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The Socialist Nationalist Nation of Argenland

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Formal name The Socialist Nationalist Nation of Argenland
Short name Argenland
Flag 75px-Flag_of_Argentina.svg.png
Motto Pride and Glory
Anthem Nationalist Hymn
Form of Government

Bicameral Representative Democracy

  • National Assembly (400 members)
  • Senate (30 members)
Capital Kollas
Largest city Kollas
Official Language Spanish
Currency Austral (A$)
National Animal Condor
Demonym Argenian

90% Catholics

5% Jewish

2% Protestants

1% Others

Suffrage 16 Years of Age
School Age 6 - 16 Years of Age
Retirement Age 65 Years of Age
Internet Suffix .ag
Phone International Prefix +420

The Socialist Nationalist Nation of Argenland is a massive, economically powerful nation, remarkable for its compulsory military service. Its compassionate population of 1.306 billion have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often.

It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of Social Welfare, Defence, and Education. The average income tax rate is 100%. A robust private sector is dominated by the Automobile Manufacturing industry.

Corporations are forbidden from employing outside the nation, teenagers across the country are celebrating the defeat of a national curfew bill, citizens are expected to be proficient in at least five languages, and elderly citizens regularly buy posh multimillion-austral mansions. Crime is totally unknown, thanks to a well-funded police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Argenland's national animal is the condor, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the austral.


The Capital city is New Buenos Aires. There is the most important city in the nation and the principal port. Others important cities are Saint Gabriel, New Neuquen, Saint Cross and Hallpas Incas. Other important ports are New Córdoba and Rosario Port.


    Head of State: Prime Minister Gabriel Costa

    Head of Government: Prime Minister Gabriel Costa


    • Senate Leader: Prime Senator Ricardo Evondic
    • Total Seats: 30 Seats

    National Assembly

    • National Assembly Leader: Chancellor Lorenzo D'Onafrio
    • Total Seats: 400 Seats


    • Chancellor: Chancellor Lorenzo D'Onafrio
    • Minister of Foreign Affairs & Diplomacy and Vice-Chancellor: Roberto Dirigliano
    • Minister of Health: Antonella Delaware
    • Minister of Education & Culture: Luis Rodriguez
    • Minister of Finances & Economy: Antonio Fergusson
    • Minister of Works: Armando Casas
    • Minister of Tourism & Environment: Franco Blottenberger
    • Minister of Employment: Aquiles Bailollo
    • Minister of Technology, Energy & Services: Agustin Gatto
    • Minister of Justice: Cecilia Leinen
    • Minister of Defense & War: Benito Camela
    • Minister of Transport: Javier VanValkenburg
    • Minister of Social Affairs & Sports: Jorge Vella
    • Minister of Information: Mario Galea
    • Minister of Agriculture and Fishing: David Aragon

    Military Officials

    • Chief of the Nationalist Argenlandian Army (NAA): General Carlos Montenesco.
    • Air General of the Nationalist Air Force (NAF): Air General Eduardo de Rohan.
    • Commissioner of the Nationalist Argenlandian Navy (NAN): Chief Marshal Juan Rizo.

    Religion Officials

    • Bishop of Argenland: Bishop Guillermo Curaputo.


    Our nation is protected by a great army for the security of the nation and his democracy. There are the A.N.A. (Armada Nacional Argeniana, or -A.N.N.- Argenian National Navy), the F.A.A. (Fuerza Aérea Argeniana, or -A.A.F.- Argenian Air Force) and the G.N.A. (Guardia Nacional Argeniana, or -A.N.G.- Argenian National Guard).

    International Affairs

    Argenland is a member of several International Organizations.

    • U.N. Delegate: Carlos de la Fuente.
    • C.P.A. Delegate: Xavier Farias.

    National embassies

    If you want to establish a relationship with us, you must post your request here. We are open to all nations. (OOC: We suppose that we have embassies with the C.P.A. members.)

    Haken Rider

    • Haken Rider in Argenland: Ambassador Jan Met De Pet.
    • Argenland in Haken Rider: Ambassador Mart?n de la Fuente.


    • Meteorola in Argenland: Ambassador Autumn Showers.
    • Argenland in Meteorola: Ambassador Sergio Fonttini.


    • Tagmatium in Argenland: Ambassador Lucius Black.
    • Argenland in Tagmatium: Ambassador Javier Oporto.


    • Akiiryu in Argenland: Ambassador Jorith Thannoc.
    • Argenland in Akiiryu: Ambassador Mario Laval.


    • Koku in Argenland: Ambassador Mr. Luke Roma-shamana.
    • Argenland in Koku: Ambassador Manuel Nereida.


    • Orioni in Argenland: Unknown.
    • Argenland in Orioni: Ambassador Sergio Larralde.


    • Vanarambaion in Argenland: Unknowed.
    • Argenland in Vanarambaion: Ambassador Gabriel Spinnetta.

    Great Kings

    • Great Kings in Argenland: Unknown.
    • Argenland in Great Kings: Ambassador Lionel Puerta.


    • Tamurin in Argenland: Unknown.
    • Argenland in Tamurin: Ambassador Ramiro Gario.

    Phil IV

    • Phil IV in Argenland: Unknown.
    • Argenland in Phil IV: Ambassador Juan Perez.


    • Europtima in Argenland: Unknown.
    • Argenland in Europtima: Ambassador Marcelo Gutierrez.


    The Socialist Nationalist Nation of Argenland is a prosperous nation in the region of Europa.

    • Currency: Austral (A$)
    • Exchange Rate: 1.0712 australs = US $1
    • Gross Domestic Product: $15,613,543,606,523.44
    • GDP Per Capita: $17,602.64
    • Unemployment Rate: 4.96%
    • Consumption: $0.00
    • Government Budget: US $16,389,286,334,400.00
    • Government Expenditures: US $15,569,822,017,680.00
    • Government Waste: US $819,464,316,720.00
    • Exports: US $1,933,263,095,843.44
    • Imports: US $1,889,541,507,000.00
    • Trade Surplus: US $43,721,588,843.44


    The people of Argenland is very gentle, patriotic and enjoy great social equality; they view the capitalist countries as somewhat immoral and corrupt.

    The official language is the Spanish (Castille dialect), the native language is Quechua, and other languages are Portuguese, English, etc...

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