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The President's visit to the Eastern Federal District

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President BoudyMelvin inspects the Eastern Federal Region and visits the site of the terrorist incident. The President also visited the families of the victims and inspected the injured, accompanied by the Minister of Defense and the Prime Minister. The President of Kinistastard decided to mourn for three days throughout the Republic of Kinistastard.
Today, members of the government of the Eastern Federal District and members of the federal government also met with the President in the Eastern Federal District. The President decided to declare a state of emergency in the Eastern Federal District and consider it a strategic military zone for a period of 3 months. The President stated, “We must all unite against terrorism. Our armed forces have destroyed 70 A terrorist vehicle coming from the border. Since I assumed power, we will increase support for the forces of the National Army of the Eastern Region. I also announce from my position the beginning of the war on terrorism.”
This coincided with the movement of hundreds of military vehicles of the Kinistastard Federal Army to the northern federal region to regain control of it and return it to the authority of the federal government.

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