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AN Command Velaharia (HQ)

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In accordance with AN Security Council Resolution EMG-66/01, the unified Assembled Nations Command of Velaharia has been created. In order to ensure the security of Velaharia and the safety of its citizens, this command invited all member nations of the AN (or as stipulated in the text of EMG-66/01), to join.

Under the power granted to it under this resolution, the Kingdom of Seylos has seen to appoint Major General Julia Rondtyk of the Confederacy of @Walneria as commander of this operation. All military operations will be coordinated from their office, and all member nations forces shall report to Major General Rondtyk.

As stipulated in the original EMG-66/01 resolution the Serene Kingdom of @Esonice shall assume authority over the acquisition and distribution of Assembled Nations humanitarian aid through this command.

All nations participating in this command are hereby authorized to deploy forces using the flag of the Assembled Nations in accordance with EMG-66/01.

Nations having volunteered to contribute in this command will receive a zone for peacekeeping operations.

Current Nations with Forces:

Country Contributions (soldiers)
1 @Kori Chi 1,200
2 @United Republic 700
3 @Hisera 2,300
4 @Poja 892
5 @Seylos & North Adlantic Union 10,200











  Total 22,142

(OOC: If you intend are participating in AN Command Velaharia please post below that you are intending to contribute and what forces you are adding to the pool. This will also be our primary thread for coordination of the mission.)

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OOC: Dominion of Kōri-Chi shall commit 1 200 troops (given the scale of the operation, but without the logistics behind it and shall rely upon others for such), in support of the principle of multilateralism.

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OOC: The Third Republic of Hisera, due to its great interest in the peacekeeping effort in Velaheria, will commit the Gruntspialer Brigade, consisting of 2 300 troops.

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OOC: The Pojački National Army will deploy an Infantry Battalion (Motorized) consisting of 892 men with major equipment being 64× APC and 8× APC Mortar.  There are obviously trucks and light armored cars (e.g., MOWAG Eagle) that go along with this deployment.  Since this will be Poja's first deployment overseas of this nature it's probably going to have some hiccups but we do consider these battalions "rapid response" because they are light.  Their nature is to be deployable during a conflict quickly so that we can make contact with OPFOR fast and provide some delay for armored and heavier infantry mechanized units to arrive.  Alternatively, I ca deploy a 496-man Light Infantry Battalion but they are purely in light armored cars.  These guys can obviously deploy even faster since it's just a matter of loading up their gear and cars into airlifters or ships and sending them where needed.  The Infantry Battalion (Motorized) will be deployable via airlifter as well.

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The North Adlantic Union, in the spirit of assisting our Argic brethren is willing to contribute significant forces in order to ensure the success of this command.

  • The Kingdom of Seylos has committed to sending 4000 soldiers, as well as light vehicles, armor, air support, and support equipment.
  • The Republic of Egris has committed to sending 2000 soldiers, as well as light vehicles, air support, and support equipment.
  • The Kingdom of Ostros has committed to sending 1500 soldiers, as well as light vehicles and support equipment.
  • The Democratic State of Rewhain has committed to sending 1500 soldiers, as well as light vehicles and support equipment.
  • The Dukedom of Uthington has committed to sending 1000 soldiers, as well as light vehicles, air support, and support equipment.
  • The Kingdom of Seskoaburg has committed to sending 900 soldiers, as well as light vehicles and support equipment.
  • The Commonwealth of Astaria has committed to sending financial aid and humanitarian support.
  • The Kingdom of Ashington has committed to sending 400 soldiers and support equipment.
  • The Dukedom of Esnos has committed to sending 300 soldiers and support equipment.
  • The Republic of Atrya has committed to sending financial aid and humanitarian support.
  • The Republic of Cenia has committed to sending financial aid and humanitarian support.
  • The Republic of Corinium has committed to sending 100 soldiers as well as support equipment.

These soldiers will combine under a unified force from the North Adlantic Union Defense Command. In total the amount of soldiers deployed will be 10,200 (Ten thousand two hundred) soldiers.

The Kingdom of Seylos, in the spirit of international cooperation, will open the use of its Kirkwall Airforce Base as well as the Norfolk docks for the use of any nations moving supplies and soldiers in support of this Assembled Nations mission.


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The Confederation of Ahrana will provide soldiers and Humanitarian Aid Workers.

All member states of the Confederation will allocate soldiers from their Regional Milita's to create the Ahranaian Velaheria Military Group, this will consist of 2000 soldiers total from the Royal Army Corps. In terms of Humanitarian Aid and Workers, the Ahranaian Confederation will be allocating the Ahranaian Red Cross the sole role to send Aid Workers and Funds on behalf of the Ahranaian Government to the AN Organization to distribute as it sees fit. In terms of the People that will be sent by the Ahranaian Red Cross, they will remain under the authority of the Ahranaian Red Cross and will fly under the Flag of the Ahranaian Red Cross and the Ahranaian State Flag. This operation of Humanitarian Aid Workers are being deployed in a peaceful manner and the Ahranaian Government asks that the AN allows them to enter the areas they are needed the most and to operate under Peace and not be hindered by any Military Forces either under the authority of the AN or other foreign powers.

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Posted (edited)

After long delays in passing the required legislation to authorize the deployment of Pentian troops, the President has passed the motion for deployment to Velaheria.  Along with his condolences and apologies for the delay in the promised resources and manpower.

Pentium will be deploying a Brigade of light infantry and mechanized assets, roughly 5000 fighting troops in total to Velaheria, as well as their required support companies and repair teams.  In addition, humanitarian supplies will be supplied to the ongoing mission to aid in relief efforts for the affected population.  The 7th Pentian Light Mechanized Brigade has been equipped with the newest models of Pentian equipment and will be placed under the operational command of Major-General Julia Rondtyk, they are led by Colonel Markus Dentz.  Recently promoted after the end of the Pentian civil war for his actions in Blemish following the outbreak of the conflict.

Total Deployed Assets:

4,850 Light Infantry 
150 Vehicle Operators
50 Edmund M30 IFVs
1,000 Support Staff (Non-Combatants)
70 Support Trucks
5 Mobile Kitchens 

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Posted (edited)

AN Command Velaharia is Hereby Authorized to Begin Operations
Under the Following Mission

Page 1

  • Purpose of this command.
    • The purpose of the Assembled Nations Command Velaheria is to ensure the safety and security of the people of Velaheria from any outside military force and assist in recovering the country from the effects of the war with Dolchland.
    • Prevent authoritarian forces from reasserting control over the Velaherian state.
  • Peacekeepers
    • Peacekeepers from contributor nations will be distributed to various designated zones in accordance with their strength and stated capabilities in order to ensure the most optimal spread of forces around the country.
      • Nations with higher quantities of troops should be involved in occupational duties of major urban centers.
      • Nations contributing lower amounts of troops should be utilized patrolling rural zones, and when necessary receive prompt support from other nations if encountering resistance.
    • Military no-fly zone should be established over the nations, ensuring that outside military forces would be unable to mount proper campaigns. Or that internal resistance is not able to use pre-existing air assets to conduct military operations.
    • General Rules of Engagement
      • Peacekeepers have the right to defend themselves from hostile fire.
      • Peacekeepers should move immediately to defend the lives of civilians if they are targeted by hostile forces.
      • When confronted by unarmed civilians performing a hostile act on peacekeepers, peacekeepers should use the absolute minimum required amount of force to contain the situation.
      • Peacekeepers are prohibited from seizing any property, unless it is confirmed to be an asset used by hostile forces.
      • Detentions should be kept to a minimum and be left to local civilian authorities, unless this detention is directly related to any identified hostile forces.

