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Welcome the Procurement and Supply Office. If you wish to enquire about one of our Partner's products or services, please leave a message below, and a member of the Sales Team will contact you as soon as possible.


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Fro: Azincorth Empire Military HQ

To: Gallambrian Defense Industry, GaE Systems

Hello, I am writing on behalf of the Azincorth Military

My supervisor mentioned the need to acquire armor systems, therefore I would like to discuss the possibity of acquiring  270  units of the leopard 2 tank (2A7) with refurbished engines, and turrets as well as  communication suite install/upgrades.


Thank you, and I hope this can be the start of a fruitful partnership.

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FROM: North Adlantic Union Defense Command

TO: Gallambrian Government, GaE Systems



The NAUDC wishes to explore the possibility of adding the F-4C Thunder to our roster of carrier based combat jets. To start with this and to evaluate how they would function within the greater NAU military forces, the NAUDC wishes to procure 5 F-4C Thunders for evaluation and possible deployment.

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To: the Defence Sales and Support Agency, Ministry of Defence, the Kingdom of @Gallambria

From: the Holy Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of the Aromans



The Holy Imperial Government wishes to approach GAe Systems about the purchasing of five F-8B Thunders for testing and evaluation purposes.

This then may inform the basis of a large-scale purchase in the near future, should the aircraft perform to a satisfactory standard. Aromania will also wish to contract training services for this order, in order to familiarise our air force's test pilots with the aircraft, as well as for Aroman ground crew and maintenance staff.

May God see to it that this is the start of an equitable relationship,

Honorios Kontarian,

Grand Minister

of the

Ministry of War

of the

Greater Holy Empire of the Aromans

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