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Phil I, II, III, IV, V....and so on....

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Motto Food for the Food God! Buns for the Bun Throne of Phil!
Capital Philengrad
Official language English
Leader King Phil IV
Currency Toe Nail

The Nation of Phil IV has a long and noble history. Dating back to the ages of chivalry and beyond, we are a strong and great nation with a taste for Pies!

The first Philian ruling family came about in 1857 when King Phil I overthrew the previous king Richard II in a bloodless coup.


The Philian Nation has a long and varied history, we weren't always ruled over by the Philian Family, but there has always been a collection of tribes, of peoples, of nations, in the central Peninsula area of Europa.

Reign of Phil I (1827-1889)

Phil I came to power in 1857, starting the Reign of the Phil SartDu family over the nation, as he wrested the crown from Richard II in a bloodless coup. Richard II had ruled the nation for twenty years, and during that time, great discoveries had been made, new forms of transport, new food sources, new medicines, but Richard opposed all this, the country went back almost to a feudal state, with Richard banning almost all new technology within the country.

Naturally, the people grew angry, they saw their fellow Europans getting successful and life-improving with these new inventions, and they rebelled. Phil I, an aristocrat, with a legitimate claim to the throne, led the people to Philengrad, with arms and technologies donated from neighbouring countries the National Army joined their ranks. As they marched on the palace the doors were thrown open by courtiers jealous of the foreigners use of cutlery at the table, and Phil I marched on up to the then king Richard II and took the crown off the man's balding head.

Richard II was allowed to continue to live in the country, he lived his life under house arrest in a country house in the middle of the Philian wilderness. His two children, George and Victoria, were allowed to go free, and their families are still active in the aristocratic Philian world.

Phil I was a good leader, he did as he had promised, and bought the industrial age to the country, trains, ships, and massive factories soon dotted the Philian landscape, and the country grew rich. Philian goods were sought after, the people enjoyed making them after years of backwards thinking they felt proud about making the nation great again.

Eventually, in 1875, the country was re-named Philia in Phil I's honour, as long as a Phil sits atop the throne of the nation, the country will take his name as its own, hence the naming of all royal males Phil, in honour of their ancestor.

In July 1859 Phil I married Princess Elisabeth of the nation of @Tamurin, uniting these two great nations and their monarchies. they had a blissful marriage and bore two children, a boy, Phil (obviously) and a girl, Kathryn. Phil would grow up to become the next king of Philia, and Kathryn would become universally loved as a peacemaker the world over.

Reign of Phil II (1889-unknown)

In June 1889, at the age of 62, Phil I died of a sudden heart attack while out riding in his summer palace, his funeral became a national week of mourning for the man who revitalised the nation with his reforms and introduction of industry into a tired and backward nation. His legacy was to be kept in part by his sone Phil II, a ruthless monarch with little tact when it came to international relations.....to be continued...whoo....!

Reign of Phil III (unknown)


Reign of Phil IV (unknown)


Reign of Phil V (unknown)


(OOC: More details will be added later, about the rest of the Phil's, and the history of the nation before all the Phil's arrived, when i can be bothered...)

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