second verse. His voice soared over the crowd. It was clear that he was not just performing the song, but living its message. With nothing to lose, he dared to make the night unforgettable.

(Verse 2 by Charlie Reign)

See the faces, all aglow,
From the market to the corner show.
Hand in hand, the crowd on the move,
The city’s rhythm, got nothing to prove.

Back to Fred, who took the melody back seamlessly.

(Pre-chorus by Fred Berrymore)

Stars above our gleaming guide,
In this moment, we take our stride.
Every step, every laugh we share,
In this night, free of every care.

The connection between the duo and their audience grew stronger. As Fred and Charlie invited the audience to dance along, it seemed everyone in the Zuidmax Stadium could forget their differences for a moment and unite in the universal language of music and partying.

(Chorus by both Fred Berrymore & Charlie Reign)

I like to party, dance 'til tomorrow,
Follow the beats, don't need no sorrow.
Dance through the night, light up the dark,
Come join the party, and let the music spark.

The camera captured every angle, from close-ups of Fred’s enthusiastic vocals to wide shots of Charlie’s energetic moves, and then out to the sea of dancing fans.

(Bridge by Charlie Reign)

Let the music play, don’t hold back tonight,
Feel the joy, the thrill, the party's light.
With every beat we know that it's right,
To celebrate 'til morning bright.

The director, now relieved, allowed himself a small smile. This was precisely the kind of uplifting spectacle EurthVision was known for.

(Chorus by Fred Berrymore & Charlie Reign)

I like to party, dance 'til tomorrow,
Follow the beats, don't need no sorrow.
Dance through the night, light up the dark,
Come join the party, and let the music spark.

As the song reached its climax, confetti cannons exploded, showering the audience in a cascade of colours, mirroring the explosion of applause and cheers that followed.

(Outro by both Fred Berrymore & Charlie Reign)

So here we are, and here we stay,
Laughing, dancing, come what may.
Dance through the night, light up the dark,
Come join the party, and let the music spark.

Fred and Charlie bowed deeply, their faces alight with the thrill of their performance. The audience responded with a thunderous applause, cheers filling the stadium as fans from all corners rose to their feet.

Exhausted yet exhilarated, Fred and Charlie caught their breath, beaming with pride at having represented their country on home turf, especially in front of their friends and family who were among the cheering crowd.

As the crowd continued to scream with excitement, the night promised more performances, but Fred Berrymore and Charlie Reign had undoubtedly set a high standard of fun and unity for the evening. The energy was clear, and the crowd visibly moved by the infectious joy the song had brought to the arena. This was EurthVision at its best: wildly diverse, occasionally contentious, but always spectacular.

Scene 3: Outro

Back at their hosting panel, even Bron couldn’t help but tap his foot to the lingering rhythm. A grudging smile still on his face. Feridonanidi, ever the peacemaker, leaned over, and cheekily whispered, “Now, this is something we can both agree on, right?”

Bron nodded. His earlier sternness was softened by the undeniable charm of the performance. “Those two heterosexual male friends sure how you throw a party,” he admitted, caught up in the moment.

But as he spoke, Feridonanidi's next words threw another unprovoked wrench into the dynamics of this evening. “And just think, your appearance here probably gets your more viewers in one evening than your BS news joke has gotten in its 8 years of existence. All thanks to Orioni, a country that tried to get you off the air. Now Isn’t that ironic?”


Bron's smile vanished as quickly as it had appeared, replaced by a scowl. He grabbed the microphone, and with a stern, commanding voice he yelled. “Listen, sheeple of Eurth: don't do it! Don't you dare do it! Don't vote for Orioni!”

Feridonanidi’s mouth fell open. His words broke into a stutter.

For a second time, the camera hastily cut away to another promo video for Orinese tourism. Meanwhile, the audience was left reeling in yet another sudden shift from cheerful celebration to Urgundy urgency.

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Chapter 4: Hanging Bastards

Zuidmax Stadium, Zuidhaven, Orioni

The last spec of noise from the previous act had died down, as the stage prepped for another act. The host introduced the next nation that took the mantle of it, in the west of the Wurld, to the bleeding continent of Aurelia, and the Socialist Federal Republic of Advocatius, with their artist, infamous rap-metal band, Hanging Bastards.

