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Cenape Islands Purchased

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Hurricane Eric steps in front of a crowd of reporters and begins to make an unexpected public announcement. "Today, the Meteorolan and Tagmatium governments have agreed to a final solution to the debate over the Cenape Islands."


"The islands at the center of controvesy for decades will at last be settled. The Allied States of Meteorola will purchase the islands for equivilent of 2.5 billion Euros (5 Billion Degrees) as well as exclusive trading rights within Meteorola. I will take questions now. Yes, Windy Day."


"That is an excssive sum of money, will that not impact the economy?"


"We plan to pay for it over the course of the next 10 years. Remember we are not just paying for the land, but for regional stability. Yes, Max Temperature."


"Will the foriegn forces currently on the islands be allowed to remain?"


"Yes and no. The forces of non-allies of Meteorola will be asked to leave. Our allies will be allowed to maintain thier own forces on the islands, per the alliance. In addition, Tagmatium will maintain a base at the northern end of the larger island. Within this base they will have the flexability to admit any allies they so choose. Yes, Gauge Reign."


"How will this bring stability if opposing sides of two alliances are permitted to have military presences so close together?"


"We have faith that our allies will not discharge thier weapons on our soil without making us aware of thier intentions first. Secondly, with long term deals with Tagmatium and N-riech we feel that we have entered a time of peace and prosperity in Europa's islands.


That will be all, I'm sure my spokesman will be able to answer the rest of your concerns."

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The Marshal watched the tape of the Hurricane's speech moments later when an aide brought it to him in the middle of his morning excercises. As the Hurricane finished, he clicked off the TV and resumed his situps.


"Well that was unexpected...odd...guess the toadies got bored with their new plaything...don't think sending troops would be a good idea...don't think our allies will want us there either...might start something...could offer them money...nah, they wouldn't make a deal they couldn't pay for...and we're still cleaning up after the Nieders.


Finishing his routine, he took a seat at his desk and turned on the TV again. He'd have to take another look at this...

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In a quite, well-lit office, through a door from the grand Imperial Office where the Holy Emperor dealt with most affairs of state, sat the two most powerful men in Tagmatium. They disliked each other, but knew when to put this aside for the good of the state.

"President Pot will be pissed off about this, sir." Vice Chancellor Commenus rarely acknowledged Commodus' real title, but both men knew it wasn't the time for formalities.

"I know. He'll kick up a fuss. But in the end, the occupation of those Islands was to defend the SSSS and N-reich against enemy attack and that situation has passed."

"He most likely call of the Alliance. Or at least threaten to," mused the Vice Chancellor.

"We still control a base in the north. The Meteorolans value peace, and are the least likely to start a battle with the SSSS. And we have Compronymus' forces stheir still. I imagine President Pot will realise this and not make too much fuss."

"I can't see him doing that, sir."

"Frankly, Vice-Chancellor, he doesn't have much of a choice. The deal has been signed and sealed. The People are behind us at least. The public didn't care much for our occupation, and now plot 16 is ours, that'll distract them."

Commenus sighed. "The SSSS's reaction still may be a problem."

"That's a problem which must be sorted when we come to it." The meeting was over, and the two men left the room.

(OOC: whoever it concerns, consider this public, as there are spies all over the Imperial Court)

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The aide had been gone about 20 seconds when he came busting back in the door. Seeing the look of reprimand on the Marshal's face, he blurted out "But sir you'll want to see this" as he half-ran, half-stumbled across the room and deposited the freshly printed paper on the Marshal's desk. The Marshal read it with interest, then walked into a closet-like room with a bank of telephones in it. Finding the one labeled TAG, he lifted it and without dialing anything, waited. A tired voice at the other end of the phone moaned "I didn't do it. I had nothing to do with putting the protests down and I knew nothing about the transfer until it happened." "I didn't say you did, Frederick. Now could you patch me over to the Commodus, please." It wasn't a request, it was an order, and Frederick Galedrich, Vanarambaion's head diplomat, currently overseeing the Tagmatium office knew better than to dally. The Marshal waited for the phone to pick up in the Commodus' office, and then congratulated the Commodus on his transfer of the Cenapes. "I'm planning a visit of countries on the middle penninsula, which will probably include touring Orioni's colonies. We should have a talk over lunch. I think this little episode with the Cenapes has shown that you are more reasonable than some of the other lot you've been with recently, and I'm sorry to have lumped you in with them. Perhaps we should talk about better relations between our two countries. But for now I have to run. My aides will be in touch. Good day." With that, he replaced the phone on the hook and returned to his office. The stack of papers was already quite large on his desk. Another day in the life of a benevolent dictator...