Page 2

This command will follow under the ideas set forth in the Assembled Nations Action for Peacekeeping planning strategy.


  • Political Strategy
    • In order to ensure a coherent political response to the crisis in Velaheria. This response is not to ask countries on the international stage to align with a specific set of beliefs, but instead to create an agreed on framework for operations set specifically in Velaheria. The Assembled Nations has not granted this command the ability to enforce one form of political ideology over another, and as such we must leave it up to the will of the people and local governance to decide their futures. This command’s mission is not to interfere in local politics, and what faction is in control of these politics is still not fully clear.
  • Peace and Security
    • This command must ensure that all individuals capable of assisting in our mission of creating a lasting peace are utilized and not discriminated against. There may be moments, especially when dealing with nations not used to working together or internal struggles which target specific groups, that discrimination may become an obstacle to creating peace. This command must create a framework that prevents these obstacles from derailing our efforts in Velaheria. 

Page 3

  • Protection and Capability
    • This command will create a structure where military units from all contributor nations are evaluated for their military capabilities in the field. Not all contributing nations are suited to certain aspects of conduct, and they must be placed in areas of Velaheria that suit their capabilities the best. 
    • Military Units must be educated on how to appropriately conduct themselves with local community engagement as well as set up infrastructure for investigating individuals whose crimes fall within the purview of this command.
  • Safety and Security
    • This command must be ready to develop and implement infrastructure around the country to promptly respond to military threats. This also includes creating an environment where medical and engineering personnel are able to conduct their work without fear of violence from potential combatants.
    • Create a system that appropriately protects humanitarian aid distributed throughout Velaheria.
    • Create a system that deals with crimes committed against peacekeepers working underneath Assembled Nations authority.

Page 4

  • Performance and Accountability
    • Create a performance assessment system that can gauge the operational readiness of all military units involved in peacekeeping operations.
    • Ensure that peacekeeping personnel are appropriately educated on the local culture and language.
    • Create a system that deals with potential peacekeeper misconduct and apply it to all military units in operation.
  • Peacebuilding and Sustainable Peace
    • Establish a robust diplomatic corps within Velaheria in order to create an environment where peaceful talks can be held between all stakeholders in possible conflicts within the nation.
    • Create a system that effectively distributes participant nations resources to this command, and ensure those resources are used effectively in the field for whatever their final purpose might be.

Page 5

  • Local and Glubal Partnerships
    • Ensure that this command can establish good relations with local communities and create partnerships with local governance and important groups to create an atmosphere of trust between this command and the local people.
    • Incorporate Assembled Nations economic efforts with this commands security mission on a local level.
    • Maintain a network of global partnerships that will fuel the recovery of Velaheria and ensure that this command’s mission is not threatened.
  • Peacekeeper Conduct
    • A zero tolerance policy on peacekeeper crimes will be implemented to ensure that this command does not perpetuate crimes on the people it has been sent to protect.
    • Pursue a strategy in accordance with Assembled Nations human rights policy, and not on the desires of specific stakeholder nations.
    • Ensure the protection of the environment of Velaheria during the duration of this command.


TO: Current Government of Velaharia Based in Bastaria @Orioni
FROM: AN Command Velaharia

Under the authority granted by the Assembled Nations Security Council, this coalition of nations is ready to begin its mandate to begin peacekeeping operations within the nation. Under this mandate we wish to ensure that the stability of the nation is kept intact and recovery after both this change in government and the war with Dolchland can continue unabated.

For this mission to work, this command would need access to strategic airports and ports located across the nation and a working relationship with both the current Velaharian Armed Forces and the Imperial Orioni forces stationed in the country.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2024 | 13:35 hrs [UTC-3]
Konfederacija Poja, Rugi, Central District | House of Magnates

The House of Magnates ran almost like clockwork.  In the morning, from around 08:00 until a noon break for lunch, the Magnates were in their offices working on various legislative pieces or whatever it was that they did during their time in Rugi.  Then, from around 13:00 until 17:00, they were in the chambers for the day's legislative session.  If the session ended early, sometimes they called it a day and other times they went back to their offices, it all depended on what business was on the docket.  There was always work to be done somewhere for something and it wasn't always all left to the staffers.  This particular Wednesday would be no exception to that very schedule.

          Over the course of fifteen minutes from around 13:10 onward, the various Magnates shuffled into the legislative chambers and took their assigned seats.  Staffers came in as well, taking their own seats and also came various guests, including President Andrej Petrović who'd been invited by his compatriot, Chancellor Jelena Jurić.  Chancellor Jurić had been kind enough to inform him of the reason beforehand and so when he sat down, the look of annoyance could hardly be wiped off of his face as the gavel was pounded and Chancellor Jurić took to the podium to begin the afternoon's session.  It was the day after EMG/01 passed and news was spreading throughout the country that the Konfederacija Poja would be sending support to Velaheria.  For a known pacifist like Chancellor Jurić, this was more than just a problem.

          Turning on the microphone with a small button at the podium, she waited the split second for the microphone's light ring to illuminate green.  The microphones at the desks of each Magnate glowed red for now.  "Good afternoon esteemed colleagues, I come before you with a matter concerning the passage of EMG/01 in the ANSC.  Yesterday, by a vote of nine-to-zero-to-one, the resolution was adopted calling for a unified deployment of forces to Velaheria from amongst the member states of the ANSC.  We are a part of the ANSC, which means that the Konfederacija Poja is now legally bound to deploy military forces to a foreign nation in support of EMG/01.

          "In keeping with our stance on nonintervention, I hereby oppose the deployment of military forces in support of EMG/01 and call for the opening of debate on this matter amongst the Magnates present.  However, before I do so, I must yield time to our guest, President Petrović to state his position."  Rumblings took place among the Magnates as Chancellor Jurić stepped aside and President Petrović took the podium.  When he recommended to the party that Chancellor Jurić be nominated for Chancellor, he never imagined her standing in the way of not only the party's efforts to internationalize Poja but the peoples' will to do so as well.  

          Taking to the podium, he flipped on the microphone and leaned forward.  "The House of Magnates had thirty-two yea votes to our joining the ANSC.  When that vote was held, it was held with the full knowledge that we may be required to undertake peacekeeping and other foreign intervention missions in support of various missions: human rights, disaster relief, international peace and security, peacekeeping, sanctions enforcement, and many others.  When I stood before you and made that proposal, thirty-two of you, including Chancellor Jurić, voted in favor.  

          "Now we stand ready to uphold our obligations to the ANSC and Chancellor Jurić wishes to put a stop to this based on her own personal politics and her own personal politics alone.  The nation of Velaheria is transitioning to democracy for the first time in its history.  For decades, it has been under the tyrannical rule of a regime so abhorrent that this nation would not even recognize it nor endeavor to have any diplomatic relations.  Velaheria was considered an enemy of the highest order to the Konfederacija Poja, more so than any other nation on this planet, including the former slave state of Florentia.  Think about that for a moment.