The room went dark, and the deep silence was interrupted by a sharp and unusual guitar rift in a repeating pattern before again sharply shifting into the primary rhythm of the song as the lyrics were introduced. The visuals shifting from blue to yellow by every hit of the drum until finally being drenched in a heavy red.


The chains of the slaves smother their Lords,
It seems I spend my time in the Martin state of mind
Cast their hollow black souls to their bougie new home
Comfy sticking daggers in their old lads hearts

Hold him against the wall on the line stained by blood
instructor come, separate the healthy from the sick
To the camps you go for your words of discontent
Your screams as they burn you howling through the vents

The leader singer spoke with a harsh tone, conveying the rage behind each word they were saying; referencing concepts such as suppression, false imprisonment, corruption, and revolution, a stark contrast from the previous two acts. The 'Martin state of mind' references First Premier and leader of the 1984 Revolution Henri Martin. The beat continues as it were.


'Cause I'm a cell locked in the doctrines of the right
Enslaved by dogma, pull me in for a fight
Unbind me from your Cause, let me rip through the gates
So I can take 12 gauge to hunt and pass the shells to my mates

A millions long march that ain't stopping for repairs
The seats the Lords sit prepping for a shift
There's only so much pain they can play into your fears
The Demons Prayer will fall on deaf ears

The same rhythm still continues, with occasional shifts. The lyrics in the first represent the imprisonment of 'threats' to the Advocatian State under that of Charles Beaumont. The second verse focuses on the actual events of the revolution, the march on Victoires by over a million people, which was initially written off as a minor protest before it gained so large numbers.


So they beg to their God
The Prayers of the Demons
So they pray to their God
The Prayers of the Demons


Tempête à travers la ville maintenant
Tempête à travers la ville maintenant

The song shifts into a much heavier and more rapid beat as the chorus is reached, repeated drum swings which then fall into the intro riff. The chorus is said will a pure vitriol and rage only an Advocatian could feel; the 'Demons' would be the members of Beaumonts regime and Beaumont himself, with them begging to their God, disassociating them from Christianity as they beg to a more foul deity. The Lysian lyrics simply say “Storm, Through, the City, Now” which was said during the march of Victoires. It then moves into powerful snare hits accompanied by guitar sounds, then falling to a deep droning noise.


The chains of the slaves smother their Lords,
It seems I spend my time in the Martin state of mind
Cast their hollow black souls to their bougie new home
Comfy sticking daggers in their old lads hearts


Hold him against the wall on the line stained by blood
Instructor come, separate the healthy from the sick
To the camps you go for your words of discontent
Your screams as they burn you howling through the vents


'Cause I'm a cell locked in the doctrines of the right
Enslaved by dogma, pull me in for a fight
Unbind me from your Cause, let me rip through the gates
So I can take 12 gauge to hunt and pass the shells to my mates


A millions long march that aint stopping for repairs
The seats the Lords sit prepping for a shift
There's only so much pain they can play into your fears
The Demons Prayer will fall on deaf ears


So they beg to their God
The Prayers of the Demons
So they pray to their God
The Prayers of the Demons



The previous verses and Chorus are repeated again, with minor changes to the vocals.


Tempête à travers la ville maintenant
Tempête à travers la ville maintenant

Maintenant, maintenant
Maintenant, maintenant
Maintenant, maintenant
Maintenant, maintenant


The breakdown of the song is reached, the continuation of the previous chorus, with more times the word 'maintenant' (now) is said. It then briefly shifts into a chaotic clash of all the different instruments conflicting with each other and the song ends. The Advocatian Act is finished.

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Chapter 5: Vincent Ricci Jr.


As crowds were cheering on the last artist, the host announced the next artist, also coming from the Aurelian Continent, but mid-sentence, a car was revving up, and beeping its horn, a bright yellow cab from New Chester drove to the center of the stage, while a big band ensemble situated itself. Exiting the car was Vincent Ricci Junior, smoking a cigar and tipping his hat to the cab driver, who then drove off. One of Vincent's bandmates threw a microphone, which he sleekly grabbed from the air, and then he brought his attention to the crowd “Good evening ladies and gentlemen of Zuidhaven!” he said while looking around, the crowd cheered on, albeit slightly startled from the car “Sorry about that. Drove down from New Chester” he said as he straightened his hat and outfit, while still smoking a cigar, “Which is a lovely place, let me tell you why”. The band counted down, and the horns came in, Vincent took a breath.