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To: Tagmatium

From: General Pot (war time title)

Re: Weak



We stated before that you showed signs of weakness and again you showed them again. You did nothing to warn us of your actions, you were just worried about the money. At of the time of this message all opposing forces, Tagmatium as well as others, have been givin orders to leave. We are taking the islands, end of story. If anyone refuses we will be forced to fire upon them. Please note that 60% of our naval forces are already around the islands as they have been. Any reinforcements to the islands would be nearly impossible. Tagmatium has disgraced our alliance and stabbed us in the back. This offer for Meteorola to purchase the islands is null and void.

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To: President Pit

From: Commodus III



The reason we occupied the Cenapes Islands was, in the first place, to defend your islands. We occupied them, they became part of Tagmatine territory. Therefore, by definition we can do what we damn well please with them. If this includes selling them, then so be it.

Secondly, we still have a base in the north. This is to be used by us, and our allies.

Within this base they will have the flexability to admit any allies they so choose

If you don't want to be part, then so be it. This base will adequetly provide any defensive needs for your island.

With a reputation like yours, don't go lecturing me about greed.

We are not going to use your war title, because there ain't going to be one.

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The Stoned Smurf government has issued a statement concerning the massive movement of the SSD-4 Long Range Missiles. The statement issued was only issued to city and town officials that they would be moving to but posted a brief statement about the missiles to the public on their website.


The mighty SS will destroy any and all that oppose us. Our SSD-4 Missiles will prove that. War time is among us as we shall have no fear. All will pay for their tresspasses! The SSD-4 prays for anyone to stay unwelcomed on the Cenape Islands.





Configuration: Two stage

Length: 31 m

Diameter: 2.95 m

Launch Weight: 81,000 kg

Propellant: Liquid fuel (Kerosene/Liquid Oxygen mix [Kerosene/LOX])

Guidance: Inertial

Range: 12,000 km (Latest Variant)

Deployment: Silo or mobile

Re-entry Vehicle Mass: 2,900 kg

Warhead: Single 4,000~6,000 kT

CEP: ~2,500 m

Launch Preparation Time: 60~120 min


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To: President Pot

From: Commodus III

Re: Cenape Island purchase


Admittedly we went about this at short notice, and we should have gone about it slower, giving other parties involved time object or accept, but your actions have not presented us with a viable alternative. I think we can safely assume that it hasn't all taken place yet, and, if you act like the reasonable man I try to convince myself you are, this can be resovlved reasonably.

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To: Commodus III

From: General Pot

Re: Eviction notice



We do not care about the base on the north, nor do we care about this purchase. You are ordered to leave the island as quickly as possible. If you refuse you will be fired upon. With the island this close to the mainland we doubt your base will have any affect on our occupation of the island. So in short, leave.



General Pot

Commander of all SS forces

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To: Mr Pot, land lord

From: Commodus III

Re: Eviction notice


If you think we are backing down with out a fight, you are sadly mistaken. I have ordered the forces in the Cenapes to stand their ground. If there is a fight, they, outnumbered and surronded as they are, will send a fair few of your soldiers to hell with them.

