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Mary Jane Hempton sworn in as acting President.

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All channels, public and private, in Stoned Smurfs cut to the nations leading news agency were a blonde woman was standing in front of the Green House located in Southern Hights.


"Hello, im Ann Ryder with WPOT news. Im here today to announce a historical move in SS history. Long time first aide to President Pot was sworn in as acting President today while former President Pot stepped into General ranking. The Green Party also vowed sweeping changes that would allow for elections of city and state officials as well as 75% of the national government. General Pot had this to say."


"This move will be a permanent one. President Hempton will have my full backing as well as the entire military. As General I will have total control of all SS forces at all times, she will be in charge of everything else. The President is a tad more soft hearted than myself and hope that she can work to change our image as a bully."


"General Pot ended his statement with a wink and a smile. We also had an oppertunity to get some key comments from our new President, here is what she had to say."


"I first want everyone to know im not here souly to change everything, but to lead the SS into a new era. An era of power to the people. More elections and more envolement into how your local cities are ran. I will have a hard time trying to even come close to filling our former Presidents shoes but will do my best. I hope to improve regional relations as well as current ones. But do not be misguided, I am a Stoned Smurfian to the heart and share all of our sacred values."


"President Hempton will be the first ever women to take presidential power ever in the S.S.S.S. We will keep you posted on coming events and breaking news. This is Ann Ryder, signing out."



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--- Voice of the Republic ---




Former President Pot resigned and took over the military of S.S.S.S., while his former aide, Mary Jane Hempton, was announced new President.


In her first speech, she said that she'd continue President Pot's work, but she wants to improve relations to other nations in Europa. She made it clear, that she's a true-hearted patriot.


President Hartman's comment:

"Well, can we really believe, that President Pot would give up power like that? I don't think so. This is a political move I don't understand yet.

Pot will maintain power through his former aide. So, I don't think much will change.


Tamurin will stand with its allies and we'll watch S.S.S.S. very careful.


BUT - if President Hempton will usher in a new age in the history of the Stoned Smurfs, then we'll welcome this move and try everything to make Europa more peaceful."


Field Marshall von Steinburg:

"Pot's a hard-nosed, smart guy. He doesn't do anything without reason. Just wait and see..."

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The Marshal clicked off the TV. "Ok, and this made no difference whatsoever. Regardless of who's in power, they're still going to be the international bully. After a while, I guess all that pot-smoking leads to angst-monsters like Pot and his new toady. What a totally irrelevant piece of news coverage. Typical liberal rubbish." With that, he continued with his dinner.

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***Official Haken Rider Message***


The people of Haken Rider applauds the reforms. It shows Stoned Smurfs as a progressive, dynamic country, an exemple for Europa. We hope the agressive policy will be stopped now, unless fair reasons call for reaction.


-De Leider Haken R.-

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