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Konalanese Application to the EOS [March 20, 2007]

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PM Allen: “Now is the time to join the EOS
Konalanese government officially submits application to join Entente of Oriental States, despite protests
Kapena Aneko | 20 March 2007

Z5Sk4Hz.png Halawai — Prime Minister Kaiholo Allen announced today that the Konalanese government has now officially submitted an application to join the Entente of Oriental States, almost one year since the organization's founding. Debate on whether Konalani should join the mutual defence alliance has been fierce, with Allen, a vocal supporter of the EOS' new charter, publicly feuding with anti-EOS cabinet members, most notably Attorney General Harrison Arden. Although the Konalanese government initially was an active member in negotiating the EOS' Charter between 2005 and its ratification in June 2006 with the expectation that it would be a founding member, inter-coalition conflict saw Konalani's application buried come the inauguration of the pan-Oriental group.

Despite these setbacks, PM Allen has now stated that “the differences we faced are now fixed”, and that the cabinet has signed off on an official application, set to be submitted to EOS headquarters in Orioni by next Monday. “Today, Konalani commits itself to a brighter future with our allies”, Allen stated in his address. “Through the EOS, we will be better prepared to face the issues that plague us in the 21st century. The protection of the Oriental Ocean and its nations can only come through cooperation, pan-national organization, and a commitment to democratic values and the rule of law.”

The announcement has been met with a variety of praise and scorn, with Allen's own party, the National Union, seeing a mixture of responses. The party traditionally has been wary of closer ties to Orioni, instead aligning closer to Gallambrian interests. However, Allen's deep pro-Orinese position has been controversial with party hardliners, and it appears the application was passed in cabinet through the help of the leader of the pro-Orinese Constitutional Rally party, Minister of Foreign Affairs Selassie Eyob. The opposition, led by the isolationist National Reform Party, has similarly called out the application as “endangering Konalani's long-stated policy of neutrality and national defence”, as Leader of the Opposition ʻAlepoʻi Kahananui stated in the Assembly this morning. Allen, in addressing this criticism, stated that Konalani's admission into the Entente of Oriental States would not risk Konalanese sovereignty and foreign policy, but instead serve to further Konalani's interests in the Oriental Ocean through international cooperation.

Protests from various groups have emerged at the Assembly and Prime Minister's office, but it appears that the application will continue unabated, as EOS officials have stated that “Konalani, as a key player in Oriental affairs, is always welcome into the EOS and its activities”, per an official press release from the organization last week.

Konalani's application is expected to be reviewed in the coming month by the eight member states of the EOS, and, if successful, admission could come as early as June 2007.

© Na Kānaka 2007

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To Selassie Eyob,

Minister of Foreign Affairs of @Konalani,

As one of the co-founders and the principal Orinese diplomat within the Entente of Oriental States, I am both honoured and delighted to receive Konalani's application for EOS membership. Your vision of fostering a robust bond among nations surrounding the Oriental Ocean through mutual defence, cooperation, and humanitarian endeavours is not only commendable but pivotal for our collective future.

The EOS stands at a crossroads, seeking partners who not only share our foundational goals but also bring unique strengths and perspectives to our alliance. Konalani's strategic position and its government's dedication to enhancing regional security and integration are highly valued. This application is seen as a significant step towards enriching our collective capabilities and solidifying our position in addressing the region's challenges and opportunities.

I warmly welcome Konalani into the fold of the EOS and look forward to the contributions and collaborations that will undoubtedly stem from our partnership. Together, we shall pave the way for a more secure, cooperative, and thriving Oriental Ocean region.

With the highest regards,

Andrew Pipkin

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