Headin' down to New Chester, summer breeze in my hair,
Leavin' behind my old town, without a single care.
Skippin' stones by the river, where dreams come to play,
In New Chester's neon glow, gonna find my own highway.

The background visuals showed a red car driving on the highway, and a green sign showing the words “New Chester City”, the camera panned and showed the skyline of a sprawling urban metropolis it then switched to a scene showing a crowded Harrison Square at night where a crowd was waving the flags of all nations participating in this year's EurthVision, one could *almost* catch a glimpse of Vincent's being displayed on one of Harrison Square's video billboards. Meanwhile, Vincent has been shuffling around, swinging to the tune of the jazzy sounds played by the band, while waving and smiling at the crowd


Opportunities knockin', on every corner they shine,
In New Chester's city lights, gonna make 'em all mine.
From Broadway to Yonkers, skyscrapers kiss the sky,
In this city of dreams, gonna reach for the stars up high.

The visuals reverted to showing Vincent walking around New Chester, showing the many theaters of Broadway, and the many offices of Yonkers, suddenly Vincent was on top of a skyscraper, overlooking the city, which he mimicked on the stage, where a replica of the Hudson Building was placed, the visuals showed Vincent doing odd jobs, like tending a smokey, dim-lit bar, or driving a cab. The visuals then showed Vincent entering the main building of the New Chester Art College, and then leaving with a Music Theory diploma.


Per-Sobek's too religious, Bastaria's got no dough,
Aberdeen's too posh, Zuidhaven ain't got that flow.
But in New Chester's rhythm, my heart finds its beat,
In this city of magic, where the streets sing sweet.

As Vincent sang and named those places, a spotlight mimicked the sun, then Vincent showed that he had empty pockets, straightened his posture, and then pointed to the band. The visuals showed a silhouette of Vincent, who was looking at those places as they transitioned away quickly before they landed back on the skyline of New Chester. The silhouette of Vincent walked towards it, as if saying that he made his choice.


From Little Ionio to the harbor, every street has a tale,
In New Chester's embrace, I'll never grow frail.
With a song in my heart, and a dream in my eyes,
New Chester's where I belong, making it there my way!

Vincent was sitting on a high chair/barstool as he sang, the visuals rapidly showed a diversity of people, from all walks of life, creeds, and color, depicting the diversity of New Chester, and the United Republic, itself, the visuals then showed Vincent writing on a paper and crooning his way to musical stardom in New Chester's many jazz bars, as the second and last chorus approached, Vincent stood up and took off his jacket and put the microphone on the standard,


Baltica is too Amish, and Lyrie has no style.
Selbourne's too plain and Taranto is just a sigh away from here.
But in New Chester's melody, my soul finds its groove,
In this city of wonders, where dreams come true.

The visuals again depicted the same scenes as the last chorus, out of nowhere Vincent caught a spade but quickly threw it away, and then he pointed at himself, he then pointed at the crowd, and the visuals showed a map, showing the distance between the two places, Vincent now stood at the edge of the stage as he was ready to belt out the outro part


So here's to that old sweet lady at the bay,
And here's to all the souls from all corners of the wurld.
And here's to the city that never sleeps,
New Chester, you've got my heart!

The visuals showed the bay of New Chester and a statue of a woman, it then again showed a live feed of the crowd at Harrison Square, and a live view of the city from a helicopter, showing that despite how late it is in New Chester (or early), it's still awake. And then, cheekily, the visuals transitioned out showing a heart and the words I (heart) New Chester. As the band played the last notes and Vincent sang his last words, he waved to the crowd, and shook some hands, before the yellow cab returned, “Thank you, Thank you Zuidhaven, and have a wonderful evening!” he walked to where his jacket was, put it on, threw the microphone back to his band, and entered the cab, it honked, and as it drove off, the numberplate now showed “12-POINTS”

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Chapter 6: The Farmers Possy

When the final cheers and applause of the previous performance ceased, and the host announced the next contender, Balticans fans in the audience went rabid. Knowing the Farmers Possy was on next, they proudly unveiled their flags and waved them defiantly towards any camera they could see. When they at last saw the Possy themselves step foot on stage, the audience began chanting. “Farmerin! Ukininkai!” echoed across the venue, as the Balticans waited in anticipation for the group's performance. The announcers, seeing the excitement in the audience, finally announced the group.

