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Medautija and Gintaris

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Hello everyone ! This is a short OOC post explaining my current ongoing historic expansion (Medautija), and the construction of my planned future Capital, Gintaris. 


Medatuija is the border region between me and Poja, and where my second expansion Zuvikija was supposed to be before the arrival of Poja. After Poja joined, the reserved area was reduced considerably, and subsequently renamed to Medautija aka Land of Honey or Honey Land. Medautija is supposed to be a historic expansion, having been part of Baltica since the 16th century, initially having been split in two by the Kingdom of Kretia and the Confederation of the Kunijan, but having been rejoined after the Kingdom of Baltica came to rule most of the Baltican Peninsula. 

The Historic RP will revolve around a group of students presenting an assignment on Medautija, going over its history and its importance to modern day Baltica. After presenting their presentation, they will be granted the opportunity to visit Medautija, where the RP will eventually end. I intend the RP to be fairly short, since the stat gain from this expansion will be minimal, in terms of land, economic gain and population gain. I had already posted the first post for this expansion, in the form of “The Assignment”. I apologise for not making this thread before having posted that, it was an oversight on my part and it won't happen with any future expansions. 

Pop Gain: 100K

GDP Per Capita: 8,543 | Total GDP Gain: 854.3 Million

Land Gain: Below 1 Point. 

Mad_of_Medautija.png?ex=65ced8e7&is=65bc Medautija_Province.png?ex=65d75a27&is=65
(Map and Flag of Medautija.)


Gintaris is the new planned Baltican Capital, a project of mine which I have alluded to since 2023. Gintaris has seen a major rework come last week, having shifted from being a new planned city, to having started construction during the Baltican Republic Era, with its construction continuing now. My post detailed the planned phases of the city development, which are Phase 1 Construction, Phase 2 Settling, and Phase 3 the Transfer of  Government Institutions. The construction of Gintaris will be a mini economic and population expansion, as the cities settling and the subsequent construction, will no doubt see the Baltican Population and Economy grow. 

I predict that the population gain from this construction and settling will be around 200-300k, most likely made up from migrating Dolch, possibly people from Ceris as Seylos has suggested, and various other groups, mainly Balticas partners in Argis like say Yasics from Garindina. The economic gain as well, is not too big, around the 5 Billion range. 

The construction of Gintaris will be a long RP, that will probably span for most of the year, say February onto August. Phase 1 and 2 will be the longer stages, with the construction taking up most of the time schedule, and the settling similarly taking quite a while. Phase 3 will be fairly quick once all governmental institutions have already been constructed. 

(Map and Flag of Gintaris)

Final Words

This was a post I was intending for last week but got a bit side-tracked. Not much to say, as both Gintaris and Medautija have been discussed in length over in the Discord, and anyone involved has already either given their approval, or in Gintaris’s case, intentions to help out. Thanks all for reading ! 

Mandatory Pings: @Poja for Medautija Re-Approval. @Seylos for possible Ceris migration to Gintaris. 
Gintaris Construction Partners: @Garindina, @Iverica, @Ahrana and @Aurivizh

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Correct it to Confederacy of Poja and you got a deal.  Do you not want me to do construction in Ginataris anymore on the international airport?

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