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To: Commodus III

From: General Pot

Re: Declaration of War



We do not understand why you wish to sentence the Tagmatium military to death that is on the island. We will first fly leaflets over Tagmatium forces letting them know what awaits them. They will have the option of leaving unharmed. We do not wish to kill the Tagmatium soldiers but will if they refuse to leave. This is an official declairation of war on any non-allied SS forces on the Cenape Islands that refuses to leave. If you refuse to pull your troops out we will find it hard to believe if you dont lose sleep over this action of killing your own sons and fathers. May whatever God you believe in have mercy on your soul. You have six short hours to declair you are pulling out or be sentence to death. The island was meant to always be under allied control, not to be sold. If we knew their was an option to buy the island we would have done so. If it was not for the massive show of force by the SS, Tagmatium would have never had control over the island. Orioni nor the others would have left if you and you alone would have claimed the island. You have six hours.

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TO: Tagmatium

FROM: Orioni


The following statement isn't even 24 hours old..


The SS stands behind Tagmatium now and in the future.
(Must keep that in mind.)


Don't say I didn't warn you.

We wish you all the best with the new land and hope that President Pot will not 'steal' them away from you.
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To: Orioni

From: The S.S.S.S.

Re: Intercepted message


This message isn't even twenty four hours old.
The SS stands behind Tagmatium now and in the future.
(Must keep that in mind.) http://s7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.ph...dpost&p=2457965

At the time of the message he had not yet disgraced our alliance. Your point is?


Don't say I didn't warn you.
We wish you all the best with the new land and hope that President Pot will not 'steal' them away from you.

He sold the land. Did you hear me? He SOLD the land to a hostile nation, so how did i steal it from him? He sold the land while we still had troops on the ground.



OOC: six hours is up but looks like he hasnt been on yet. i need sleep and then work so it will be a while before i can post again but until he and i post well say the six hours isnt up. please keep this in mind when posting. dont want no one getting ships from half way around europa before a shot gets fired.

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Meteorola is moving to securing her fairly purchased territory. We will use force to defend ourselves and the islands if needed. We understand the complicated nature of the purchase, and the number of militaries in the region. Therefore we will not fire on ANY nation unless we are fired on.


Further to show our good will, we will not set a specific time for other militaries to evacuate the islands, and the territorial waters which suround them. We do ask that non-allies of Meteorola move out of the islands and for those allies of Tagmatium to move towards the area designated for his allies at thier earliest convience.


We are aware of which nations are most likely to be hostle to this situation, and we will take special notice of those nations positions in and around the islands. Again, we will not fire until fired upon.

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Emperor Andronicus was having a lunch in the Imperial palace. Normally he wouldn?t be seeing anyone at this time but now he was interrupted by one of his guards. The guard bowed and handed a note to the Emperor.


"Sire, I am truly sorry but here is something that cannot wait. This came from our ambassador in Meteorola just as your highness was preparing to have a meal."


"lets see it then why Sisyfos is disturbing my meal." The emperor said and started reading the paper. The contents of the message almost had him tho choke to his food.


"Damn, damn, damn. Well this cannot be helped. Get the Defence and Foreign minister and commanders of military forces here immediately." He said and the guard hurried to do his bidding.



The emperor had moved in his office as the minister and generals arrived.


"Sire, we are here as you requested." General Angelos, the Commander of the Navy said.


"Have a seat and read this" The emperor replied and tossed the note to the men.

"I want you to activate whole navy as soon as possible and send a Carrier fleet to Meteorolan waters. Start activating reserves in land forces so that they are ready for anything. We will activate Pact of Arms and remain watching if military intervention is necessary. Contact our allies immediately."

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(OOC: The reason I wasn't on is because it was midnight here.)


In the small office just of the stately Imperial Office, a "debate" was in progress over the Tagmatine force in the Cenape Islands.

"Sir, we can't just leave them there. General Compronymus has under his command some of our most experienced soldiers." said the Vice Chancellor.

"I know, Philip. But what else do I do? Hope nations that we have been antagonistic against come to our aid?" Commodus answered. "If we back down now, we would look like fools. Though we might be able to salvage some credability." Both men lapsed into thought for a while.