From the farms and fields of the Great Baltican Federation, representing Freedom and Democracy, The Farmers Possy !

The crowd cheered and screamed, as the lead singer, Veluvas Bervinas leapt to the microphone.

To all our Balticans in the audience, this goes out to our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. In the spirit of the Revolution!

The cheers of the crowd were suddenly interrupted by the mighty boom of an accordion, and boomed, the Balticans stood in a defying unity to cheer on their band. As the accordion gave way to a guitar riff, Veluvas once again approached the microphone.

Threads of Unity



Don't underestimate, stranger, your intellect's keen,
In Baltica and Gintaria, shared tales are seen.
Wheat fields, cider, banjo, and herring,
Threads of unity, our bond never erring.

Threads of unity, our bond never erring.

Don't underestimate, stranger, your intellect's keen,
Your insight shines bright, breaking through life's lull,
Don't sell yourself short, stranger, your intellect's grand,
Amidst Baltica's embrace, let knowledge expand.
Amidst Baltica's embrace, let knowledge expand.


Veluvas sang with passion and anger, the union of the two enlightening the audience, who cheered along vigorously. On the big screen behind the band, images of tanks and trucks rolled through fields and forests, all waving the old Republic flag of Baltica, a tricolour of White, Green, and Yellow. The imagery, shocking, and harking back to a bloody time in Baltican History, was controversial yes, but it was ultimately their willingness to break the norms that allowed them to honour to perform in EurthVision. Many Balticans were seen saluting and singing along with the song, something that only grew with the end of each verse, with the crowd singing along with the band with each repeated verse.



We've bolts of blue linen, fine as can be,
Tailored for you, friends, with hearts so free.

Oh, the crown of our Baltic domain,
Unyielding spirits, our legacy retained
Unyielding spirits, our legacy retained

In every stitch, a tale of our past,
Through trials endured, our unity steadfast.
From amber shores to forests deep,

Baltica's soul, in every heartbeat, we keep.
Baltica's soul, in every heartbeat, we keep.


The phase of the song picked up, with both the guitar and accordion picking up rhythm and tenacity. Alongside the accordion and guitar, a sly sax began to bellow out, sliding into the short durations when Veluvas ceased singing. The room became engulfed in Green and Yellow, as the band approached the end of their song, and a bellowing orchestra of all the band's instruments began to play. Starting slow, they began to pick up pace, gradually getting faster, faster and faster, until Veluvas stepped up to the microphone once more.




Don't underestimate, stranger, your intellect's keen,
In Baltica and Gintaria, shared tales are seen.

Wheat fields, cider, banjo, and herring,
Threads of unity, our bond never erring.

Threads of unity, our bond never erring.
Threads of unity, our bond never erring.
Threads of unity, our bond never erring.
Threads of unity, our bond never erring.

Threads of unity, our bond never erring.

The pace of the song reached its peak, as the band members all together began singing the last chorus of the song. The crowd began to clap along as the end of the song came near, and the music began to get yet faster. In an instant, the instruments cut and a loud “Sho!” echoed across the stage. For a second, the screen went dark before flashing the new Baltican tricolour. The audience cheered and applauded, the Balticans bellowing praises that were drowned out by the endless clapping. Veluvas for the last time stepped up to the microphone for a final message, “See you in Goja 2025 !”. The band lingered in the excitement of the crowd before being ushered off to make room for the next performance…

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Chapter 7: End of the Performances

Scene 1: Backstage

Backstage at the Zuidmax Stadium, the atmosphere was a mix of chaos and excitement. The camera passed by Charlotte Mont-Yard from @Kori Chi. She appeared thrilled for this opportunity to highlight the plight of other Lysian refugees. At the Orinese artists booth, Fred Berrymore and Charlie Reign basked in the success of their performance.

Meanwhile, the absence of one of the other acts created quite a stir among the event organisers and their fans alike. The group from @Neswetej Per Aten had mysteriously disappeared right before their scheduled performance. Les Rois du Nouveau Monde, a popular revolutionary band, were urgently summoned to perform at yet another high-profile beheading. Despite their best efforts to make it back in time, their spot in the line-up was conspicuously left vacant. They still tried making it to the show in time. They. Did. Not.

