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NationStates: N-Day 10: Every Mushroom Cloud has a Lead Lining

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A new year, a new nuclear apocalypse, a new bunch of funky acronyms to fill the faction leaderboards. Exciting, isn't it? Will KHAN return to secure another victory? Will we see Potato Alliance win its first N-Day? Or will a new contender rise to take it all on the 10th rerun of this iconic NS event?

This year, there have been some changes to the rules of Nuclear Warfare on this site. Read about them here: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1996195

The time until the Nuclear Apocalypse is shown below:

Click here for your local time: @@JGConfig::time_ago(1708812000)@@

Faction Registrations and the Vault 41 forum will open three days before the event starts.

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  • 2 weeks later...

What could possibly compare to the pressure of writing a news post? Only the pressure of being the previous N-Day winner, of course! Yet again, as the dust and nuclear fallout settle on the burning remains of nations locked in mutually assured destruction, the Nuclear Apocalypse finds its previous victor KHAN nestled decisively at the bottom of the scoreboard, after a fierce battle against the three next-largest factions of this event.

Congratulations to the next candidate for most radiation on N-Day11, Anime Nations Against Liberals, for taking the number one spot with a score of 722,734; to 2nd placed Starlight Brigade for taking the spot with no radiation and less than 2,000 nations; and to 3rd placed Jellyfish Elite Fighting Force, for remaining strong in the face of powerful attacks from KHAN, making their way back to a positive score by the close of the event.

The Final Leaderboard:

Β  Faction Score Nations Region
1. Anime Nations Against Liberals 722,734 7,659 Nations Anime Nations Against Liberals
2. Starlight Brigade 258,323 1,905 Nations Refugia
3. Jellyfish Elite Fighting Force 250,241 4,128 Nations Jellyfish Elite Fighting Force
4. The Final Frontier 37,238 1,342 Nations The Final Frontier
5. Nova Arctic Republic 29,110 112 Nations Arctica
6. The Trident Alliance 22,812 248 Nations Iris
7. Motokata Defense Coalition 16,836 203 Nations The Nuclear Alliance
8. The Yggdrasil Security Coalition 14,810 98 Nations The Outer Rim
9. Northern Kerbalia 7,452 82 Nations Kerbals of the North
10. Bombs Dispensed by Strategic Missiles 7,065 90 Nations The Drago Den

See the full final leaderboard

Highest Scores Per Nation (min 10 nations):

Β  Faction Score per Nation Nations Region
1. Nova Arctic Republic 259.9 112 Nations Arctica
2. Stellamare Consensus 246.5 10 Nations Astral Sea
3. Brian's Demise 182.1 29 Nations Beating Brian Up Gang
4. NERV 160.5 39 Nations Unification Ottomane de Shura
5. The Yggdrasil Security Coalition 151.1 98 Nations The Outer Rim
6. Starlight Brigade 135.6 1,905 Nations Refugia
7. Anime Nations Against Liberals 94.4 7,659 Nations Anime Nations Against Liberals
8. The Trident Alliance 92.0 248 Nations Iris
9. Northern Kerbalia 90.9 82 Nations Kerbals of the North
10. Motokata Defense Coalition 82.9 203 Nations The Nuclear Alliance

Some stats for the stat-enjoyers:

  • 706 factions were created.

  • 36,375 nations joined a faction.

  • 24,164,753 nukes were targeted.

  • 19,358,054 nukes were launched.

  • 6,063,125 nukes were shot down.

  • 873,938 nukes were shot down by the shield bank.

  • 12,424,283 strikes occurred for 2,038,511 radiation.

Thanks for participating in N-Day10!

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