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Greetings to all from Glorious Rotar!

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Hello to everyone in Eurth from myself, AegonTargaryenStan, on behalf of the glorious Socialist Kingdom of Rotar and His Highness, King Isidor I, from the great city of Isidorovsky. The great and mighty nation of Rotar is happy to make your acquaintance. The Socialist Kingdom of Rotar is run entirely by His Highness King Isidor I from the Revolutionary Palace, situated in the centre of the capital, Isidorovsky. Our glorious flag contains multiple symbols which may need explaining. First, from left to right, is the Red Star of the PRA, the Party for Rotari Advancement, from which His Highness King Isidor I was originally elected as Prime Minister of the old and shameful bureaucracy that was the Republic of Rotar. In a show of loyalty to the party that put him in power, King Isidor I put his party's banner, the letters PRA in red and the Red Star on yellow, on the country's new flag. to the right of the PRA banner is the Yellow Pomegranate with five sections, symbolising the five regions of our great Socialist Kingdom, all connected at the centre by the yellow lines which intersect at the middle of the Pomegranate, which symbolises  how all roads in Rotar lead outwards from the capital city of Isidorovsky to the five regional capitals. The national motto is "Onward, To Immortality!" which were the last three words spoken by His Highness King Isidor I in his coronation ceremony some 7 years ago when Rotar was refounded upon the smouldering ruins of the old and decrepit Republic, from which our glorious King saved us. In economic terms, Rotar is a nation reliant on our King planning and directing the economy by himself. All private enterprise is entirely illegal, and the men, women and children of our glorious nation work in, among other areas, the factories and fields as directed by His Highness the King, and they do so cheerfully, without question or complaint. All religion is outlawed, excluding the personality cult of whoever happens to be the head of the House of Isidor at the current moment, and 100% of Rotar's citizens listed their faith as the personality cult at the last yearly census.

Speaking of myself out of character, I have been playing NS for seven years, though it has become increasingly on-and-off as I have become older (I am in my early-mid twenties, but I started playing NS when I was 16). Today was the first day in around 5 months I picked up NS again, and I would like to continue playing so I figured joining this place would be a good idea to keep my interest going.

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Thank you for the welcome! I wanted to try something different when I made this nation in my teens lol. I knew there hadn't really been one previously so I figured I might as well make the first one in my own wurld.

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On 2/14/2024 at 7:32 PM, Tagmatium Rules said:

A socialist monarchy is a bit different :P

One could argue that the Kim-family effectively created a new monarchy in North Korea.

Plus, many democracies see the emergence of political dynasties, where children follow their parent(s) into politics. You could consider them a modern form of aristocracy.

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