Scene 2: Voting

Onstage, the tension was noticeable as Feridonanidi and Bron urged the audience and viewers to vote for their favourite acts.

“This is your moment to make your voices heard," Feridonanidi called out through the packed stadium. “Vote now for the performance that moved you the most tonight!”

Bron, still reeling from the backstage drama, added his own twist:

“And remember, folks, even if some acts couldn’t make it tonight, we’ve still witnessed some unforgettable performances. Make your vote count! And whatever you do: don't vote for Ori–”.

He was cut off by the camera cutting away a third time.

As the audience eagerly anticipated the conclusion of tonight’s exciting show, it was time for a special performance of last year's winner, the remarkable Judge. In 2023, she managed to captivate audiences with her unique combination of lyrics and melody.

Feridonanidi's voiceover prepared the crowd with enthusiastic introductions.

“Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to be moved once again by the soulful sounds that won last year's contest!” Feridonanidi announced, “Prepare to relive the magic as we welcome back Judge with her winning song, Soul Of Daylight.”

As Judge stepped into the spotlight, a silence came over the crowd. Dressed in an elegant, flowing gown that shimmered under the stage lights, she reminded everyone of the grace and power she was known for. As the first chords of Soul Of Daylight were played, the stadium audience instantly reconnected with this familiar and beloved Orinese tune.

Judge’s voice filled the arena with her well-known lyrics, “We're all going to a summer daylight… No more judging for a week or two.” As she continued, each verse described lively scenes of summer's fleeting moments, “You were mine for the summer… Now we know it's nearly over… Feels like January lightning… But I always will remember… You were my summer love… You always will be my summer love.”

Her connection to the audience peaked as she cleverly reminded everyone of last year's host, singing:

“I wish they all could be… I wish they all could be… I wish they all could be melons of @Ahrana.”

As the final lines cascaded over the listeners, the crowd rose to their feet with a thunderous applause. Judge's performance confirmed to everyone why she had won EurthVision the previous year. Her ability to blend humour with nostalgia and emotion into a song certainly set a high bar. As she exited the stage, her triumphant smile reflected the joy and pride of a true EurthVision star.

OOC comments

Good morning everyone. The 4 weeks to publish your performance have come and gone. Unfortunately, not everyone managed to get their RP in on time before the deadline yesterday (Sunday).

What happens next?

  • In phase 3 of this RP, you get to send in your ranked choice per forum DM. The deadline for voting this is this Friday at midnight GMT.
  • Phase 4: results will be announced on Saturday, right around the time when the actual Eurovision is being broadcast on television.
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Chapter 8: And the Winner is…

Scene 1: Good evening, Zuidhaven!

As the excitement in the Zuidmax Stadium soared to its peak, Feridonanidi beamed with genuine appreciation. Turning towards Judge, he praised her, “Thank you, Judge, for that enchanting performance which captured our hearts and also beautifully showcased the spirit of EurthVision. Your talent truly sets the bar high for all artists!” The applause from the crowd thundered in agreement, reverberating through the vastness of the stadium.

Bron, ever the charismatic and self-assured showman, seized the moment with a wide grin, stepping forward with his chest puffed out. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he announced with theatrical flair, “not only are the votes in, but I am thrilled to tell you that this year’s EurthVision has attracted record-breaking viewership numbers worldwide!” His eyes sparkled with a hint of prideful mischief as he continued, “And I can't help but feel they're all here to see if I can keep this wild ride under control!” Laughter and jeers filled the air, mockingly reflecting the audience's enjoyment of his person as much as the competition itself.

The room brimmed with a clear mix of nervousness and anticipation as the presenters got ready to link up with each country's official broadcaster in alphabetical order. Every technician and camera operator was on high alert, ensuring that the global audience would experience the tension and excitement of the moment seamlessly.

As they connected to each country, the presenters' faces flickered with a mix of hope and anxiety—each point awarded could crown a champion or dash the dreams of hopeful contestants.