          "A foe so great to this country that we would not even have basic diplomatic relations has been felled and in doing so we have an opportunity to make peace with a people who were not our enemy.  The Velaherian government was our enemy, not its people.  Are we to look those people in the eye now and say, 'Good job, you overthrew the bad guys.  Good luck!'  Or should we look to them and say, 'You have done an amazing job.  We are here to help you now.'  It is all too easy for countries like Velaheria to slip back into the tyranny of oppression regimes after the collapse of one.  With what the Orioni mission accomplished, are we to simply throw it away because of the personal politics of one person?  While you think about this and our commitment to the ANSC let me also state, for the record, the latest polling results from the people of the Konfederacija Poja.

          "On 5 March, the most recent poll, the questions were asked, do you believe the overthrow of Velaheria was just?  Ninety-two percent in favor.  Do you believe that the ANSC should help stabilize the country?  Seventy-six percent in favor.  Do you believe that, if the ANSC should commit to supporting the country, regardless of your opinion of the previous question, should the Konfederacija Poja uphold its commitment to the ANSC?  Eighty-eight percent in favor.  Thank you."

          Chancellor Jurić quietly seethed as her opponent took his seat.  She was in a pickle.  The authority over the country's armed forces was a bit of a spiderweb.  The premiers of each region had full, executive authority over their respective territorial forces but those forces could be suborned to the federal government with a two-thirds vote of the House of the Magnates.  The Chancellor had full, executive authority over the national forces both domestically and on foreign soil except in cases where foreign treaties were in play.  This meant that if TRIDENT were to have a deployment, the authority would fall to the President, not to the Chancellor.  The President's authority, on the other hand, was somewhat overlapping.  He or she had authority over the national forces in times of national crisis, such as a civil war or an invasion, but he also had authority over them for foreign treaty missions, and the ANSC classified as a foreign treaty mission.  To add to it, some units within the military reported directly to him regardless of their deployment, which were only some special operations units.  This complex weave had largely been clarified in the aftermath of the Chernarussian Conflict as a check on the President's power.  Until that point, he or she was the sole, executive authority on all military forces.

          For the next several hours, the Magnates debated.  It was evident, almost from the get-go, that some had reservations about Poja's membership in the ANSC.  Whenever President Petrović heard these coming from someone who voted in favor of Poja joining the ANSC, it was all he could do to keep from rolling his eyes.  It was evident that some of the Magnates had gotten cold feet or perhaps they never expected a crisis so soon but this was what they had signed up for and it would be tremendously damaging to Poja's international reputation to back out of its obligations to the ANSC.  For the better part of the past decade, the country had been coming out more and more on a glubal scale.  President Petrović had always cited Poja's neutrality in ANTFAS as a major embarrassment for a country that prided itself on human rights and civil liberties.  When invited to speak one last time, he invoked that memory, saying to the Magnates around him.  "Poja stood on the sideline in cowardice in the face of slavery when the vote for ANTFAS came about and now are we to repeat those mistakes when the people of Velaheria need us?  The people of Florentia needed us in 2010 and we were no where to be found.  If you condemn the people of Velaheria as we condemned the people of Florentia than we are no better than the enemies we purport to fight."

          The vote was swift and it was a decisive blow to Chancellor Jurić.  She stood as the lone voice of opposition to EMG/01.  Invoking ANTFAS as something of a low blow but it was apt.  President Petrović had vowed to the people of Poja that under his leadership, the country would never abandon such a clear-cut case for moral supremacy again.  Velaheria would be Poja's atonement.

• • • • ‡ ‡ • • • •

Wednesday, 1 May 2024 | 11:45 hrs [UTC-3]
Konfederacija Poja, Rugi, Central District | Predsjednički Dvori

President Petrović rubbed his forehead in frustration as he listened to the Minister of National Defense, Brajko Tanacković talk about the latest troubles that the Pojački National Army (PNA) was having getting its motorized battalion up and ready for deployment to Velaheria.  For the past month, he'd been receiving regular updates and nearly every one of them announced a setback.  "It's like we take two steps back for every step forward," he one said in frustration and now he was fast approaching another one of those moments.

          "Okay I get it," he said, finally interrupting the minister, "we've never undertaken a combat deployment before.  For Christ's sake we managed to get our medical units to Suverina and we're still supporting them, are we not?"

          "Yes we are sir but that deployment too was fraught with issues and it…"

          "And it was more men and more equipment.  How did we pull that off and we're a month later and now we're just finding out that," he looked down at his notepad, "an entire company's worth of APCs replacement engines rusted out because someone didn't store them properly?  How are we this inept at basic logistics.  What are our maintenance people doing when these vehicles go into the depots for repairs and maintenance?"  No one had an answer.  "We're lucky that the deployment hasn't kicked off yet or we'd look like a bunch of amateur buffoons.  Week after week I've heard nothing but issues.  New issues.  Old issues that we thought we solved returning.  Unforeseen issues.  If we had to go to war tomorrow, we would lose that war before it ever began."

          Maršal Bratislav Gavrilović, who happened to be the Marshal of the National Army, the highest-ranking position in the PNA, saw the President's eyes fall on him.  "Sir, I am without an excuse.  It is obvious that men in positions of command are not following their basic orders.  We will have a thorough review when this is done and take appropriate action."

          " Maršal, I'm half inclined to have the air force do your review so that you cannot sweep anything under the rug but before I give him the satisfaction God only knows what we're going to find there.  The state of this nation's military is a joke.  We've spent a hundred and something years sitting around while the wurld went about its duties.  We sat out two major wars in Argis where we could have learned something, we took six years to fight a war that should have been over in six months.  We sat around on Anglia just to get involved at the very end.  Our military needs to recover and it needs to recover now!"

          "Yes sir."

          "Minister, I want this problem and every other problem rectified.  It's the First of May.  In three months, I want a comprehensive and full review of our readiness conducted throughout the entire army.  Is that clear?"

          "Yes sir."

          "And I want it conducted in the navy and the air force and every other branch of this nation's military.  I want the territorial forces as well.  On the First of May next year I want to hear that our military is ready to go to war with twenty-four hours' notice.  Is that clear?  Is that understood?"

          "It is sir."  The President jotted down the note.  "Shall I continue on the rest of the matters?"

          "Please.  Please continue to tell me how our army cannot defend this nation."  It wasn't as sarcastic as it was aggravation.  The minister continued and the President continued to jot down notes.  When the army was ready to deploy would be anyone's guess.


• • • • ‡ ‡ • • • •

Thursday, 23 May 2024 | 09:17 hrs [UTC-3]
Konfederacija Poja, Rugi, Central District | Predsjednički Dvori

The hits kept on coming.  The PNA was still having difficulty getting its act together and but now the Pojački National Maritime Force (PNMF) had its calling to let everyone down.  Standing before the President now was the Grand Admiral of the National Maritime Force, Kristijan Kučina and of course, Minister of National Defense, Brajko Tanacković.  They had just finished telling the President that the civilian ship line that had been contracted to provide sealift services from Poja to Velaheria had reneged on its contract because of delays and because of the change in cargo rates now that the warmer months had come.  Early on, the PNMF had contracted for the usage of a 210-meter ConRo or combined container and roll-on/roll-off vessel to transport the entire battalion and its supplies.  It would be an eleven-day journey covering almost 3,500 nautical miles and in one voyage, the entire battalion's equipment and supplies would be deposited into the Port of Bastaria.