Commenus was the first to say anything. "The SSSS has the majority of its army there. There nearest forces of any other nation are several hours away, if not more. As the land is now Meteorolan, we could surrender it to them, bugger off and let them fight it out. Now that we are gone, the SSSS has only one ally, against Europa."

"The irony is, if he had been more polite about it, we could have called it off more easily. Of course it will look bad if we pull out but do we have a choice?"

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Meteorola is now heightening patrols around the Western Weathered Isles. (OOC: the three islands that contain "Windy City" and "Sleet"). Increased patrols are also being conducted around the Weathered Isles (our main grounds of islands). These patrols are being conducted by the Navy and Air Force.


We have no doubts at our ability to defend ourselves.

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OOC: just so everyone knows SS, Tagmatium and maybe Phil have forces on the Cenape Island. no one has RPed a reentry to the island since the SS booted everyone. Phil was the only one that was premitted to stay. it was not made clear if he had pulled his forces/delegates out. here are some random qoutes.


Orioni is moving to withdraw from the islands, and the humanitarian mission. We are pulling out, now as well. We are providing transit for the refugees- once again, if they request it.


Byzantine forces (the two companies there) have decided to leave. They called the ships patrolling in the area (two cruisers) and headed to Meteorolan waters


We will be leaving in the afternoon. Part of the vessels are heading north, to help with the conolisation of Corona Borealis. Another part will drop some supplies in Meteorola for the Baltirow-refugees. The rest of the fleet will return to Nordhaven.


It is clear, and always has been, that the SSSS is a dominant agressor in the region, with one of the largest militerys around, and so they can feel they can do what we like, no matter the rest of the region. No matter where our alliances lie, we don't like to see the timid world pussy-footing around, afraid for getting in the way of the SSSS expansion.


Tagmatiumand the SS are the only opposing forces on the ground. anyone else will have to RP it.

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To: Commodus III

From: General Pot

Re: leaving?



We are prepared to fire upon you. Our naval blockade of the island is nearly complete. You are commiting murder against your own fathers and sons by leaving them on this island. Other nations are surely to come and fight for the island and die, why should you be first. You are well within SSD-4 range. We always had plans to control the island, your government was our way of doing it inside the rules and without raising concern. You need to confirm, are you leaving or condeming your own troops to deathl?


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To: The SSSS

From: Commodus III

Re: Going


As much as it saddens me, we are leaving the Cenape Islands. Tagmatines will rightly be called cowards after this display. Firstly we went behind the backs of our allies, and now we are leaving.

We wish the SSSS well on what is obviously a cursed group of islands, as every attempt to control them has ended badly. If there is any conflict, we won't participate. The Holy Empire wishes to apologise to the SSSS and all concerned over the trouble it has caused.

We request safe passage for our ships leaving the islands.

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In the "House of Unity"...


President Hartman (H): "He did WHAT??"


Field Marshall von Steinburg (vS): "He declared war on Tagmatium and threatened to use inter-medium range ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads with about 5 megatons detonation value."


H: <<breathing shallow>>


vS: "Mister President, this could evolve into something MUCH bigger than everything we've been through before. Pots want the Cenepa Islands. If he moves against Meteorola, it's a "Pact of Arms"-scenario, and because of us and Great Kings, it would be a "C.P.A."-scenario and because of Pot it would be an "E.P.A."-scenario...major war, all major powers and a massive load of weapons of mass destruction."


H: <<walking to his window, looking out; seeing his capital being rebuilt>> "Not another war, not now."


vS: "We MUST do something, Sir."


H: "You're suggesting..?"


vS: "High Alert for all forces. Fighter patrols in the air all the time, recon aircrafts on our borders. Army and Navy ready to go. And..."


H: "...yes..?"


vS: "We should arm our Jaihu II-missiles and our bombers with the bio-weapons we captured from the Imperial League. And use them if necessary."


H: "We never used such horrible weapons."


vS: "Sir, I hate 'em myself. But if Pot blows our cities apart and turns our land into nuclear ashes, I'd really like to die knowing that his people will die a slow, horrible death along with him..."