Scene 2: Victoires calling

The screen flickered to life, revealing the lively set of the Advocatian Broadcasting Network. A cheerful presenter, standing confidently in front of a backdrop featuring the picturesque skyline of Victoires, appeared on-screen. His warm smile was contagious as he greeted the audience in fluent Lysian, immediately bringing a touch of Advocatian charm to the international broadcast.

Bonsoir Zuidhaven,” he began, his voice smooth and welcoming. He seamlessly added a playful quip into his greeting, “You know, here in @Advocatius, we're used to victories, but tonight, we're thrilled to share some points instead of taking them all!” This clever play on words, referencing the capital Victoires, sparked a burst of genuine laughter from Bron and Feridonanidi, momentarily lightening the intense atmosphere of the competition.

Switching effortlessly back to business with the ease of a seasoned professional, he continued, “Here are the votes from the Advocatian people: 7 points go to URA, 8 points to Orioni, 10 points to Kori Chi, and finally, our 12 points go to… Baltica!”

  1. Baltica (12)
  2. Kori Chi (10)
  3. Orioni (8)
  4. URA (7)

The Advocatian presenter's announcement had barely finished echoing through the stadium when it became evident that Baltica surged ahead, emerging as the clear frontrunner in the contest.

Scene 3: Goja calling

Next, the camera transitioned smoothly to the Central Goja Broadcasting Co. from @Baltica. The studio was bathed in warm, inviting lights, and the backdrop featured iconic landmarks of Goja, reflecting the city's architectural beauty. On screen, a poised presenter with a bright smile greeted the international audience in her native tongue, before switching to Anglish for broader accessibility.

Her friendly manner immediately connected through the screen as she engaged in a light-hearted exchange with the hosts. “Good evening, Zuidhaven! I must say, the suspense tonight could even make the calm waters of Goja ripple!” Her joke, referencing the famously tranquil lakes of Baltica, brought a soft chuckle from Feridonanidi, who appreciated the cultural nod.

Feridonanidi, with his usual flair, responded warmly, “Indeed, and it’s your votes that might just stir those waters further!” This playful comment elicited a shared smile from the presenter, showcasing a moment of friendship amidst the competition's high stakes.

Bron, ever the contrasting figure with his more reserved behaviour, added his own flavour to the banter, though his smile was more measured, reflecting his complex feelings about the unpredictable nature of the contest. “Well, let’s hope your votes don’t capsize our boat here,” he quipped, attempting to match the lighter mood while internally calculating the implications of Baltica's votes on the overall standings.

The Baltican presenter then announced their points with clear pride in her voice, “And now, for Baltica's votes: 7 points to URA, 8 to Orioni, 10 to Kori Chi, and our 12 points go to the banging Hanging Bastards from Advocatius!” Her delivery was smooth, each country's name given due respect as she played her part in the developing drama of the evening.

Bron quickly interjected to provide an update on the scores. With a keen eye on the leaderboard and a notable rise in his usual showman's timbre, he declared, “With those points tallied, it looks like the competition is still wide open, folks!”

As Bron wrapped up the update from Baltica, the tally board updated dynamically on the giant screen behind him, instantly reflecting the shift in the competitive landscape. The numbers revealed a tightening race that captivated everyone's attention:

  1. Kori Chi was now leading with 20 points,
  2. Orioni followed closely with 16 points,
  3. URA was not far behind with 14 points,
  4. Both Advocatius and Baltica were tied, each having accumulated 12 points.

This new standing injected a fresh wave of suspense throughout the Zuidmax Stadium. The audience, along with viewers at home, leaned in to focus as the contest's outcome hung in balance. The clear tension was mirrored in the faces of the hosts; Feridonanidi's eyes sparkled with the thrill of competition, while Bron's gaze hardened, calculating the various possibilities that lay ahead in this calculated contest of musical talent and national pride.

Scene 4: Dākuōku calling

The broadcast transitioned smoothly to the Media Alliance studio located in Dākuōku, the busy capital city of @Kori Chi, a dominion of @Gallambria. The scene set before the viewers showcased a mix of traditional and modern aesthetics characteristic of Dākuōku, with sleek, high-tech elements infused with subtle hints of classic Marenesian design.

On screen, a lively and engaging presenter greeted the international audience with a warm, “Konbanwa,” his smile reaching his eyes as he stood against a backdrop that featured the iconic skyline of Dākuōku illuminated by neon lights. His attire, a smart blend of traditional kimono and contemporary suit, represented the cultural fusion of Kōri-Chi, a nod to both the country's heritage and its modern global presence.