          "The vessel's been contracted for the next six months?"  President Petrović repeated.  

          "Yes sir."

          "Was our contract not ironclad that delays were possible and that vessel would need to be available?"

          "It was sir yes.  We will be taking them to court but that won't be resolved in time for this deployment," Minister Tanacković answered.  "We believe we'll win the case but that's not going to help us next month."

          "No it won't," the President leaned back in his chair.  "Every time we discuss this deployment I get more gray hairs.  The army leaves its spare engines out to rust, their lost an entire inventory of night vision goggles, meaning someone was intrepid enough to steal it and cover their tracks really well, and now the navy can't procure a transport ship.  How many trips would it take with our own naval vessels, dare I ask?"

          "Sir, we have three naval vessels that can carry almost all of the vehicles and an additional four that could carry the rest and the men.  We would still need to be able to bring over the containers though, we would still need a civilian asset for this."

          "So, we could move it all ourselves if we needed.  Can these vessels all put to sea in the next week or two if we had the order to go?  Velaheria just adopted a new constitution, elections will be coming soon.  This deployment is going to happen sooner rather than later."

          "Sir we could, none of the vessels are in dry dock.  We would be able to undertake an emergency deployment in the next two weeks but not less if we had to and with the entire battalion sans the cargo containers."

          "Well, that's a small piece of good news for once," the President hadn't been used to hearing good news with relations to the ANSC deployment, "Brajko keep this on our back pocket.  Admiral, make the necessary arrangements.  But Brajko I want you to put pressure on that company.  Get us a vessel to make this in one trip or else we will sue them out of existence and I am sure we can find a way to charge them with profiteering.  We had a contract in place and it was ironclad.  They could have kept this vessel on short-term contracts.  This will be the last contract they ever get so help me God but I want them to fulfill this.  There's still a million things to go wrong with trying everything.  We need every vessel right Admiral?"

          "No margin for error sir, I understand.  The PNMF won't let you down."

          "Yeah?  That's what the army told me.  Let's not make promises that depend on perfection and luck.  Understood?"

          "Yes sir."


• • • • ‡ ‡ • • • •

Monday, 17 June 2024 | 10:15 hrs [UTC-3]
Konfederacija Poja, Rugi, Central District | Predsjednički Dvori

Around three dozen people had crowded into the main conference room Predsjednički Dvori, mostly members of the Cabinet and some aides.  Those who were on designated survivorship duties joined remotely along with the seven premiers to the point that this meeting had almost sixty people in it both on video and in the room.  For the President, this was a once-a-week meeting that he looked to get through as quickly as possible since it detailed the state of affairs for the entire country.  It was usually just restricted to domestic topics but this morning, it would allow a single, international topic, which was the deployment to Velaheria.  Progress had been made in the past three weeks to the point that the military was finally ready.

          It would befall the President to explain or rather to summarize the state of affairs and when all eyes laid on him for it, he began.  "Velaheria has just had its elections over the weekend and per the results published yesterday, this Glorious Dawn Party won a plurality but will likely need to enter into a coalition government if it wants to proceed.  We don't know much about the GDP other than is a party committed to reforms and that it is closely aligned with Orioni so we can assume that any government will likely take a cue from Orioni on further action.  That's neither here nor there for us right now.

          "Where we stand in our commitment to the ANSC is as follows.  As of last Friday, the army has completed its final deployment exercise and has accounted for all personnel and matériel and is ready to deploy.  The navy has secured a civilian transport that can move the entire battalion, vehicles and supplies in a single voyage.  We anticipate that it will take fifteen days end-to-end including sailing, loading, and offloading, to transport all of the battalion's equipment to Bastaria.  Cargo aircraft will transport troops to Bastaria in the days before so that when the vehicles arrive, troops are there to assist in offloading and bring those vehicles to their staging areas.  This is a multiservice effort of the highest order and we would be remiss if we did not applaud the monumental effort to prepare for this deployment."

          A round of applause followed, lead by the President himself, even though he still seethed at the absolute boondoggle that had been the past three months.  One setback after another led to where they were at this point.  "We received the go ahead from command elements of the ANSC to bring our forces into theater and loading will commence in the next twenty-four hours.  That will put our forces in Bastaria no later than the Third of July."

          There it was, the final go ahead.  It had come from the ANSC just that morning and that meant that loading could finally commence.  It had been a tough fight.  Minister Tanacković had all but threatened the steamship line to get them to honor the contract.  They eventually relented but with a different vessel that had a reduced capacity but could still move the entire battalion's worth of equipment albeit at slower pace.  They had attempted to ask for a renegotiated price given the longer journey, higher fuel burn, and loss of business but Minister Tanacković's response effectively stifled that talk.  Remarkably, the air force had reported no issues.  Using T-27A Swan cargo transports, they would move all 892 men in sixteen sorties, delivering the men right to Bastaria.  Other elements of what the Pojački government had dubbed "SFOR Velaheria" - for Stabilization FORce - would help transport these men from the airports to the port*.  From there it was all about "boots on the ground" for the first time ever in Pojački history, given that the medical deployment to Suverina did not count as "boots on the ground."  Yes there were combat troops but their entire job was to protect the hospital, nothing more.  They largely fraternized with the nurses, which the doctors did plenty of themselves, and vice versa.

OOC: I am hoping someone can help transport our guys once we're there because well, obviously I can't right now (*).  We can just assume it's being done if no one has any issues.

• • • † • • •
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Command Deck — PNS Triumph, 22nd July, 1:30AM Local Time.

Three Pentian naval offices sat around on the deck of the PNS Triumph, it was a destroyer and the designated flagship of the transport mission. The Captain of the vessel, Cormac Gallagher, was speaking about the expected landing they would be making.  The people around him were Commander Niall Brennan and Lieutenant Siobhan MacKenna, two subordinates to the Captain.

“Nothing new from ANSC or the Velaharian government yet, Sir. Just more of the same delays and static.” said Commander Niall, looking over the transcript logs from inbound and outbound transmissions.  “Makes you wonder if these people are even interested in us lugging ourselves all the way down here to help 'em.” 

Captain Gallagher just shrugged, it had been a tiring, if relatively short journey making it outside of Velaheria's territorial waters.  The bemoaning and complaints of the 7th Light Mechanized had become the worst part of the journey, and they were only getting worse now that they had been stationary for a few days.  He had considered moving towards Norfolk, linking up with the rest of the mission.  But, had decided to stay still and wait for them to arrive.

On the bright side, if they don't want us here.  We at might get to go home early, though I doubt the Navy or Army would just sit by and let us waste time back home on contract.  Then again, I might just turn us around and go home if I have to hear the Colonel bang on the bridge door and demand another update.”  

The room echoed with a few chuckles from each of the officers, it had become a well-known reality on the Triumph that Colonel Markus Dentz was afraid of being at sea.  

“That's an interesting point though, Captain, what if these people don't want us here?  I wasn't really watching the whole resolution or debate about sending people.” The Lieutenant looked at the Captain as she spoke, making sure the tone didn't sound like she opposed the idea of the operation.  

