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Expansion: Kingdom of Ealdorhenge

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The King of Ealdorhenge is a nation located just off shore of mainland Argis. 

vMBR0e2.pngNational Flag

Royal Flag/ Banner

The Royal banner of Ealdorhedge has been used as early as the 13th century; it has been depicted even earlier but exact dates are unclear.

The Kingdom of Ealdorhedge is an island nation located just offshore of mainland Argis. Its capital and largest city is Wyrmburg located on the Southeastern coast of the island. The kingdom has a population of 34 thousand inhabitants. 



The native name of the Kingdom is Aldorhíga

The Capital Wyrmburg has a population of 13,622

The name Wyrmburg comes from the two words Wyrm in Ealdorian meaning Dragon and burg meaning town. So meaning the Town of the  Dragon.



- National Parks & Other natural regions

The oldest national park on the island is Juniper Hills founded in 1942. The park is about an 18 minute drive from downtown Juniperbrook. The park is the origin point for all three major rivers in western Ealdorhenge.

The park was established to protect the island’s Junipers for future generations and to provide the island with some natural resources that would be available at limited compensation. With the creation of the park many trails and camping sites were added to give those visitors that wanted to spend time in nature an opportunity to do so.

After Juniper Hills was established the Kingdom established only one other National Park.


Prehistory 4500 BC to 200 AD

- Early Germanic Migrations

These early Germanic people would originally come from what is today Ateenia. They aren’t Nordic just to clarify. More specifically information will be provided when all the information has been gathered and analyzed by players in the Yetishian/ Eastern Argis region.

Protohistory 200 AD to 760 AD

- Early Christianity (560-800)

Christianity would first arrive on the island by the  Lághalukkan people. That originated from what is today Southern Gotneska. But the earliest monastery would have been built by the Ruaín people people a very heavily Christian kingdom located just north of the Lághalukkan people.

- Early History 760 to 1430 AD

- Late Wikinger Age (760-1280)

This is still in works so events for this period will be updated as soon as possible.

- Creation of a Cathedral (1220-1243)

With the growing population of Christians on the island King Valáian V sent a letter to the Queen of Gotneska-Mealláian Queen Ealga to help build a Cathedral for the Island Kingdom's capital. Queen Ealga replied with joy and gratitude that King Valáian would ask for assistance in creating a Cathedral. KGM would send some Architects to help design and develop the cathedral. The builders started construction in May 1225 and finished in April 1233. It would take another ten years before the Cathedral was completed and held its first mass. Reasons behind it are not clear but most historians believe that King wanted to create a large garden and make the interior of the cathedral greater than any other building on the island.

Image of Wyrmburg Cathedral


- Battle of Wyrmburg (1334)

The battle of Wyrmburg was a major battle on the island of Ealdorhenge during the early part of the 14th century. The battle was fought between the city delers of Wyrmburg supported by the Gotneskan Monarchy and the country folk/ farmers that were supported by the Hiserian Traders. The battle was a major victory for the town of Wyrmbug but at a great cost in both life’s lost and the economic impact it had on the island. This would lead the island into what became now as the Dark Age as the way of life on the island continued to decline.

- Second Battle of Wyrmburg (1423)

The Second battle of Wyrmburg much like the first one was a battle over control of the island but this time more importantly the capital. This time the Hiserian trades perceived the then King of Hiserian to aid them in taking control over the island of Ealdorhenge. The native population of the island at the time was very small and lacked the resources and ability to maintain a strong standing army. This was the result of the first battle of Wyrmburg. The battle increasingly lasted all day until right before sunset a white flag was flown from the Wyrmburg side of the field. Some historians believe the point of the battle was to potentially give the Royal family time to escape before the overwhelming force of the Hiserian military.

Early Modern History 1430 to 1900

- War of the Foxes (1800-1815)

Was a conflict fought by two warring parties for control over who held the power on the island. The parties involved were the Monarchists that had since been reinstated in 1660 as the rulers of the island but that came at the odds of the Republicans those that wished to keep the island a Free Trade Republic that were backed by the Hiserian Government. The Monarchist were supported by the Kingdom of Gotneska and loyal Island citizens.


A common flag used to represent Ealdorhenge has been The Tri-Foxes Flag. 
Which is a flag with three foxes of different colors each representing a different faction in the War of the foxes.



The White Fox represents the Ealdorhenge monarchy and its supporters from Gotneska

The Red Fox represents the people of Ealdorhenge.

The Grey Fox represents the Businessman and traders and is backed by Hiseria.



The culture of Ealdorhedge if we’re talking about irl cultures is a mix of Proto-Germanic Tribes, Probably Primitive Irish and a mix of a fantasy culture that originated from southern gotneska. Over time they merged together and created a uniquely diverse group found on the Isles of Ealdorhedge.