Before diving into the votes, he shared a light-hearted exchange with Bron and Feridonanidi, his tone jovial yet respectful. “Tonight, we are all part of one global family, ne?” he chuckled, bridging any cultural gaps with his easy charisma. “May the best song win, though I must say, every artist tonight has already won our hearts here in Kōri-Chi.”

“Indeed,” Feridonanidi replied, his voice tinged with genuine amusement, “and it seems your points might just set the stage for tonight's climax!”

The presenter then announced the votes with deliberate emphasis, ensuring each country received its due recognition. “Kōri-Chi awards 7 points to Baltica, 8 to Advocatius, 10 to URA, and a big 12 to Orioni!” His voice conveyed both the excitement of the moment and the weight of each vote cast.

As he announced the updated scores, Bron leaned slightly towards the camera, his expression a playful mix of suspense and intrigue. “With these points tallied, let's see how the landscape has shifted. Is there a clear winner yet? Stay tuned, as the plot thickens!” His words were an invitation to the viewers to stay engaged, wrapped in the ongoing drama of the competition.

The updated running scores were then displayed:

  1. Orioni at 28 points,
  2. URA closely behind with 24 points,
  3. Kōri Chi and Advocatius tied at 20 points each,
  4. and Baltica just a point behind at 19 points.

This announcement brought a new level of expectation to the stadium and among viewers worldwide, as the leaderboard showed just how tight the competition was. The thrill of uncertainty was clear, each country's supporters holding their breath, their hopes pinned on the next few moments that could change everything.

Scene 5: O'polis calling

Bron, visibly annoyed yet restrained, muttered under his breath, “Damn, Orioni is still in the lead, even after my pointed reminder not to vote for the host country.” His frustration was obvious, his usual composed manner slightly cracked by the stakes of the evening. Feridonanidi, ever the voice of reason and support, gently reminded him, “Remember, Bron, the Orinese audience can't vote for their own country in this round. It's the rule to ensure fairness.” Bron's features softened slightly as he absorbed this, his brow relaxing as he took solace in the knowledge that the competition's integrity was indeed intact. His earlier tension eased, replaced by a reluctant acceptance of the unfolding results.

Channel 4 of Orioni was next. The broadcaster, a poised figure dressed sharply in a tailored blue blazer that mirrored the azure hues of the Orioni flag, shared a moment of friendship with the hosts before revealing their votes. His attire, crisply matching his professional attitude, made a striking impression. His confident manner and warm smile were not just a reflection of pride in hosting the event but also conveyed a sense of responsibility and excitement at being at the centre of this international spectacle.

“From Orioni, we give 7 points to Kori Chi, 8 to Advocatius, 10 to Baltica, and our 12 points go to the kid from New Chester in the YU-ARH-AY!” he announced clearly, ensuring each country received due recognition.

As he surveyed the updated scores on the large screen beside him, Bron added, with a note of suspense, “Everything is still up for grabs as we approach the final stretch!”

The audience, fully engaged and on the edge of their seats, responded with a mix of cheers and gasps as the scores updated:

  1. 36 points for URA
  2. 29 points for Baltica
  3. 28 points each for Advocatius and Orioni
  4. 27 points for Kōri Chi

This announcement heightened the competition's intensity and brought a new level of uncertainty and excitement. Each country's supporters, clad in national colours and waving flags, reacted with a mixture of joy and nervous anticipation, their eyes locked on the ever-changing leaderboard. The air was thick with hopes and fears as the contest neared its climax, each point now carrying the weight of a potential victory or the heartbreak of a near miss.

Scene 6: Grant calling

Finally, the National Public Network from the @United Republic of Aurelia (URA) appeared on-screen, broadcasting live from Grant, D.C.. The presenter, clearly energised by the evening's tension, stood with an animated posture, her eyes sparkling with excitement. She laughed heartily, easing the pressure of the moment with a well-timed jest that drew a shared chuckle from both the audience and the hosts. “Well, folks, they say every vote counts, but tonight it feels like every heartbeat counts too!” This light-hearted jab at the suspense-filled proceedings connected warmly with Bron and Feridonanidi.