“For the most part, it is obligatory., Pentium was put on the AN Security Council and this is part of our responsibilities until we are rotated out.  Some of it is helping out a fellow Argic nation in distress, don't quote me on that.  Finally, our partners in Hisera are directly bordering this hotspot.  The Brass decided it would be a good showing to show Hiserians that we don't leave people behind.”

Sioban nodded and said, “So, Politics?”  The response from both the Captain and Commander was almost perfectly in sync with each other.  “Politics.” 

In reality, most of the plans had already been drawn up during the journey.  The waiting had given everyone more time to double and triple-check their parts in this operation, whenever they would deploy into Velaheria proper.  Until then, the Pentian Navy escort detail would remain anchored with their detail in tow, waiting for the authorization to begin putting boots on the ground.


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Thursday, 13 June 2024

On 6/12/2024 at 1:15 AM, Seylos said:

TO: Current Government of Velaharia Based in Bastaria @Orioni
FROM: AN Command Velaharia

Under the authority granted by the Assembled Nations Security Council, this coalition of nations is ready to begin its mandate to begin peacekeeping operations within the nation. Under this mandate we wish to ensure that the stability of the nation is kept intact and recovery after both this change in government and the war with Dolchland can continue unabated.

For this mission to work, this command would need access to strategic airports and ports located across the nation and a working relationship with both the current Velaharian Armed Forces and the Imperial Orioni forces stationed in the country.

From: Mr Jorji Costava, interim Minister of Papers, Bastaria, Velaheria

To: AN Command, Iwenland

Well-respected Command Officials,

My name is Jorji Costava, currently serving as the Interim Minister of Papers. Your request has reached my desk. Velaheria is in the midst of a significant period of transformation. We have recently been liberated from decades of totalitarian abuse by the Glorious Orinese. The country has set its sights on adopting a major constitutional change. And even more recently, we held our first free democratic elections. We appreciate your interest and initiative in contributing to our nation's stability.

1 Entrance request form

Now, about your request for entry. A formal permit is indeed necessary before entering the country. In consideration of your request to access locations such as airports and ports across Velaheria, and to establish a working relationship with our People’s Defence Force (PDF), we require detailed information to facilitate a smooth and effective collaboration. Before proceeding with the request of your correct papers, please provide the following specifics regarding the so-called ‘5 Ws and 1 H’.

1.1 WHO: personnel deployment

  • Please specify the number of troops you intend to deploy.
  • Describe the command structure under which these forces will operate.
  • What arrangements have been made for housing and provisioning these troops during their deployment?

1.2 WHAT: equipment & logistics

  • Will any military or logistical vehicles accompany your forces?
  • If so, where and how will these vehicles be stored and fuelled?
  • Please note that all foreign vehicles must adhere to Velaherian traffic laws, including driving on the right. Operators must possess a driving licence valid in Velaheria for at least three months from the date of arrival.

1.3 WHERE: area of operations

  • Identify the specific provinces in Velaheria where your forces intend to operate.

1.4 WHEN: operational timeline

  • When do you anticipate the arrival of your forces?
  • What is the expected duration of their stay in Velaheria?

1.5 WHY: objectives & Activities

  • Elaborate on the specific activities and objectives of your peacekeeping mission.
  • Describe anticipated interactions between AN forces, local authorities, and populations.

1.6 HOW: cultural preparation

  • What measures are being taken to prepare your officers and troops in understanding Velaherian cultural norms and language?

2 Conditions

  • Your peacekeeping forces will be required to adhere to the PDF instructions and those of the national police forces. When on patrol, your forces will be required to be accompanied by a PDF attachment. Any deviation from this may cause unforeseen consequences, for which you accept 100% responsibility.
  • Access to certain sensitive locations may only be granted upon rendering your arms. This policy was enacted after the events of December 2023.
  • Any interactions with the Imperial Orinese Defence Force, which are outside our jurisdiction, should be coordinated separately as these are not under our purview.
  • In accordance with the Velaherian Financial Adjustment Act, all foreign peacekeeping operations will incur several obligatory charges to support administrative processing and local economic impact. These include a Tourist-in-Uniform Tax, Vehicle Environmental Impact Fee, Extended Stay Contribution, Rapid Deployment Surcharge, and an Emergency Procedure Passport Levy. These fees help offset the administrative and environmental costs associated with foreign military presence and are payable upon arrival.

3 Procedure

Understanding the detailed aspects of your deployment is essential for ensuring that the peacekeeping operations are conducted in a manner that respects Velaheria’s sovereignty and laws. To facilitate a smoother initial phase of your mission, troops arriving early may proceed to the port-city of Sternburg, which will serve as a preliminary staging area. Please ensure that this advance team adheres strictly to the outlined conditions and prepares for a collaborative integration with Velaherian authorities.

After completing and submitting the attached form with all required details, you may expect our response within 10 to 15 business days. We appreciate your cooperation and proactive approach in aligning with Velaherian regulations and look forward to a productive partnership.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to facilitating productive discussions and arrangements.


Jorji Costava
Interim Minister of Papers

* * *

OOC. The timing of 13 June 2024 plus 10-15 business days would result in a date between 27 June 2024 and 4 July 2024. Does this work for this AN mission's participants?

The Ministry of Papers is an archaic Velaherian department that exists to propagate bureaucracy and makes people's lives miserable. It should be abolished once a new parliament takes places and the new constitution can be adopted. While the Velaherian national election results have been announced, I'm not yet sure how to go about announcing this new government. Perhaps the nearest neighbours have some ideas? @Stedoria & @Hisera

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“Who the fuck is Jorji Costava?” Ambassador Shawn Boyce said while looking down at the document that had been sent to him by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Apparently… the Minister of Papers…” His deputy replied. She looked awkwardly at a copy of the papers.

“The fuck is that?”

“I believe they handle… messages and storage of said messages.”

“Right… Ok. So this is some forgotten government official who’s trying to keep the relevance of his stupid office in the chaos.” Boyce groans, slamming the papers on his desk. “Alright, we need to find a better way. There is no way this person is going to get this working right.”

He stands up and walks out of his office and walks directly towards the security office of the ambassadorial building. The building itself was moderately sized and only truly existed as a means to connect Velaheria with Seylos during the war with the Dolch. The two nations of course never liked each other, but war cooperation trounced any past hatred for the moment. After wandering through some hallways, his exasperated deputy following him, he opens the door to the security office.

A young soldier, part of the small detachment to guard the embassy, looked up in a bit of shock, “Uh sir, is something wrong?”

“I need two of your guys, we’re going on a field trip.” Boyce said and then quickly spun around to address his deputy, “Get me all the money out of the discretionary cash fund and bring it here.”

Boyce and two of the guards from the embassy, Lance Corporal Hodson and Sergeant Kurzmann, walk outside beyond the small compound’s walls.

“Sir… I know you wanted us because we speak Dolch, but can you tell me exactly what we are doing?” Sergeant Kurzmann asked.

“Look right now we have no idea who is really running things. Obviously someone is getting these elections ready. There's some sort of military and police presence but the Assembled Nations can’t even get to someone who matters… We need to get permission from someone who does matter to make sure the AN troops can land unobstructed.” Boyce replied.