H: <<looking at von Steinburg>>



At 20:15 local time, twelve unmarked bombers took off in Arrabar. Each one carried a special load...


(OOC: From now on, twenty-four F-111 are ready to deliver really awful biological weapons, one bomb for one city (and with wind even more). Twelve are on the ground waiting, twelve are in the air).

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The Marshal read the report with a similar look to a child who had just farted in a crowded elevator - smug and pleased. "He's too predictable. Far far too predictable. Granted his timeline is quicker than I would have guessed, but this has Pot's ego written all over it." He chuckled briefly, then turned back to the aide. "Get this to the High Command. Begin full mobilization in the staged plan. Most of that should be done already, thanks to the Nieder-weiners. And send three carrier groups to cover the Tagmatians' retreat. Cut the airwaves off, I want a country-wide broadcast in ten minutes. And send someone to make sure the Europtimans will at least stay neutral in this."


All over Vanarambaion (and on the edges of Orioni and Phillian territory, as well as all over Europtiman territory, as this hadn't been dealt with just yet), regularly scheduled programming is abruptly cut off, and the Marshal's well-known, gruff voice (and face, in the case of television) greets viewers. "Several hours ago, the SSSS declared war on Tagmatium due to the recent sale of the Cenape Islands. We are in the process of supporting the Tagmatians, and are letting the SSSS know that the world will not stand for terrible dictators that run roughshod over anyone they please. We're taking volunteers first for all war-time military positions, and then we will commense with the draft. This is official notice. That is all."




To: The SSSS **Open Broadcast Channel**

From: Vanarambaion

Re: What are you doing?


Are you trying to get in a war that you won't be able to win? The last time our nations met, it was just the two of our countries and we fought to a draw. Is that what you intend to do this time as well? You have clearly overstepped your bounds and abused your allies. We will accept your backing down from this fight immediately.




To: Tagmatium **Secret Coded Message**

From: Vanarambaion

Re: This is not "I told you so."


Now that you have seen the true nature of your so-called ally, do you not think it wiser to join the mainstream and choose new allies? Also, there are carrier groups underway to escort your troops away from the Cenapes, if it is still your intention to leave. If it is not, please relay that information as soon as possible, so that Vanarambaion troops can reinforce you.

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********National News Network**********

**A Private Media Corporation in Metorola**


In a noisy debate in the World Weather Building (the Meteorolan Parliment) two coucilmen, one from Breezewood, the other from Winterhaven brought the racial tenions in Meteorola, that are threatening to burst, to a whole new level. First a pen and then a paper-weight, followed by a chair were thrown at the 3 Baltirowese councilpeople.


The motive was clearly opposition to the latest round of tenions with the SSSS, that first started when the Meteorolan government attempted to distribute aid and give order to the Baltirow-Woud people after thier government collapsed, 4 months ago.


In a related story, Hurricane Eric has dispatched troops to the recently purchased Cenape Islands. The islands were bought as part of a deal with Tagmatium, in exchange for trade concetions and 5 billion Degrees (2.5 billion Euros). After the purchase was made public, President Pot of the SSSS claimed the islands as SSSS territory. Soon after President Pot stepped down to lead the armed forces of the SSSS.


Meteorola has not backed down from its claim over the islands. The military has been placed under Prime Alert- the highest alert possible when no active combat is taking place. An attack on Meteorola forces moving to occupy the Cenape Islands is expected at any time.


Stay tuned to NNN as we bring you the latest for what the government expects you to do in the event that these events lead to war.

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To: S.S.S.S. Government

From: Niederoestereich

Subject: Allies?


So, it seems that you are quick to put the knife into the back of an ally, what assurance do we have they you will not betray us as well.


Despite this,

We will support you claims thus far and stand shoulder to shoulder with you, as long as the S.S.S.S. military fights with honour, and mercy when appropriate.


We will not deploy forces at the moment, unless it is called upon pending the situation.


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