URA is delighted to give 7 points to Baltica, 8 to Advocatius, 10 to Kori Chi, and our top 12 points go to Orioni!” she announced with a vibrant flourish. Her voice carried the thrill of the competition, reflecting the high stakes, as each point could dramatically alter the leaderboard.

With the addition of URA's points, the updated scores were:

  • 36 points for URA
  • Baltica now with 36 points
  • Advocatius climbing to 36 points
  • Orioni jumping to 40 points
  • Kori Chi reaching 37 points

As the final tally was displayed, the presenters, their energy undiminished, declared with both pride and a hint of surprise, “And with that, we have our winner. Congratulations!”

Scene 7: Winner performs again

Feridonanidi, his voice filling the Zuidmax Stadium with anticipation, made the grand announcement: “Orioni recaptures the crown at this year's EurthVision Song Contest!” Instantly, a wave of exhilaration swept across the venue. The audience, already on the edge of their seats, erupted in thunderous applause and cheers. The atmosphere was electric, the air thick with excitement as the crowd celebrated the stunning conclusion to an evening of spectacular performances and nail-biting suspense.

Bron, however, was visibly disconcerted by the outcome. His hands trembling slightly, he tore his cue card to shreds, his actions punctuating his disbelief. “How could this happen? Didn't anyone listen?” he muttered under his breath, shaking his head in frustration. Despite his efforts to sway public opinion away from the host nation, Orioni had not only won but had done so spectacularly, echoing their previous victory—a feat only matched by @Prymont, who won in 2010 and 2017.

As the initial shock subsided, the stage was quickly set for the winners' encore performance. Fred Berrymore and Charlie Reign, the champions of the night, returned to the spotlight. Their hit song I Like to Party started up again, and the energy in the stadium soared even higher. The duo, beaming with pride and joy, launched into their performance with even more vigour and enthusiasm than before, their voices carrying over the crowd, which was now on its feet, dancing and singing along.

The celebration reached its zenith as colourful balloons began to descend from the ceiling, bobbing gently in the air above the jubilant crowd. The hosts joined in the festivities, their earlier roles as impartial emcees giving way to their genuine delight in the shared joy of the moment. “What a night, what a victory!” Feridonanidi exclaimed, his arms wide open as if to embrace the entire stadium.

Finally, as the last balloon touched the ground, a dramatic flourish capped the evening—the dome of the Zuidmax Stadium slowly opened, revealing the majestic, starlit night sky. The crowd gasped in awe, their eyes drawn upward. Then, as if on cue, a dazzling display of fireworks burst into the sky, painting it with brilliant colours and bright lights. The spectacle was a fitting end to an unforgettable night of music, unity, and celebration, leaving everyone in attendance and watching from home with memories that would last a lifetime.

Scene 8: Thank you and good night

As the final fireworks faded into the night sky, Feridonanidi and Bron returned to centre stage, their expressions a mix of exhaustion and happiness after the whirlwind of emotions and energy that had defined the evening. They stood side by side, a striking contrast in attitude and style, yet united in their role as the night's stewards.

Feridonanidi, his eyes sparkling with the joy of the event, stepped forward, his voice resonant and warm. “Thank you, everyone, for joining us tonight,” he began, his tone sincere and inviting. “Your energy and passion have transformed this arena into a true celebration of music and unity.”

Bron, always his sceptical self and unable to ignore the evening's outcomes, gave a reluctant nod. “Well, it's hard to argue with the results,” he conceded gruffly, his tone tinged with his characteristic edge. “This spectacle has indeed showcased some undeniable talent and, whether I like it or not, brought together quite the crowd.” His voice carried a hint of begrudging respect for the event's reach and impact, even if his usual reservations lingered just beneath the surface.

Together, they offered their final words, “As we close this chapter, remember the spirit of EurthVision that brought us together tonight. It's more than just a contest; it’s a celebration of our shared humanity through the universal language of music.”

The victory was not just a win for Orioni but proof of the spirit of EurthVision, showing how events like these can go beyond mere competition to foster a sense of global community. As the hosts bid everyone a heartfelt good night, the impact of the event lingered in the air, a reminder that music could indeed be a powerful force in bringing people together. The stadium slowly emptied, but the echoes of the night’s melodies and the joy they brought would linger long after the audience had departed.

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