Hodson scratched the side of his head, “Um, well sir isn’t there a president or prime minister or something?”

Boyce sighed, “Supposedly, not that we can get in contact.”

The two young soldiers looked around them. Bastaria wasn’t boiling in chaos, but it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing throughout the city either. It was clear many government services had been severely disrupted and the economy was in a state of flux. Moving from the old style of government to capitalism and democracy was not going to work overnight. Though it was mostly calm in the city’s downtown, the country was running on autopilot with the few civil servants who hadn’t been purged due to party loyalties. It was working, but only just barely. It made sense that the Assembled Nations had only managed to get in contact with the most useless ministry on Eurth.

“Let’s start simple… let’s find out who the hell is in charge of law and order in Bastaria, then we can find the actual people in charge..” Boyce said. The two soldiers nodded and followed him along.

Attempt #1

“Have you… committed a crime?” The confused Bastarian policeman said looking at the Seylosian Ambassador.

“No no, I just want to speak to your supervisor.”

“Why… would I bring out my supervisor if there isn’t a crime?” The bemused officer replied. Then suddenly got a bright look in his eyes, “I suppose I could call him down…”

Boyce held up some money, “I’d like that.”

The officer eyed the money, “Seylosian money? Not Wrans?”

Boyce nodded. The officer gleefully snatched the money and got on his radio.

Attempt #3

“And you’re only the Chief… for this section of Bastaria?” Boyce asked a bored looking upper ranking police officer. They had been led throughout the city to a larger police station.

“Yes yes” The annoyed police officer replied.

“Right so, who do you take orders from?” Boyce asked, leaning forward in his chair.

The man lit a cigar and leaned back in his chair, “Many people, what is it to you?”

Boyce rolled his eyes and produced more money, “You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

“Ah, that’s what you are talking about, you know I think I might know something for you.” The man smiles, grabbing the pounds out of Boyce’s hands.

Attempt #8

“And so you know where this Colonel is?” Boyce asked a youthful Velaherian soldier sitting outside his own small apartment. Behind him the naive but kind Lance Corporal Hodson was holding a pile of hand knitted sweaters and chatting with an older woman. They had to buy from the soldier’s mother to even get to talk to him, and even now he was being stingy.

“Ah but you’re Seylosian… how do I know you aren’t going to maybe assassinate him?” The boy replied, lighting a cigarette.

Boyce yet again held up another collection of bills. The soldier gleefully took them, “Well… I think he was about a kilometer east, a newer building built during the war.”

Attempt #15

The tired trio walked into not an ostentatious government building, but instead what seemed to be a field headquarters on the outside of Bastaria. For the first time it felt they had actually found something that made sense. The soldier, who they had graciously paid almost the remainder of the discretionary fund to escort them, led them to a large trailer at the edge of the base. Inside were several Velaherian military officers, a grizzled older man standing among them. He looked up in confusion seeing the three entering.

“Who is this?” He asked curtly to the soldier.

“Seylosians, their ambassador.” The soldier replied. The older man waved him away along with the other officers in the room.

“Well this is something new, the Seylosian ambassador here? In my command?” The man said.

“General Breiner correct?” Boyce asked.

The General nodded, “Yes… and why are you here?”

“I’ve spent quite a lot of time and money today trying to figure out who is actually in charge here. The civilian government has been… unresponsive.”

“Hmpf, well it certainly isn’t me,” The General laughed, “I don’t even know who I report to. I let the politicians sort this nonsense out. I suppose now it’s technically Lilian Sagan, she runs the country now. Though I imagine she’s a bit busy as I have yet to receive any substantial orders.”

“Fine, we can deal with that later. But what we need right now is to get AN peacekeepers into Velaheria and your government on board.” Boyce said, exasperated.

Breiner crossed his arms, clearly looking frustrated, “Can you not reach them?”

“The AN has tried, and so has my office. Everything keeps getting routed to this… Ministry of Papers.”

Breiner roared with laughter, “Ministry of Papers! Ah yes. Pointless people. Tell me, Seylosian, why should I help you.”

“Look, Velaheria and Seylos have never been good friends. That’s fine. But right now you of all people know the chaos of this transition. You’re riding in the honeymoon period, but things are going to fall apart fast without help. The AN is here to help. And I know you see those Stedorians building up on your border. You know you can’t take them.”

Breiner narrowed his eyes, “Seylos… for my entire life has always been the enemy. How can I trust you?”

“We may hate each other, but when has Seylos ever betrayed Velaheria? We fought the Dolch together, where were the Orionese? Would you believe them over the enemy you know?” Boyce asked.

“A fair statement. But did you liberate us?” The General asked.

“No, but we can help rebuild you. Nations across the wurld want to help, you’ve got to help us do it.”

Breiner looked down for a moment, “You can tell the Assembled Nations they can begin their preparations. I will go directly to the new government to get everything sorted on this front. Have your office contact us here to make sure everything goes through the proper channels.”


OOC: I'll get the details requested later. It's my birthday, gimmie a break XOXO

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Command Deck — PNS Triumph, 3rd July 2024.  12:15 PM Local Time.

Captain Cormac Gallagher was eating his lunch on the bridge, a usual occurrence for him to eat at his workstation instead of the mess hall.  But the contingent of Light Infantry who had been placed on his ship were too loud and discontent for Cormac to deal with.  The bridge was mostly quiet, despite people working and talking among themselves.  Lieutenant Siobhan perked up from her station and looked at the Captain.

“Sir, message for you from the Velaherian Government.”  The Captain rolled his eyes, he presumed the illustrious Jorji Costava from the Ministry of Papers was asking for a new tax or fee.  Maybe a water pollution tax for the vessels being anchored nearby.  “It's not from Jorji, Sir.  It's General Breiner, he's authorizing us to unload at Bastaria and move to our rally point just outside Gotain.”  The Lieutenant watched the Captain, waiting for orders.

Cormac nodded and looked over at Commander Niall.  “Get us underway, Commander, have the message circulated to the fleet.  I will let the Colonel know that he finally gets to feel the ground again personally.” Cormac didn't wait for an acknowledgement, Niall and him had served long enough together not to worry about the smaller formalities.  “Commander has the conn!”


Below the decks, the Captain found the officer's lounge hastily while avoiding the enlisted troops in the mess hall.  Inside were a mix of Infantry and ship officers talking and eating among themselves, heads turned as the heavy bulkhead swung open.  “Ah, Captain.  So good of you to join us, I was just about to talk to you about the progress of getting off your vessel.  Come take a seat” Colonel Markus Dentz spoke up first, Cormac noted that he had also decided to get away from the mess hall.  “I'm afraid I can't stay long, Colonel, we are just about to get underway.  We have just received authorization to begin disembarkation operations at Bastaria.  We will make landfall in about half an hour.” 

Smiles crept onto the officers' faces, they could finally get to work.  Just after getting another meal off the navy, no less.  The Colonel stood up, already having finished his meal off.  “Well then, Captain, I thank you for your hospitality and for putting up with my men for this time.  At least the trip home will be quiet.”  Cormac and Markus spoke a bit further before going their separate ways.  Activity above the decks gradually increased as the shore of Velaheria got closer, many of these soldiers had never seen a different city, much less a different country.  Especially one so different ideologically and architecturally. 

