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NationStates: What a Wonderful World

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For ages, civilizations have come and gone, often leaving us only with the buried remains of their greatest creations, from the Violet Tinted Great Pyramids to the Great Comic Book Library of Bigtopia. The mystical legends surrounding these beacons of concentrated knowledge and power have persisted throughout history, creating objectives for ambitious explorers and talking points for desperate podcasters. However, only the most grand and impressive accomplishments have this level of staying power. As a result, over the course of many years, the wurld Census deployed a highly secretive team to survey the universe for the most interesting, ridiculous, and innovative creations that history has ever seen.

Just as the decisions were about to be finalized, a staffer leaked the project to the wurld, along with a brochure for their nation's 22-story library complex, featuring an Impenetrable Labyrinth, Intimidating Visage of Leader, and Ultimate Model Train Setup. There's just one problem with this leak: neither your nation nor your allies make the top 7 cut. Fortunately, it's not too late, but some major upgrades are certainly in store. The race is on to build the greatest wonder the wurld has ever seen!

Campaign for your creation, commit the blood, sweat, or tears of your nation into its construction, and find clever ways to harness resources in order to secure a spot in the annals of both history and conspiracy theory message boards for years to come. This isn't any old monument that you're building -- it's a representation of your wonderful nation, your wandering history, and your winding ideals.

Wondering how to participate? Find more information here.

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Note from the wurld Census Editors: In a short time period, we have observed the rapid construction of thousands of amazing wonders across the wurld. We applaud every nation for their contributions and their outstanding displays of collaboration, patience, and problem solving. We saw espionage, risk-taking, and propaganda campaigns to a previously unseen scale. Additionally, in the process of putting together this piece, the following observations were made:

  • Wonders created: 4,103
  • Resources contributed: 488,738*
  • Common items crafted: 218,818
  • Uncommon items crafted: 41,559
  • Rare items crafted: 5,816
  • Epic items crafted: 546
  • Legendary items crafted: 27
  • Total items crafted: 266,766
  • Items lost due to failed crafting attempts: 14,185

Top 10 resource contributors*

Nation Amount
Trotterdam 13,217
Bormiar 10,368
Papa Daddy New Diablo 8,371
Opiachus 8,364
Kalmykhia 7,789
Neo-Routhengard 7,444
Delthorensdale 6,531
Tepertopia 6,504
Stuffed stuffing 6,343
The Terren Dominion 5,530

*) These numbers disregard the early portions of our reporting due to an unruly builder throwing a block of silver at our chief statistician, resulting in a bit of amnesia and Two Bad becoming the most disliked wonder.

Now, from the top multiversal news, statistics, and celebrity death reporters at the wurld Census, we proudly present:

These Top 7 Secret Locations Are A Must Visit Destination For All Travelers, According To Top Travel Experts.

7. Edel Garden Citadel: Starting off the list, tourists flock to this tropical paradise, hitting selfies with psalm singers and lining up to get a glimpse of the High Priestess. All of the paparazzi is surely important preparation for all of the smash hit pop stars that seem to spawn out of nowhere and proceed to dominate the charts on a frequent basis.

6. The Great Gates of Delthorensdale: Only two of our investigators were able to make it all the way to the top of the great mountain plateau that these gates sit upon, but once they had arrived the great scale and detail of these gates promised that something even greater lies beyond them, like a sick BASE jump from the top. Someone has also etched some... Usher lyrics into the side? Yeah!

5. Panda Petting Zoo: Perhaps the most impressive wonder constructed and maintained primarily by a single nation, this magical experience delivers a ZOO FULL OF PANDAS! You can PET THEM! To add to the cuteness factor, they are taken care of by PEGASI! Sorry, this place is just too cute... well maybe not the angry volcano god trapped inside of an increasingly animated eternal flame. It must have taken a ton of effort to get that thing in there.

4. A Big Deck of Cards: Since the international artwork trade became popular long ago, empires have been built around finding lucrative pieces. As such, this network of empires has become particularly powerful, working together to construct an incredibly well curated collection of artworks (colloquially, trading cards) at a massive scale. Naturally, the first satellite communications networks were developed here. Note: Rumors of bribes by Big Farma are unsubstantiated, our note-takers would never use their position to obtain extra copies of valuable legendary artwork.

3. The Overseer's Temple: If you're in for an adrenaline rush, the Overseer's cult will be happy to permanently welcome you into their not-so-humble abode, provided you ensure they remain the most liked structure, much to the chagrin of the serially downvoting outsiders. Our reporters could not identify or disobey the vague entity commanding everyone, and frankly neither can we anymore, so this one makes the list. The song contest here is... unsettling.

2. NationStates wurld Cup Hall of Fame: You'll certainly get a kick out of the perfectly crafted satire found on this museum's browser based political simulator, but the nations contributing to this iconic hall are evidently great explorers once they get off the pitch. Not only did they discover the Thinking Scorinator, which confuses the rest of the wurld to no end, but they were also the first to wonder "hmm, what if we combined a jet engine with fireworks?" The answer: a bunch of scrap metal and oddly fervent hamsters. In our not-so-humble opinion, this is surely the most impressive wonder on the list.

1. The Concrete Slab: A homage to the importance of the concrete that makes up the very foundation of many wonders across the wurld, this gray, lifeless, and seemingly endless piece of rock is livened up by a renowned 24/7 song contest. Each contestant has already won far too many times, but the legendary singers who have lost their vocal cords are enshrined within the rock forever, watching over the eternal flame that appears as the one spot of focus on a slab so excessively large that just it has to make the top of the list. Seriously, everyone is either talking about this thing or pouring concrete.

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