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Federal Department of State (Union of Yosai)

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Country Details

Diplomatic Name: Union of Yosai

Convencional Name: Yosai

Capital: Shuto (首都)

Head of State: General Secretary Seishiro Iwada under the collective leadership of the Federal Secretariat.

Factbook: https://www.europans.com/topic/7378-factbook-union-of-yosai/#comment-40023205


Department Details

  • Department Responsibilities:
  • Representing the Yosainese government abroad
  • Providing government services to Yosainese citizens abroad
  • Coordinating diplomatic negotiations with foreign governments

Current Secretary of State: Seishiro Iwada (岩田征四郎)

Department of State Address: 001-104, Aozumi State, Koyabe Ward, Shuto, 250 Toyama Street.

Ambassador to the Assembled Nations: Mr Hideki Murayama (村山英樹)

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To: General Secretary Seishiro Iwada, Secretary of State for the Union of @Yosai

From: Mrs Alexandra Alar-Rotsa, Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Third Republic of Hisera


To General Secretary Seshiro Iwada,

This message is in regards to some private communications between our nations that you will most likely have been informed of by now. We are pleased to understand that the Union of Yosai's positive initial response to our negotiations has allowed for a potentially very fruitful meeting. As such, you can expect Hiseran Minister of Finance and Business, Friedriche Alar-Rotsa, to arrive at around 3pm local time tomorrow at Shuto.

We thank our partners in Yosai for their willingness to meet with our representation, and look forward to a fruitful meeting.

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Foriegn_scribe001.pngThe Seshej Per-Remet


To: Federal Secretariat of the Union of @Yosai

From: Imy-r Remet Wer Meritites (High Overseer of the Foreigners), and Imy-r Hemew Wer Ptahmose (High Overseer of the Workers)

Honorable representatives of the people of Yosai,

After our conversation between your General-Secretary, and Djat Wehemmesu earlier this week, we would like to invite your Foreign, and Trade Secretaries to Akhetaten to begin hashing out a detailed trade agreement. Please respond by official correspondence with the Seshej Per-Remet. WE will be setting aside the Guest Wing of the Per-A for this summit. 

Under the Rays of the Aten

Imy-r Remet Wer Meritites, and Imy-r Hemew Wer Ptahmose

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