First Steps on Velaherian Soil, 3rd July 2024, 12:57 PM Local Time.

The 7th Mechanized was disembarking from their transport vessels and assembling on the docks, transportation and IFVs were moved off the craft and joined the assembling infantry.  Colonel Markus estimated that it would take an hour and a half for the full unit to disembark with its support elements.  The Navy was operating efficiently enough to rotate ships that were empty out and ones waiting to unload into slots.

Once unloaded, around 3:12 PM each Battalion and Company had been unloaded in addition to their support elements.  Soldiers squeezed into IFVs and trucks, they'd have to make two trips to be fully rotated to Gotain.  Colonel Dentz would send Captain Aisling Sutherland to lead the first convoy, he would remain with the other half of the Brigade.  After a few more minutes of discussion and last-minute preparation, the convoy left, ensuring the blue AN flag was visible.  Estimating it would take roughly 2 hours for them to return when they did arrive at Gotain, the Combat Engineering component got to work creating a semi-permanent base.  

The convoy would return a little earlier than expected at 4:47 PM.  Colonel Dentz and the rest of the troops waiting for transport were loaded on and moved to Gotain without much interference, though getting out had been a bit of an ordeal.  People had been slowly gathering at the docks to watch the foreign soldiers as they milled about, a few of the soldiers had exchanged waves and looks at the curious onlookers.  The Convoy was extremely careful to maneuver around the civilians as they returned to port, and as they left.  Soldiers waved as they left, and a few handed out Pentian chocolate and small food items from their MREs.  The highway was far easier to travel, as people were smarter than to stop and stare at the IFVs and Military vehicles driving by.  

Settling in, 3rd July 2024, 6:32 PM Local Time.

The journey was over, and the Pentian component of the peacekeeping operation had successfully arrived at Gotain.  Colonel Dentz made ANSC aware of his location and his troops were accounted for, and they were prepared for tasking tomorrow.  It had been a day, and the 7th Light Mechanized would need time to settle in and get used to their new environment.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Pentian Peacekeeper Camp, Gotain 14th July 8:00 AM

Colonel Markus Dentz had finished his coffee, the mobile kitchen had just finished distributing morning meals to the soldiers around the camp.  Having heard little from above him, the colonel had decided to begin breaking up his units to begin operations in other cities and establish themselves in Gotain.  The Brigade-sized unit was relatively thin for what the operation entailed, however there wasn't a major expectation of issues.  Using his office and discretionary funds, Markus had hired several locals in Gotain to act as interpreters and guides within the city, a few would be sent with the units set to move into Erfur and Vertia. 

From there, the 1600 troops sent to each would divide themselves into task forces to escort support staff and hire locals to set up food distribution, assist local authorities and help to restabilize regions.  Both trips were expected to be relatively short and of course, there would still be 1600 troops within Gotain to operate similar duties to the ones going into the other cities.  The troops were due to ship out around 12:00 PM and distribute packaged and cooked meals to the population that needed food and amenities.  Supplies would be continuously shipped in from Gotain, and resupplied from Bastaria.  They were also splitting up their support staff, who were going to be mainly responsible for civilian interaction and distribution of food, water and any medical requirements in the area.

Markus would send Captain Aisling Sutherland to Vertia and Major Finnian Santoro to Erfur to oversee local operations and report back to Markus for their progress.  

Pentian Peacekeeper Camp, Gotain 14th July 12:00 PM

With vehicles loaded up, the trucks and APCs began their trip out of the city.  They expected it to be a relatively short trip to each city but would take well into the afternoon for both regardless.  Having based outside of the main city squares, there was little interference with local traffic or civilians, but the drivers of every vehicle were sure to be careful as they drove out.

A few minutes after leaving, the troops in Gotain began moving into the city itself.  They moved in trucks flagged with AN insignia, and on foot.  Spreading out with support staff and local guides to assist in translation and direction.  Doing their best to avoid disrupting the lives of the locals.  They caught looks of course, it was impossible to ignore the move into the city.  Orders had been explicitly given to move into the city without a round it the chamber of their rifles, and to keep their hands away from their weapons as best as they could.  Rifles were replaced with waves, smiles and Pentian chocolates.  

Once a mobile kitchen had been moved into a pre-designated area, supplies were moved into a small public square to begin cooking meals for those who needed them and distributing canned food to civilians.  Interpreters followed squads around as they set up on the streets, speaking to the civilian populace.  They would not be stopping people or asking for papers, instead being visible and watching for criminal activity.  Engineers waited for issues to arise that they could fix.  This sort of ordeal would be followed in other cities and villages when peacekeepers arrived, combat engineers would set up smaller camps for the troops that were stationed elsewhere. 


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• • • † • • •

Friday, 28 June 2024 | 13:40 hrs [UTC-3]
Dosnima, Jalič | Jalič Army Base

Potpukovnik (LtCol) Ruždija Muratović was in his office signing the last bit of paperwork before calling it an early Friday to spend the rest of the weekend home with his family.  As battalion commander for the 3/51st Infantry Brigade (Motor), he would soon be the highest-ranking Pojački officer in Velaheria as he and his battalion were assigned to the ANSC's SFOR Velaheria mission.  It would be the first combat deployment of Pojački forces abroad and the potpukovnik was more than just a little gassed to have the honor of leading it.  The Konfederacija Poja had much to prove the wurld now that it had finally thrown off the shackles of non-interventionism and thrust itself upon the planet.  The deployment of medical personnel to Suverina in support of Gallambrian and Iverican operations there was purely supportive in nature whereas his deployment would put actual combat troops on foreign soil in a peacekeeping capacity.

          For the past week, he and his command staff had been ironing out the last details of the plan while the OCEANEX SUNFLOWER sailed towards Velaheria with all of the battalion's vehicles and supplies as well as a few dozen men.  It was due to arrive in theater on Monday, dock in the Port of Hebian, and begin offloading its vehicles where the battalion would be waiting, flying over all throughout the morning via chartered MZL Pojački flights.  Muratović would be on the first flight along with most of the battalion's command staff and two hundred other soldiers.  Flights would come all morning long, bringing almost 850 men to Bastaria.  It would be a long day for the soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, 51st Infantry Brigade (Motor), first a nearly four-hour flight to Bastaria, bypassing Kyznestian and Stedorian airspace to stay purely over the Kezanoi and Qingming until finally reaching Velaherian airspace.  From there, they would move to the port en masse, grab their vehicles out of the OCEANEX SUNFLOWER, group up, and then travel via convoy the 325 kilometers to Gotain at no more than 65 km/h, making the drive at least five more hours.

          The plan, which Muratović and his men had been working on, involved the Pojački battalion linking up with the Republic of Pentium, which was establishing its base of operations in the city of nearly 450,000 people in central Velaheria.  Because the Pojački contingency was so small, just one battalion, it would need to link up with a much larger and more self-sufficient unit in order to conduct effective operations.  This was where the Republic of Pentium had come in with their ambassador to the AN suggesting to Poja's ambassador that the door was open for coordination and cooperation between the two nations.  The Pojački government jumped at the chance and now here Muratović was, about to head home for the last weekend with his family in some time when his phone rang, an otherwise regular enough occurrence that he didn't think much of it as he reached for the handset and lifted it to his ear.

