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[Map Application] Federal Republic of Kyznetsia

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Nation on Eurth: Kyznetsia
National Flag: Kyznet_Flag.png
Capital Name: Presdnat
Capital Location: As indicated on my map.

Starter Stats: 
Population: 1 - Currently 24.9 million.
GDP: 1 - $14,950 per capita so 372.2 Billion.
Land Area: 2 - 273,795km2 (Measured in Google Eurth, Peninsula + Islands)

Culture: A mixture of Balkan, namely Bosnian and Croatian. Religious influences from the Church of England with an Orthodox twist (Presnetarianism). Socialist, nationalistic, militaristic. 
Climate & Geography: 

I have a provisional heightmap that follows the original geographical lay of the land.

My geography and climate are available on my IIwiki, which also follow the main and climate maps.
Available in the Vision Statement.

Front Desk: 

Vision Statement:

Desired Location: On the Southern peninsula of Argis, sandwiched between Hinteria and Dazhidinia.IIwiki_Map_of_Kyznetsia.png?ex=66033b2a&


Thank you for your consideration!

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@Kyznetsia Country added. One thing I couldn't see, because of the broken Discord image attachment, is the exact location of your capital city.

To be sure, I double-checked on IIWiki, but your page doesn't describe its location. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Kyznetsia

Would you mind re-adding the attachment, or describing the exact location?

Thank you.

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