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Oh sorry. But I have shown members of admin when I was asking if I could create an NPC.


but anyhow here is the map u request 


it’s the single island just east of mainland Argis

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Thank you @Gotneska for the elaborate historical and cultural descriptions. Even flags and a map.

What's missing in this request, is an answer to the obvious question: why do you, your Argic neighbours, or Eurth need this NPC? Is there a motivation behind this request?

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Have to give the credit for the map to @Baltica did a fantastic job on it. And for the flags it was @Tarua they did an amazing job with the flags. Thank you both for your service.


Now to your question @Orioni. The motivation behind creating the NPC for me at least is to potentially create a personal union with island and my nation of Gotneska. So what do I mean exactly? So I’ve been working on how and when my Queen finally gets married and just to keep it simple instead of asking other players to help me with this issue. I thought it would make it easier if I just created my own NPC kingdom. But for a wider picture it would help greatly in the Eastern Argis Viking Age. And would help with Gotneska and @Hisera naval primacy.


Thank you if you have any more questions or concerns I’m more than available to answer.

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I can try but much of that history is still being worked on as the Viking Age aka Wikinger Age was just recently created a few months back. But maybe the islands Capital of Wymburg was settled by Yetimen around 820 AD and would then help establish the city as an important hub for trading and potentially the word that should go unnamed that forces people to have no rights!! 

For the naval part I believe the Battles of Wymburg can answer that. But just to clarify. Because of the constant Wikinger Attacks in what is today @Hisera his nation created a very strong and powerful navy to protect itself from future Wikinger Attacks. This would then become a Gotneskan-Hiserian Naval Battle around 1100 when u could say our internet collided.

I hope this answered your question!!

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15 hours ago, Gotneska said:

potentially the word that should go unnamed that forces people to have no rights!! 

Do you mean "slavery" with this bit? It's a weird way of saying it and it took me a while to work out what you might mean. The word isn't banned on our forum or Discord server. It might be more helpful to not self-censor like that.

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I think I can help clarify some things. For the past few months, Gotneska and I have been discussing and creating some potential history for the Eastern Argis region, going over a thousand years back to see what we could do. One of these things was a 'Wikinger Age' (Viking Age), during which certain Gotneskan groups would raid, pillage and settle along the coast and down rivers leading into the Auraid Bay and Western Geltic Sea. The Kingdom of Ealdorhenge would have provided an additional rest spot for Wikings hoping to raid Hisera and settle Elgus Island, which would become a Wikinger stronghold until eventually a significant Hiseran force would take the island to stop additional raids.

Some more history that we were considered, specifically between Hisera and Gotneska, was a sort of naval rivalry between our nations, fuelled by competing diplomatic interests in the region and to increase the power projection of each nation against the other. Ealdorhenge would add more to this rivalry than just 'build ship to be stronger than other', by showing how Hisera and Gotneska would engage in proxy wars between each other to try to gain more influence and power in the region. Overall, Ealdorhenge would add a lot more depth to this history and lore by allowing both of us to explore Hiseran-Gotneskan relations and interactions during this period realistically.

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If the island is going to be absorbed into @Gotneskaproper, this would be considered an expansion.

Therefore, I don't think we can create this NPC. However, we can add a placeholder label to the island to indicate it's reserved for your expansion.

It would also mean less work for you, having to flesh out the NPC lore first.

That time saved can be invested in writing the expansion RP.

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@Orioni thank you for the reply I was originally looking into expansion but maybe now I’d like to keep it an independent nation just under the giant umbrella of Gotneska. But I do understand that it probably be easier if we just reserved it for now until I have it fully worked out. But that might not happen until later this year or early next year. I know it’s only February but doing a potential Wedding RP and then the expansion thread will take me some time. And not to rush it I have a expiated dateline.

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12 hours ago, Gotneska said:

Just wondering what’s the status with this request?

The next steps were discussed earlier this month.

On 2/14/2024 at 6:20 PM, Orioni said:

If the island is going to be absorbed into Gotneska proper, this would be considered an expansion.

Therefore, I don't think we can create this NPC. However, we can add a placeholder label to the island to indicate it's reserved for your expansion.

Since this is an expansion request, you will have to start and conclude the expansion RP. The title of this topic has been changed to reflect this.

On 2/14/2024 at 9:28 PM, Gotneska said:

But I do understand that it probably be easier if we just reserved it for now until I have it fully worked out. But that might not happen until later this year or early next year.

You are welcome to start the RP at any time.

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Posted (edited)

Hopefully I’ll have some stuff done by the time I come back from my LOA!! Link is attached. 

If you need anything just dm me as I will probably only check this every so often.

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Hello how long do reserved areas stay reserved for? Asking as I might have to do some history updates that when this thread was created was not an issue or even a concern at the time. 

But hopefully I can create the next expansion post soon as that will be about the upcoming wedding which is currently delayed. Not going to have a nail down an exact date but might be between December and April.

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