          "Muratović speaking," he said, not looking up from his paperwork.

          "Ruždija, how you doing this afternoon?"  It was his boss, General-Brigadni Andrei Kopsov, commanding officer of the 51st Infantry Brigade (Motor).  

          "Doing just fine sir, about to finish up and call it an early day."

          "I would recommend just that Ruždija, have a good, long weekend.  Reason I'm calling though is you and your boys aren't flying out on Monday.  Just got work that the Pentians have been delayed in their offloading."

          "Delayed?  How long?"

          "Not sure, big unknown right now.  There's some coordination and logistical delays with the ANSC, they'll sort it out but not until next week.  So, you and your boys got a few more days with your families."

          "I'm sure the men will appreciate this.  We've already canceled all base activities over the weekend so everyone had as much time as possible with their loved ones before Monday."

          "Well don't go and cancel the whole week on them Ruždija, you know what happens when they sit around idle for too long."  They shared a laugh.  Pojački soldiers were notorious pranksters when they were bored and tended to get into trouble.  Just six months ago, soldiers during an exercise got a little too bored and decided to see what a hand grenade did to a washing machine.  They were cleaning up the mess for two days to placate an angry farmer whose property they decided to use for their activities.  "No more grenade incidents."

          "Sir we still don't even know how they got their hands on a live one, we've made corrections."

          "I know you have Ruždija," he laughed, "still don't let them get too creative.  I'll ring you Monday, see if we can't sort this out."

          "Yes sir, have a good weekend."

          "You too Ruždija," and with that the one-star general hung up the phone and Muratović went back to his paperwork.  He'd be gone within the next forty-five minutes, passing word to the battalion in a quick e-mail that they were delayed and would not be departing Monday morning.

• • • • ‡ ‡ • • • •

Friday, 5 July 2024 | 10:30 hrs [UTC]
Velaheria, Bastaria | Port of Hebian

The delays that had prevented the Pentian brigade from landing lasted only a few days and word passed down to the Pojački soldiers that Friday would be their day.  Kissing their wives, girlfriends, children, mothers, fathers, et cetera goodbye, they packed up on Wednesday and assembled at the base the following day where they were checked in, given their last minute supplies, and put onto busses heading towards Rugi.  Flights began departing after midnight with the first soldiers landing in Bastaria four hours later.  Their flights would have been quicker but they had to stick to international airspace over the Kezanoi and Qingming seas, avoiding Kyznetsia and Stedoria en route.  They would come up through Morthal Bay, enter Velaherian airspace, and finally turn towards Bastaria as they crossed over the city of Erfur.  

          Once at the airport, it was a simple process of doing everything they'd done in reverse.  They deboarded the planes, assembled up, climbed into busses, and headed to the Port of Hebian where the OCEANEX SUNFLOWER had docked at 05:30.  After an hour or so of paperwork, customs checks, and preparations, the Pojački container ship began to disgorge the vehicles within its cargo hold onto the concrete of the port where they were assembled into the convoy groups.  They would be doing this all morning and all afternoon long, departing the port in intervals so as not to clog up the Velaherian highways for their 325-kilometer trip to Gotain where the Pentian base of operations had been established.  Muratović, the first Pojački soldier to step foot onto Velaherian soil, would go with the lead convoy group along with most of his command staff and the eighty-four-man logistics company, who brought with them a significant amount of the battalion's supplies.  

          Muratović's mission was to get to Gotain and link up with Colonel Markus Dentz, who was leading the Pentian contingent.  Already assembled in Gotain, the colonel had already been in contact with Muratović via telephone during the week as the Pentians waited to get offloaded in Hebian.  The two hard remarked that Hebian was a true tale of significance for Velaheria.  Only months earlier, the Orinese had used it to bring their forces into the group in order to overthrow the oppressive Starinburg regime and now it was going to be the entry point for over twenty thousand ANSC troops looking to stabilize the country and safeguard its transition to democracy.  It was a remarkable transition for the country and both the Pentians and the Pojački were honored to be a part of that transitional effort.  Neither country benefited from a chaotic Velaheria or a Velaheria that slipped itself back into totalitarian oppression so it behooved them, and the rest of the ANSC, to make sure that Velaheria didn't descend into total chaos or backslide into totalitarianism.

          Muratović and the first group departed the port at 08:00 for the five-hour drive up to Gotain.  They would be limited to 65 km/h for the duration of the trip and traveling in small groups, their main mission was not to cause significant disruption to the everyday lives of the Velaherian people though, in truth, this many vehicles moving down the highways at such slow speeds was bound to cause some problems.  Those couldn't be avoided and if the entire contingent made it to Gotain without incident, Muratović was going to be pleased, that was his bar right now.  He'd left his deputy commander, Major Jonatan Wolak at the port to supervise the offloading of the battalion's vehicles and to make sure everything went smoothly.  The major would be in the last vehicles departing the port and see to it that the remainder of the battalion made it to Gotain without incident.  They had 260 vehicles and trailers and just shy of 900 men to make the trek.  It was no simple task and though they'd coordinated and held a number of meetings in the weeks leading up to this moment, anything could still go wrong.  Drivers had memorized the driving route, studying maps and satellite imagery in case their navigation units failed, convoy operations had been refreshed in each and every driver, and soldiers had been given numerous lectures on how to behave during the trip.  Rumor had it that some of the soldiers planned to spend the entire drive with their asses hanging out of the backs of trucks mooning everyone in Velaheria and command didn't want any incidents.  Pojački-Velaherian relations had been sour for a long time and soldiers wouldn't change their mindsets overnight just because their government recognized the new regime.  No one wanted an international incident on Poja's first deployment.

• • • • ‡ ‡ • • • •

Friday, 5 July 2024 | 13:28 hrs [UTC]
Velaheria, Gotain | Pentian Peacekeeper Camp

Velaheria had not been what the Pojački soldiers expected.  Decades upon decades of totalitarian rule had left an indelible mark upon the country's architecture and landscape.  The soldiers traveled along highways that only months earlier had been restricted to only certain citizens who had authorization and permission to travel.  The Velaherian restrictions on the freedom of movement had been one of the many reasons that the Pojački government took umbrage with but now that was changing.  Since the shackles of totalitarianism had been cast away, the Velaherian people were taking to the streets, doing what only months earlier had been restricted and banned.  Of course, to add to their "new experiences," now they got to witness large convoys of military trucks bearing not the Velaherian but rather the Pojački flag traveling down their highways.  "Is this an invasion?"  The less informed might have asked and months earlier that might have been a reasonable conclusion.  

          It was for that reason that, in addition to the Pojački flags, each vehicle was adorned with multiple placards that stated "ANSC PEACEKEEPERS" to let the Velaherian people that while these were Pojački military units, they were there to represent the ANSC.  It was just one thing that the Pojački leaders had hoped would diffuse any panic before it could spread.

          With the convoy now arriving in Gotain, Muratović's vehicle, which lead this first part of the convoy, snaked its way through the outskirts of the city and then the city itself.  The Pentian Peacekeeper Camp, their ultimate destination, was informed to expect these first vehicles and Muratović hoped that the message got through.  Even though everything had been set up, worked through, and arranged ahead of time, there was no telling what got missed along the way and as they pulled up to the camp's front gate, the moment of truth awaited.

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